Time's Icy Touch

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha, I don't own Avengers or any of the related characters, and putting them together is not that original, I just hope the end resulting drabble series is.

Chapter One

1455 Japan

Kagome stared at the reflection of herself in the river, she was cleaning up in the river before Kaede's funeral. Maybe it was only the brush of time in Kaede's passing that made her wonder, but it had been five years since she returned to the past and yet she was pretty sure nothing in her face had changed. It had been weird a year ago when the wound she took to the face healed without scaring, but maybe it was more than that...


Turning she realized she had been staring and doing nothing for a few minutes. "Yes Sango?"

"It's okay to miss her."

Looking at her friends Kagome hoped it was in her head. But it didn't stop her silent comparison of her friend and herself. "It's not that, we all knew it was coming, she died in her sleep. It's a good ending. I just wondered about my grandfather."


There was also the fact Sango was not only a few years older than her she had, had four children already. That was always hard on a woman in this day of age. Yeah she was probably worrying about nothing.