Technically a Winchester

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Chapter 1: Having a Good Day




Felicity was having a good day. A really good day. She had woken up on time. She had avoided traffic. And she had even got to the bakery around the corner in time to get her favourite bagel and morning smoothie with extra energy shots. And to top it off when she got to the office Oliver told her that everything was good and they had captured the latest troublemaker in Starling City. So tonight she could spend the night updating the foundry's systems to her hearts desires. See? Felicity was having a fantastic day.

After a long day at the office with Oliver and work on her department in the Advanced Technologies sector she had gone home and changed into some comfortable jeans for bending down, twisting and turning and jumping through hoops in her brand new systems. It had been about five years since the Clock King had demolished her system. Five years since Oliver had let her go wild and get what ever she wanted for her system. And now it was time again to revamp their systems. With Diggle, Sara, and Roy patrolling more often she needed new systems to deal with the weight of them all. Even Barry came around often to help.

So here she was in the foundry unpacking her new beautiful processors and equipment while the gang was out and about patrolling. She kind of liked when it was quiet like this. Gave her time to just relax and get in the zone.

After starting some music up and making sure she had her comm in place she got to work. Four boxes later and two checkins with the gang for information she was stopped by the perimeter alarms going off. Sure the electronic ones went off like crazy but the ones she had set up for intruders of another sort had gone off too.

A chill went down her spine and she cut off the music. Looking up she listened for a second. Waiting for the sudden explosion of action that usually happened. But there was…nothing.

Walking over she began checking her cameras. Something had set her alarms off. She moved through the multiple camera angles around Verdant and paused when he saw that the back door of Verdant was torn to bits.

"Oh crap."

The things that Oliver and his band of merry men fought couldn't destroy a door like that unless they were under Mirakuru. But it wasn't that, she knew it. The wards that she had set up years ago and updated last week were freaking out. She could feel it thrumming inside her. And it was only a matter of time until whatever it was, sniffed her out. Checking over the cameras one more time she stopped as she saw something streak across the club and head straight for her door. Before she could even check the camera directly above the foundry entrance a loud banging sounded in the foundry. It was trying to break in.

Two keystrokes later and she was looking down at her intruder. Her big hairy, clawed, and vicious intruder. Stepping back in shock she looked up at the door that would in a matter of minutes come down and let it in.

"Werewolf," she muttered in shock. She could feel her chest tightening as she ran across the foundry and pulled open a panel that she only knew about. Inside were guns, blessed knives, holy water and all sorts of books and herbs. And of course her shotgun. The banging persisted as she loaded up two silver shells and set up a station to be ready. Because when it got in it would be bad. Oh so very bad.

She would have to comm Oliver. Fuck, she would have to comm everyone. Oliver was out with Roy and Diggle with Sara. She was being confronted by a werewolf at the foundry. An attack anywhere else and she would have been able to hide it, get rid of the evidence. But not here. Not with two doors torn apart. Bringing her hand up to her ear she opened the comms.

"Arrow, respond."

In a matter of seconds she could hear his voice in her head, "Arrow."

She sighed and choose her words carefully, "I need you to come back now. The outer door has been breached and the foundry is about to be infiltrated."

"What?!" came his startled reply. She could hear shuffling on his side and knew that they were coming. This wasn't the moment but she always loved the trust he kept in her, "Who is it? Do you have visual?"

Diggle commed in, "We're on our way. What's that banging noise? Can you get out?"

She answered both of them as she finished setting up her station behind one of the work benches. It would give her the cover needed, "It's big. That's all that matters. It's trying to break down the door and I can't get out."

"Fuck!" Oliver shouted as he most likely sped up to get to her, "Arm yourself. We're coming."

She pulled her hair up into a ponytail and widened her stance. Holding up the shot gun she kept it aimed on the foundry door, "I've got it. Set up on the opposite side of the foundry like you showed me."

The banging got louder and she could hear the door groan. It was almost inside. Damn it. She was having such a good day. Such a beautiful fantastic day. And then this. She hadn't dealt with werewolves in years. Even before she started work up with Oliver. And in such a tight space with only one exit she knew that things could go very bad.

She began speaking into the comm, "Arrow…Oliver, there are somethings I never told you. Some things about me. Things that are about to literally come bite me in the ass. And I'm sorry."

"No, you are doing this! We are not having this talk!" he growled in her ear.

The door groaned again and she heard something creak. It was only a matter of seconds, "I care about all of you. Always have. Always will. I love all of you. If you get here and…and it's got me, you need to call someone. I need you to call Sam and Dean Winchester."

"What? No, Felicity we'll be right there! Just hold on!" he pleaded into her ear.

But it was too late. As the door finally gave in and exploded off its hinges she said, "Promise me."

Then a shot went off.




End of Chapter 1




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