Oliver watched her chest rise and fall as the intensity of the moment caused a sob to catch in her throat. Allowing his guard down for the first time in his life he felt himself being led by a flutter of emotion that washed over him. He Pulled Felicity flush against his chest and pausing with his forehead against hers he whispered "I want you Felicity" before pressing his lips firmly against hers, for the first time in his life experiencing true happiness.

Felicity briefly returned the kiss but reciprocation of the passion fueled clinch was short lived when she was brought back to reality with a bump at the realization that her hands were still covered in cookie dough. Oliver subconsciously tried to resist as she placed her hands gently on his chest and pushed him away. She felt his muscles tense beneath her palms and this was echoed by the squaring of his jaw as he rested his forehead on hers. Oliver felt a familiar pang of guilt, a feeling that he carried with him always just never in this context. Had he misread the signs?. He was Sure that Felicity felt the same way; the way she watched him on the salmon ladder when she thought he wasn't looking and the way she lingered when she touched him, just longer than was necessary. Even though Oliver was afraid of what her response would be he parted his lips to talk but was halted as Felicity backed away. The most incredible smile adorned her face as she stood coyly holding up her hands "Cookie dough"

Oliver held back the desire to laugh and settled with a quirk of his lips. This woman was truly incredible, as she stood before him, her teeth pulling on her lip whilst her gaze not quite meeting his, he wondered if he had ever seen her looking so beautiful. Her glasses had been discarded and replaced by her contacts and her hair had been left to dry he guessed from the natural wave that rested just below her shoulders and cascaded down the front of the strap of her camisole drawing his attention to her perfectly formed breasts. He moved towards her, gesturing towards the sink as he removed his jacket, throwing it onto the couch. Felicity did as she was told and as she placed her hands in the soapy water she felt his chest pressing flush against her back causing her to let out a soft mewl, which was followed by a small but distinctive shiver as Oliver touched her shoulders and slowly traced lines down her arms with his fingertips until they met hers in the water. Felicity as if it was the most natural thing in the world, rested her head back against him, completely lost in the moment as he gently rubbed in circles removing the dough whilst simultaneously placing butterfly kisses in the crease of her neck.

Felicity quietly gasped as she felt him harden behind her; She desperately wanted devour him but his body molded so closely to hers left her not being able to turn her head far enough around. When Oliver eased the gentle pressure he had unknowingly been placing against her, to retrieve the dish towel from the breakfast bar, Felicity seized her moment. As he turned back towards her she flung herself into his arms pushing her lips onto his with such urgency that she caught him off guard and he stumbled backwards against the breakfast bar. A smile spread across his face breaking the kiss, but this was short lived and grabbing the back of her head he pulled her lips back to his silently begging for her lips to part allowing him full access. Felicity responded deepening the kiss while she frantically ran her hands underneath his shirt relishing the muscular curves and edges of his chest. They parted briefly so he could remove his t-shirt and within seconds they continued the kiss that moments ago had rendered them breathless. Oliver trailed his fingers across the small of her back that had become exposed as she stood on the tips of her toes as they their lips lingered with hard, and demanding kisses. He was consciously anxious to remove her camisole and when she took his hands and led them to the straps; pulling them away he groaned, needing no further enticing. With all the urgency of a child on Christmas morning, Oliver pulled the top over her head and basked in the vision before him. Breathing heavily Oliver rested his head against hers fully taking in the sight before him. He wanted to tell her she was beautiful but wanted it to feel real, not cliched. What he didn't realize was that in that one look he told her not only that , but everything she had ever wanted to hear. Taking a step backwards she slowly and sexily placed her fingers into the waistband of her shorts and shimmed them down onto the floor leaving nothing else to Oliver's imagination. The green leather around his crotch stretched, uncomfortably so heightening the need to remove his trousers, but he couldn't take his eyes off her. Felicity turned and walked towards her bedroom giving Oliver a view of the curves of her arse as she sashayed across the apartment. She stopped at the door of her bedroom and whilst hugging the doorway and rubbing her leg up and down the frame she eyed him up beneath her eyelashes "Oliver?"


"Take me to bed"