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She could hear Sam shuffling around on the phone, "Dean if it's not important I'm going back to bed."

"No wait. Don't hang up," she exclaimed.

Immediately his voice became awake and alert, "Felicity?"

"Sam. I…"

"Felicity, is everything ok?"

She just knew that he was already getting up and getting dressed; ever the ready one. Placing her elbows on her knees she answered, "No. No it's not. Sam…they found me."




Chapter 4: Mint Chocolate Chip Makes All Better




After her mother left her at the Roadhouse, Felicity thought that Ellen would dump her at an orphanage or call social services. She did the opposite. She fed her dinner alongside Jo and tucked her into a small cot next to Jo's bed. It wasn't until the next morning that Ellen told her that she would be taking her to a friend, someone that could track her mother down. Felicity didn't know how to tell the nice lady Ellen that they wouldn't find her mother, she was sure of it.

So here she was at Singer Salvage. She had been sitting outside on the porch taking in the beginnings of the sunset while Ellen talked to Bobby.

Rapping her fingers on the porch wood she contemplated what was going on inside. Were they thinking of whom to send her too? Would they try to find her mother? As sad as it was to think, Felicity knew at a young age that her mother only tolerated her for her father's sake. And now that he was gone there would be no reason for her to want Felicity around. No one wanted her around.

Keeping her head down she clutched her stuffed bear tightly to her chest.

"Ummm hi," a voice broke out from behind her. Turning around sharply she came face to face with a boy that looked about 12 years old. He had shaggy brown hair, hunters clothes on and the gentlest eyes Felicity had ever seen. He was standing on the opposite side of Bobby's porch with two bowls in his hands.

"I'm Sam. You're Felicity right?" he asked her. She gave him a small nod and when he walked over to her he held one of the bowls out to her.

"What's that?" she kept her hands wrapped around her stuffed bear, trying to hide the urge to surge forward and grab it. It wasn't that she was hungry. She was curious at what the boy had brought her. No one ever brought her anything.

He sat next to her, "It's mint chocolate chip ice-cream. Do you like it? Ellen asked me to keep you company and I don't know…ice-cream makes things better."

"I've never had it," she answered softly. Her mother always kept things plain and generic in their house. Nothing vibrant or meant to stand out. As stupid as it sounded that included various flavours of ice-cream. He gave her a wide smile as she finally took the bowl. She held it tight, the cold of the bowl waking her up, "Thank you."

Sam watched her as she took her first bite. He was right, it was delicious. She turned wide eyes to him. He was still grinning, now around a mouthful of ice-cream, "Told you. Ice-cream makes everything better."




"Felicity?" Sam called out.

"I'm here," she answered, "Sam they found me. The Atlantic City pack found me."

He let out a whispered fuck, "I'm getting ready. Tell me what happened."

Placing her elbows on her knees she explained, "I was at the foundry working on some upgrades when the perimeter alarms you helped me set up went off. I immediately checked the cameras and lo' and behold there was the Verdant outer door blown to bits. Caught a streak on the camera and then found Adam trying to blow the foundry door to bits. Was on comm with Oliver so yeah…might have started a trope like 'goodbye' call before Adam got in. I put him down with the silver you gave me and then Thomas appeared. Took him down too."

"Where are you now? Are you safe? Are you hurt?" he asked quickly.

She nodded. When she remembered that he couldn't see her nodding she spoke up, "I'm ok. Just the usual, some cuts and bruises. Nothing permanent."

"Good, good. And you're safe? Where are you now?"

"Yes. Oliver and the gang know. They saw. They secured the perimeter and then we drove down to my apartment. Everyone's settling in and freaking out. Sam they saw! They saw them. How am I supposed to explain?" her voice became tight.

He seemed to settle on the other side of the line, as if he could feel her distress, "Breathe. It's gonna be ok. I'm going to go next door and grab Dean. We'll be there in a couple hours. Just talk to them Felicity. You've always been able to explain the most complicated things. Even to Dean. You trust them, don't you?"

"Of course I trust them. Trust them with everything. I just thought I'd never have to share this. Share this part of my life. My life with you. With Dean."

Sam fell quiet on the other side of the line. They were treading very close to why 'the argument that shall not be spoken about' happened.

"Sam?" she asked softly. She knew he was still there. And she was concerned about what was running through his mind.

