Ronin Warriors' New York City Disaster

The year was 2013. It was a rather brisk and cool Tuesday, November 17th 2013. Sengoku University had just turned 50. It wasn't as old as Harvard or Yale but still held a fair bit of prestige being fifty years old. The university had decided to hold a drawing for a trip for six to New York City because it had turned fifty. Mia Koji had decided to enter on the oftchance that she might win. At 12 noon during the lunch hour they held the drawing and Mia won! She was ecstatic. She decided to tell the ronins when she got home. She knew that Yuli wouldn't be able to go, but the last thing she had heard was that Yuli was going to Disney Tokyo anyway.

When Mia arrived home, she could smell chicken cooking, and hear Cye and Kento talking to each other. She saw Rowen lying on a couch reading Black Holes and Other Bizarre Space Objects by David Jefferis. She could hear Sage playing his new-age music in his bedroom. Ryo was brushing White Blaze on the rug in the living room. Mia went upstairs and asked Sage to come downstairs for a moment. She then walked to kitchen and told Cye and Kento to join her, Ryo, and Rowen in the living room. "Guys, the university held a drawing for six to visit New York City. They held the drawing at twelve noon and I won." said Mia. "So, I'm assuming by the fact that you mentioned the trip is for six that me and the others are invited?" said Sage. "Yes." said Mia. "Well then, our next goal should be talking to our parents." said Kento. The others nodded and walked off to call their parents.

It was Wednesday morning when Rowen walked into Mia's study and dialed his dad. Cye was waiting outside to dial his mother. Osaka Labs answered and transferred Rowen to the floor on which his dad was working. "Hello." said Genichirou Hashiba. "Hey, dad." said Rowen. "Look, um...Mia entered a drawing to win a trip for six to visit New York City! She's invited me and the others to go with her." "Wow!" said Mr. Hashiba. "That's some drawing. When do you plan on leaving?" "Um...I'm not sure. She mentioned something about Thursday but told us to get permission from our parents first." said Rowen. "Hmmm...I see. Well, I don't have a problem with you going. I'll be by later to give you some money for your trip and my digital camera so you can take pictures of the city. Your mother is always bragging about how beautiful New York City is, so I want to see it for myself." said Mr. Hashiba. "Thanks, dad. I guess I'll see you later. Bye." said Rowen. "Bye, son." said Mr. Hashiba.

Rowen walked out of the study and gave Cye a thumbs-up. Cye grinned then entered the study. He sighed heavily then dialed his mom over in London, England. "Hello, Mouri Pottery. This is Sayoko. How can I help you?" "Hey, sis." said Cye. "Is mom around? I need to ask her something." "Sure, hold on baby brother." said Sayoko. She handed the phone to her and Cye's mom. "Hello?" said Mrs. Mouri. "Hi, mom." said Cye. "Look, um...Mia entered a drawing to win a trip for six to visit New York City! She wants me and all the others to go with her." "Well now, that'll be some trip, Cye. You may go but please call me as soon as you get to New York." "I will, mom. I promise. Love you. Bye" said Cye. "Love you too son. Bye" said Mrs. Mouri. Cye walked out of the study. He and Rowen exchanged high fives.

Kento was in Yokohama at his family's restaurant. They had just started eating a dinner of shrimp lo mein, miso soup, and tempura fried chicken. "Um Mom," said Kento. "Mia entered a drawing to win a trip for six to visit New York City! She wants us to come along!" "Well now, Kento. That is something." said Mama Fuan. "When do you leave?" said Papa Fuan. "Well," said Kento. "Mia mentioned something about Thursday." "Hmmm...well you can go. Just call us as soon as you get to New York." said Mama Fuan. "I will Mom. I promise." said Kento

Sage was in his family's dojo in Sendai. His grandfather was teaching Kendo in the dojo. His older sister was at the mall while his younger sister was on the phone. He approached his mom and dad who were cooking dinner. "Um Mom." said Sage. "Mia entered a drawing to win a trip for six to visit New York City! She wants us to go along with her." "Well now, Sage that IS something. Are your friends going to be able to go?" said Mrs. Date. "Rowen called me on his cell phone and said that Cye, him, Kento, and Ryo can all go." said Sage. "Then you may go as well. Just please call us as soon as you get to New York." said Mr. Date. "I will. I promise." said Sage. And that was that. All the ronin were cleared to go on a trip that little did they know would nearly kill a member of them and test their bonds as a team and friends