Time's Icy Touch

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Chapter Three Hundred and Fifteen

2014 New York Avenger Tower June 8th 11:49 p.m.

Kagome twitched and almost flung the pan to the floor, setting it down she reached into her jean pocket and flipped the cheap phone open. "Yeah?"


"Sesshomaru. When you coming back?"

"I'll arrive tomorrow around noon your time. I have run down every lead I could find and there are no other records of anyone else having even seeing the crystal. There is no hint of anyone having ever having used it. We will simply have to see what the latest soulless thief has in mind."

Kagome winced. She had found out something, or at least she was pretty sure she had a lead on what it was. But she was not informing him over the phone some version of them made the choice to fall in love, lost control of their powers enough to crystalize and before it was complete jump dimensions. Nope she was not telling him that over the phone.

"I might have learned..."

"Miko." The growl in that one word screamed Sesshomaru was tired and now possibly ticked at her for not telling him right away.

"I- I think I might still be tied to it Sesshomaru. I'm having dreams."

The silence over the phone was as telling as a stream of curses from Shippo. Even after all the years Sesshomaru clung to his composer, she had seen him loose it only a dozen times and all of them post adventures had been for family. For pack. He was very upset now.

"The Tower is still watched."

"Shippo sensed someone, and there is nothing to stop them from being humans as well."

"I speak with you upon my return. You still keep far too quiet."

The line clicked and Kagome snapped the phone closed with a sigh. That had gone as well as she could have hoped.