"I'm here," he took in a breath and paused, as if he was picking his words carefully, "This was a long time coming. If it didn't happen now it was going to happen later on. You know that the supernatural never leaves you. No matter where you run."

"I know," Felicity admitted. She let her upper half fall back onto the bed, "I just wanted it to happen on my terms like we talked about. I told Oliver about it, about you and Dean coming up in a really really long time somewhere down the line."

"And how'd he take it?" Sam asked, once more moving about on the other side of the line.

"He took it well. Wants me to be safe. That's why I called you," she answered softly. She didn't really talk to Sam about Oliver. It always seemed to cause some sort of tension between them. Made Sam's voice sound tense. At first she had thought it was annoyance, then jealousy, even anger for putting her in so many potentially dangerous situations. In the end it was a combination of all she supposed. They had always worked around it though because he cared for her as much she cared for him. Their relationship was the kind that was for life.

"Do you want me to come up?" he hesitantly asked.

The hesitation in seeing each other was new and she hated it. The 'argument that shall not be spoken about and should have an acronym because it was so damn long' had whammied them in the past couple of weeks and it was taking time for them to get back on track.

"Of course. I always want you to come up. Sam, I need you. I need you and Dean. Even Cas if he's willing. And you promised you would help me explain all of this when the time came. Are you really going to let me do the powerpoint by myself?"

This got a laugh out of him, "You made a powerpoint? Really?"

She grinned, "You know me. Always prepared. I've even got slides on Crowley. Tons of quotes having to do with 'mooses' and 'short and curly's'."

This set Sam off into full bouts of laughter, "Oh my god. Dean's going to need a copy."

"I'll have it ready as soon as you get here. On a handy USB too," she mused. They laughed for a couple more seconds before Sam took a breath and spoke once more.

"I'm going to head over to Dean and Cas's. We'll be there in a couple hours. Probably by dawn," Sam told her, she heard the jingle of his keys and the slam of the door. He was probably walking across his lawn and over to Dean and Cas's.

She placed a hand over her eyes, "Sam. Thank you."

She heard Dean's gate open and the unlocking of the front door, "You don't have to say thank you Felicity. You're family."

Felicity felt warmth flood her, "You're my family too."

"Are you going to be ok? You can wait to talk to your friends until we get there if you want," he was giving her a way out.

She sat up in bed and patted down her hair, trying to prepare herself for what was to come in the next room, "No. That's ok. I think it would give Oliver an aneurysm if I waited any longer. See you in a bit?"

"Yeah. See you in a bit."




Placing the phone back in her pocket she headed to the living room where her friends were waiting. As her hand grasped the door knob she stopped. She was going to do this. She was really going to do THIS. Going to bring her two worlds together.

Steeling herself she let Sam's words flow through her. She did trust Oliver, Digg, Sara, and Roy. She trusted them with her life everyday and she would have to trust that they could handle this.

"I'm ready to go. I was born ready!" she told herself, positive psyching it would have to be. Turning the knob she swung the door open, "Let's do this!"

"Who are you talking to?" Digg said from the entrance of the living room.

Felicity flushed as she walked up to him, "Would it sound any less crazy if I said myself?"

He raised an eyebrow, "I don't know. We did just witness two werewolves that you took down. You talking to yourself wouldn't be the craziest thing I've heard tonight."

Felicity rolled her eyes and grinned, "Rude. So are you ready? As in ready to work. I mean not to work work. I mean ready to work on explaining what happened tonight with the wolves, the werewolves. You know the things with fans and fur and I'm going to stop talking in 3, 2, 1."

He let out a bark of laughter as he followed her into the living room. When she reached the room she saw Roy and Sara sitting on the couch eating ice-cream while Oliver stood by the window. As she kicked off her shoes he turned to look her way. His jaw was clenched tight but it seemed to relax at the sight of her.

Giving him a small nod she went into the kitchen to retrieve some ice-cream and a spoon. When she got back everyone was seated. Taking her place in the love seat she tucked her legs underneath herself and scooped up a giant spoonful of ice-cream. As soon as the minty goodness hit her she felt her nerves die down.

"The power of ice-cream. Never doubt it. Never," she asserted with a grin as she pointed to all of them with her spoon, "So…"

"So," Digg began as he leaned forward in his seat, "Start from the beginning."

