The atmosphere was dark, heavy and pitch black. Only a faint, fading, flickering light of lightning in the distance lit up the inky surroundings every now and then. Mostly, roaring thunder continued to rumble and disturb the once peaceful skies overhead. Low dark grey clouds lit up with jagged streaks of electrifying white, blue and purple, sending a split second of flash onto the land and into the trees. A heartbeat later, it was gone, and all was dark again.

Rain soon poured down like shards of ice and struck the ground, cut the trees, and shot onto stone and in rivers. The chaotic, booming waves crashed on the rocks jutting out of the riverbed and swept in a dim, foamy manner onto the dull, pebbly shore. Then it receded, and later, engulfed the grass and small shrubs again.

A slim, dark shape huddled against the back wall of a small underground den, blocking the narrow entrance with branches and leaves and rocks to keep out the chills and loud cracks from the angry heavens. The leaves were carried away easily by a powerful, howling wind, and only a few bare branches that were lodged in gaps in between boulders stayed.

The thin figure's fur was ruffled from tiredness and wind. However, beneath that deceiving dark grey coat was an extremely thin and frail body. The pregnant she-cat had little to eat and few places to hide in the turbulent weather that had been occurring lately. It was almost as if there were cats up in the stars as well… and they were booming with rage.

The soon-to-be mother curled up, fluffing up her tail and shielding herself with it, though it wasn't of much use. Another sliver of a breeze escaped through the small gaps of the branch-covered entrance and slapped at her face. She buried her head into her fur and shivered again, her thin frame trembling.

Though her bones were weakening and her body wasn't holding on, her belly was very obviously swollen. She shifted with a groan and stretched, getting into a more comfortable position. She glanced at her swollen underside with worry and fear in her dull amber orbs, then shut her eyes and clenched her teethe, murmuring something aloud as her warm breath sent a small cloud of mist into the chilling air.

She could feel the tiny life kicking and moving inside of her roughly, harshly. Her kit, and possibly even kits, would come any moment now. She let out a yowl, followed by a weak groan as a spasm shook her. Tears pricked her eyes as the pain got stronger and her body got weaker.

Where was he? Why wasn't he back yet?

The dark she-cat desperately opened her eyes to slits and tried to look outside, through the tiny gaps in the entrance of the den she was in. The rain was getting stronger. Mudslides rolled down hills and crashed into the river. Trees toppled down and crashed with a loud booming noise as they impacted with the cold ground. Lightning bolts aimed at the tall trees and, in a heartbeat, sent them exploding in sparks and then engulfed them in flames.

The forest, her home, was disappearing. These storms were nothing like she had seen before. She panted and looked out with a weak gaze, waiting for him, her mate, to return. She tried to stay strong as another spasm and jolt of pain electrified her body. She bit down on a stick on the side of the den, though she heard the thin thing cracking quickly.

Come back soon… please…

But she was fairly certain he wasn't. She wanted to believe he would. She always thought she would, and she thought with such confidence. But now, at this time of struggles and when she truly needed him most, where was he? Did he just leave?

She trembled violently.

You wouldn't…

Another streak of lightning sent some trees very near exploding in embers and crashing down right on the den.

…Would you?

It was cold, dark, lonely and suppressing that painful day. As the spirit of the one she was waiting for faded and faded until any scent of him was finally completely vanished, the storm that split the heavens and concealed the stars only grew stronger. As one of the last trees of the forest tumbled down and all life was sucked away from it and from the creatures that used to call that dying forest their homes, he was born.

Her first kit.

And sadly, her last one as well.

She felt the peak of her pain diminishing. Yet not just that. She felt everything fading away. All her senses and everything she could see, feel, hear, smell, touch around her. They were dying and blurring, as if they were given up on and were slowly being forgotten too.

Her heartbeat slowed down. Her body grew limp, lifeless, cold. A final, feeble tap of her dark tail against the hard earth signaled the end for her.

And the beginning for him.

As her eyes closed and all feeling numbed, the world around her grew fainter. In the back of her mind, she knew everything she had fought for and lived for was now destroyed. Her mate was not coming, she was certain. Where he was, she didn't know, but she knew now it was wrong to have loved him, to have trusted him with her life and another new life as well.

Her skull hit the cold ground. She desperately tried to take at least one glance at her newborn kit, but she just couldn't. Not even one look at the tiny, helpless, wriggling kitten that needed her right now more than anything.

The dark she-cat's breathing eventually stopped.

The last thing she saw were a pair of glowing blood-red eyes imprinted in the back of her eyelids, until finally, everything went black and all disappeared at last.

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