Lordofslytherin here.

I'm setting this challenge as a sort of sneak peak for my new project which – as you may have guessed – is a crossover story ( potential series) between asoiaf/got and Harry Potter.

Background: Stories in which Harry arrives in Westeros, and plays a major role in shaping the future of the seven kingdoms, but, for one reason or another he cannot go home. May begin when he is 1 ( before Godric's Hollow), 14 ( when everyone abandons him during the triwizard debacle) or 17 ( after LV is killed). Westeros timeline can begin:

at the end of Robert's rebellion

during/before Robert's rebellion

Before the war of the five kings


If the timeline is before Godric's Hollow, NO magic for harry

no good vs. evil

Harry paired with someone from Westeros

if timeline starts during the Triwizard tournament, one other person may accompany him

James and Lilly MUST accompany Age 1 Harry

more than 1 chapter

Prize: the winner will get to create and name an OC in my new crossover story.