Licking her spoon she nodded, "Ok. Well the supernatural is real. It's all around you. Those things that go bump in the night? Half of the time they're pipes clanging in an old creepy house and the rest are actual real life ghost or poltergeists. The gist is that they are real."

"Ghost? Poltergeists?" Sara asked in a curious voice as she dug into her ice-cream. She knew the power of ice-cream, "And I guess those are the small fries?"

"Well no. Poltergeists can be really vindictive. Can become corporal enough to slash you, kick you around or throw you…through windows, " Felicity didn't look up into Oliver's eyes. As soon as she did she knew that he would know all the trouble and mischief she had gotten herself into when she was younger, "I know better than most that those wounds scar. But you are right that in comparison there are larger fries out there."

Now came the bomb that really freaked out people who didn't know about the supernatural, "There are vampires, witches, shape shifters, and werewolves; which you witnessed earlier. And that's not even the worst of it. There…are demons out there too."

The room seemed to freeze up and she looked up into the frightened faces of her friends. She put her ice-cream down and waved her hands around, "But don't worry. I placed talismans and wards all over you in the form of your suits. I am the one that sutures them. Easy access and all that."

"Thank you," Sara let out in a breathy voice.

"You're welcome," she threw Sara a grin. She realised that this felt good. Finally getting acknowledgement for the work that she had been doing for years, "While we're talking about demons I would like to set aside a time later on after all this crazy stuff is done with, for more permanent anti-demon possession. Because demon possession is something that happens."

"Demon possession, ok. What kind of anti-demon possession?" Oliver asked as he fidgeted in his seat. He always got like this when they were being briefed. He just wanted to suit up as soon as possible and kick some ass.

Felicity stood up and pulled down the right side of her pants to show her lower hip, "This is an anti-possession tattoo. It's a pentagram, or endless knot. Knot never ends so protection never stops. Just keeps going and going." She twirled her finger in a circle.

"If you guys are ok with it I'd like you to get this," she noticed that Oliver hadn't stopped staring at her hip. Her face flushed along with his ears as she pulled her pants back up. Her friends chose to ignore the sudden awkwardness as Felicity sat back down.

"We'll get it," Oliver looked around the room and received nods in return. There eyes came back to her.

"Ok. Cool. Tattoo buddies. Yay!" she pumped his fist in the air to break some of the tension, "Where were we? Ok, supernatural is real. All sorts of creatures that can tear your throat out. And we've agreed on matching tattoos. Now on to me."

She burrowed herself back into the couch, "When I was 7 my mother dropped me off at a road side diner of sorts. My father was a hunter of the supernatural and he had disappeared off for the last time. We hit the road and made it to the Roadhouse run by Ellen Harvelle. My mother left me there and never came back."

Keeping her eyes down she played with a lose thread on the seat cushion, "Ellen took me in. Instead of sending me to social services she raised me alongside her daughter Jo. Long story short I met Sam and Dean while there. Even met someone with a mullet more into computers than I was. Got me into MIT even after he got kicked out for fighting. But even before I got to school I decided I needed a change. Needed to let go of the supernatural. I'd still help with fake ID's and research for Sam and Dean but nothing else."

"So even a young age you were a trouble maker?" Digg cut in with a sly grin.

His question made her smile, "Oh yeah. Making FBI and cop ID's was definitely me being a trouble maker. A going to jail for the rest of my life trouble maker. Kind of what I do now."

"FBI ID's? You were a bigger trouble maker than I ever was at that age," Oliver told her in a bemused tone.

She rolled her eyes and set her gaze on him, "I don't know. I've been talking to Thea lately. She's got this idea that if she spills secrets of your youth I'd tell her more about our missions. She's told me things that even Sara doesn't know."

Oliver looked at her in surprise before narrowing his eyes at her. She knew that he knew, "You wouldn't."

Felicity raised an eyebrow, "Boston."

He looked away from her at the word and she couldn't help the smirk that blossomed on her face.

"I think you broke him," Sara teased as Oliver gave her a glare. No one needed to know about Boston according to Thea. After Felicity found out what happened she agreed.

"As you were saying, Felicity," Oliver requested as he gave his best grouchy billionaire superhero frown. The quicker they got back on track the better.

