Alright now a little background before I start this new story.

I made up some designs of what the children of all my favorite pairings with Hiccup as either the mom or dad would look like and then accidently made a whole story about them.

There is a secrete pairing that I'm sure everyone will get the moment I mention it but the pairings you will have to know about before I start are:



Toothcup (Toothless has a human form!)

Marcup (Comes in a little later)

And Frostcup.

Hiccstrids kids name is Austen and he has short blond hair that covers his right sky blue eye. He wears a blue no sleeved tunic with a brown leather belt with skulls like Astrid's and metal shoulder pads with chain mail that covers his chest. He also has brown pants with brown boots and carries his family axe with him everywhere. He is the oldest at 18 and is the air of the Harry Hooligan Tribe.

Tuffcups kids name is Mason and he has long blond hair that is shoulder length and covers his right forest green eye. Wears a red long sleeved tunic with a black leather vest, brown belt, pants, and boots. Is a master at blacksmithing and will take over the blacksmith shop when Gobber dies. He is the second oldest at 16 and is second in line for the Harry Hooligan Tribe if something would ever happen to Austen.

Toothcups kids name is Sheila and she has brown hair with black highlights that's shoulder length, has most of it in a side pony tail, and her eyes are an acid green like Toothless. She wears a long sleeved bright green long tunic with a brown leather belt, gray/black leggings, and brown boots. She is a middle child at 15 and has taken Hiccups spot as the teacher at the Dragon Training Academy. It helps that she's part Night Furry and can talk to dragons.

Marcups kids name is Even he has short red curly hair with forest green eyes. He wears a green no sleeved tunic with metal shoulder pads that hold up his bear skin cape and has chain mail that covers his chest lastly has brown pants and boots. He is second youngest child at 12 and is the air to the kingdom of Dunbroch. Only comes to Burk to visit his siblings once in a long while, sometimes they go to Dunbroch.

Frostcups kids name is December and has white just past her shoulder length hair and weird brown roots with icy blue eyes. She has a ton of freckles that contrast her naturally pale skin. Wears a long light blue tunic with a slits up to her hip, has long sleeves that turn black at the elbow and fans out, the bottom also has a black trim. Has a black belt ad light green leggings with light brown boots. She travels the world a lot with her dad to bring winter but is too young to do this every year. She is the youngest of them all at 10 and is very immature like Jack. Calls Bunny and Sandy her uncles and calls Tooth her auntie and North her grandpa.

I will explain what the mystery pairings kid looks like when they show up in the story. But for now you'll be as clueless as the rest of the characters.

Also I'm using a different writing style for this story but don't worry too much about that it's still understandable even with the weird format.

Enjoy the story and have a great day/night!