A/N- Hello again, it's me.

This story is going to be a collection of one shot type drabble things. I'm not sure what to call them, but just a bit of back ground on it.

The knights of the round table are here, Uther is dead, Lancelot did not sacrifice himself to the Caillech and All the knights know of Merlin's magic. These are all going to be around Merlin being immortal. This is the orgin story so sorry if it is a bit boring, you can request some if you want (Please request some things!) so yeah,



The bandits flooded from the trees, endless lines of them. Continuously pouring from the trees like water from a pump. Arthur and the knights held them off as best they could but they couldn't hold them any more. Merlin could see it, they were going to lose if Merlin did not intervene. He stepped forward his chin held high, jeers rose from the bandits around them

"Very good King Arthur, kick the runt into the fight,"

"King Arthur uses peasants to fight his battle for him."

But these comments if anything had the opposite effect to what the scum had presumed. It only riled Merlin up more. His hands clenched into fists, his shoulders tensed and his eyes flashed the feared gold of magic. All bandits shot backwards, flying in all directions and slumping in undignified heaps on the forest floor. Gwaine stepped forward and grasped his best friend shoulder in a tight grip.

"Flawless as always Merlin..." he said slinging his arm around his shoulder and pulling him away from the clearing.

"Well what can I say I'm..." Merlin's sentence was cut off as he screamed out in pain.

"What's wrong?! What happened? Gwaine!" Arthur called from their camp several feet away.

Merlin's mouth was frozen in a silent scream, Gwaine held him upwards by his armpits.

"Hey, hey Merlin Merlin!" he called but his best friend's eyes were glazed over with pain. He reached an arm round his back and felt the horror.

Sticky, warm blood with a cold metal dagger. Merlin had been stabbed in the back. Gwaine pulled the dagger from his drinking buddy's back and grasped his face slapping his lightly.

"No, no. No Merlin come on... don't leave me now, come on." Gwaine begged of his best friend but it was too late. His eyes had fluttered closed and his breath had ceased. Arthur caught up with the pair and saw the horror before his eyes. Gwaine turned his head slightly to Arthur and whispered "He's gone..."

A strange light began to emanate from behind Merlin, it took the two trained knights a few moments to realise that the light was coming from their deceased friend. Gwaine lay his down on the ground and and stood back. The light poured from his eyes and mouth, his hands and feet turned into long rays of light. The light grew brighter and spread along the servant's body until he was fully engulfed.

Arthur and Gwaine turned away their gazes away from the light as it grew too intense to look at. But when it finally died down they turned to face the corpse. But instead met the eyes of their best friend who was sitting up rubbing his back.

"Oh god, that hurt." He mumbled to no one in particular and winced slightly.

He looked up at Arthur and Gwaine's shocked but relieved faces. Smirking, he chuckled nervously

"Yeah, about what you just saw..."