Felicity grabbed up her ice-cream once more and scooped another mouthful up, "A couple years ago Sam needed someone to come and do cover work with him. I ended up going to Atlantic City with him and figuring out the local pack was in the business of turning women without their consent and selling them off as novelties and slaves. We didn't expect it but that didn't stop us. While Sam called for backup I destroyed their internal infrastructure. Donated all their money to women's shelters and set up all the women for life. You'd be proud Sara."

Sara nodded, "Super proud."

"We all are," Oliver said in that heart-warming voice that made her feel like she just saved the world.

"After that I disappeared. I moved across the country and changed everything about myself. The way I dressed, acted and even my hair colour. I erased who I was before and became this," she gestured at herself.

"You just gestured at all of yourself," Oliver mused in a knowing grin. She had really done well by catching him up on all sorts of media.

"I'm still me though. Still the same Felicity who runs ops with you every night and who helps Oliver run Queen Consolidated in the morning. Same IT girl who just happens to have a secret past," she paused and thought of what she'd just said, "Oh god. I've got a secret past. It's like a bad soap opera. Wow…wow. Talk about turning the tables."

Felicity's train of thought was broke by Oliver clearing his throat. She lifted her eyes and met his. He was leaning forward in his chair and there was a hesitation about his demeanour that made her nervous.

"Felicity, you've dealt with things…things we've never experienced. We also know you've gotten hurt. How do you have no scars?" Oliver caught her eyes. He was right to ask. After everything that she had told them they were curious at why she was bare. Why the only mark they had ever seen on her was a gun shot wound on her shoulder and the aforementioned molars that she had removed a couple years ago.

"Well…." she began…and then Castiel suddenly appeared.

In the middle of her living room. Surrounded by twitchy friends who had just been introduced to the supernatural, he appeared. She had jumped in place at his appearance but as predicted, as soon as Cas was in the room everyone jumped to action. They would have been in for a beating if it wasn't that Felicity jumped in front of him and held her hands out.

"Stop, stop, stop! I know him!" she shouted. At once her friends came to a standstill, each with a weapon that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. She hadn't even known they were packing. Figures they would though. Things were different tonight.

"You know him?" Oliver asked slowly as he kept his eyes trained on Castiel.

Felicity's eyes flickered back to Castiel. He deserved a firm smack in the back of the head for pulling such a dumb move, "Yeah I know him." She grabbed a newspaper from the table next to her and accentuated each word with a smack on Castiel arm, "He…SMACK…shouldn't…SMACK…do…SMACK…that! You know that always scares me."

Castiel looked down, a hint of shame clear on his face, "I am sorry. Dean told me what happened and I volunteered to come and check on you."

She paused at his comment. It was still difficult for Castiel to express what she dubbed 'human emotions' even after all these years. But somewhere along the way he had decided that she was important, that she was worth while, "You volunteered?"

He seemed to straighten at the question and looked around the room before turning back to her, "Yes. You are hurt. Are these the vigilantes?"

"Hey!" Oliver protested.

Felicity let out a laugh and dropped the newspaper. Coming forward she wrapped her arms Castiel, "Thank you for coming. Even though you scared the crap out of me. I'm glad your here."

Castiel hesitantly wrapped his arms around her. He enveloped her in his arms and tucked her close. She had forgotten how fantastic Castiel's hugs were. After a couple seconds he pulled back and placed his hands on her shoulders as he looked her over, "You are hurt."

She touched her forehead and just imagined what she looked like. She hadn't really looked in a mirror since this morning and Oliver had been the one to clean her up. She probably looked like someone shook her like a leaf.

"I'm ok Cas. Just a little banged up. No need for…" he placed his hand on her forehead and in a flash all the pain, ache, injuries, and blood was gone, "that."

She pulled down the side of her shirt and looked at her shoulder, the scar from the gunshot wound was gone. She gave Cas something that she hoped looked exasperated and fond, "Thank you Cas. Now to introduce you to my probably insanely curious group of 'vigilantes'."

She turned Cas and signalled to all her friends, who had wide eyes and open mouths. She was afraid she broke them again, "This is Castiel or more lovingly known as Cas. He is Dean's boyfriend and has oh so willingly came to check up on me and heal me apparently; scars and all."

"What the hell is he?" Roy asked, he truly was asking the right questions tonight while everyone else freaked out.

Cas stood tall and proud at being addressed, "I am an angel of the Lord."




End of Chapter 4




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