(Late Night)

"We all ready?" Austen asked

"Yup!" December said excited. "I got all the food for the journey! Oh, and the blankets."

"I got the boat." Sheila replied in disgust with fireball lying in her arms.

"I brought medical supplies and special bags for Sheila." Mason said.

"Good. I brought the map and anything else we may need to navigate the waters." Austen said still looking nervous about the whole thing "If we row all through the night and into the day we should get there in two days' time."

"Would only be an hour if we rode dragons." Sheila grumbled to Fireball. She snorted in agreement. This earned her a scratch under the chin.

"Alright everyone in!" December said excited.

"Who's rowing first?" Sheila asked.

"December and I will row first. You need to get used to the waves." Austen answered.

"Uge~" Sheila groaned. She held Fireball closer and the little terror gave a pity glance and let her master squeeze her. She coo'd in a reassuring way and nudged her master's chest.

"Alright everyone, let's get moving." Austen said as December landed in the boat grabbing the ore. Slowly the boat filled with the teens and the supplies and they were off in the dead of night.

"I. Hate. Boats." Sheila groaned from the floor of the boat. Fireball was asleep next to her master and looked very content.

"Come on Sheila." December said trying to reassure her sister. "Just one more night and we'll be on shore."




"Oh!" December quickly grabbed the bag next to her and shoved it toward her sister. Sheila dry heaved into the bag. She hadn't eaten and when she tried to it never stayed down for long. The longer they were on the boat the worst she got.

"Ew, that's disgusting." Sheila said as she pulled her face out of the poor abused bag. Mason had brought four bags and Sheila was on her 3ed.

"Try watching it." Austen said with his nose scrunched up. "It isn't pretty."

"You look terrible Sheila." Mason said with a sad tone. "Let me take your shift when it's time to trade. You should get more rest." The sick girl could only nod in agreement, so she snuggled up with her dragon and tried to fall asleep.

"How much longer?" December whined as she switched spots with Austen not an hour later.

"We should get there late tonight or sunrise tomorrow." Austen answered. "The waters calm and the winds in our favor, even with Sheila throwing up the whole time, we are making good time. We should see the outline of the island soon enough."

"I can't wait to see our sister!" December squealed in delight.

"December, stay calm." Austen scolded, "You know what happens when you get too excited."

"Right, I know." She pouted. "I just can't help thinking about her! What her name is, what's her favorite color, does she know how to train dragons? I'm so excited!" When December said that she had released a bit of her power that flowed through the ore she was holding and into the ocean, freezing the water soiled around the ore.

"December!" Austen scolded with a shout.

"Opps, I'm sorry." She said looking flushed. "It just sort of… came out…"

"This is why I told you to calm down!" The oldest scolded again. "You know this happens every time you-"

"Hold on." Mason interrupted. "Don't move the ore or it might break." The long blond teen set his own ore down and carful to not rock the boat too much reached over and got a good grip on the paddle. "Alright. Can you unfreeze it?"

"Yeah…" December placed her hand on the ice and calmed her nerves. Then the ice disappeared and the paddle was free.

"Got it." She said in an unnatural monotone. For a long time when December was younger she would freeze everything she touched. Only her father, Jack, could touch her. Finally the village had enough of the bitter cold that followed the young girl. They all demanded she either leave or figure out how to melt her ice. She ended up leaving and living with her grandpa North for a long time. Almost 3 years! In this time she grew depressed and realized that if she wasn't happy she wouldn't freeze things. She learned to control her magic and was finally allowed to go back to Berk. She could even touch people other than her dad! However, she was always worried that her emotions would get the better of her. She feared that if she slipped up just once in front of the village she would be sent away again.

"December." Sheila said quietly from her spot on the floor of the boat. "I'm pretty hot could you make me some ice?"

"Alright." The youngest held her hands up to her mouth and she released an icy breath. When she opened her hands an ice cube was in the center. "Here you go sis!"

"Thanks." Sheila managed a small grin and put the ice cube to her head, where it instantly started to melt.

'Leave it to Sheila to bring a smile back to our little sisters face.' Thought Mason with a smile playing on his lips. Everyone know that Sheila, being part dragon, was always warm. She enjoyed the cold but preferred the heat. During The Freeze, as everyone called it, Sheila had to stay inside for most of it. All dragons did. Some even left the island! The ones who stayed all spent the time in a hibernation, even Sheila. When she woke up only to hear that her little half-sister had been in a way banished she actually cried. When she did see her sister again she was tempted to jump the little girl and rap her in her arms to never let go. Dragons were also known for being possessive and she was no exception.

"No problem sis." December smiled, although it wasn't as bright as usual and didn't reach her eyes. "Happy to help."

"Where are they?!" Hiccup wondered out loud. He was passing in the own home and was freaking out to say the least. He had been looking for his children since they disappeared 2 days ago. "They wouldn't just leave the island right?" Suddenly a large blast of cold air threw his door open.

"I came as fast as I could!" Jack said. "I only just heard a couple hours ago. Are they all really missing!?" The winter spirit was frantic and the temp was dropping by the second.

"It's true. No one knows where they went or even when they left!" Hiccup answered. "I'm worried that they were all kidnapped or something."

"I don't know but if they were then that person is getting the butt kicking they whole fully deserve!" Jack had rapped the frantic chief in his arms and rubbed small circles in his back. "How are the others taking this?"

"Same as you might think. Tuffnut is personally looking the whole island over, Astrid's threatened everyone on the island to tell her if they know anything where the kids might be, and Toothless has every dragon searching the skies." Hiccup answered, recognizably calmer. "Every dragon is answered is accounted for except for Fireball, so we can assume she's with Sheila." The two pulled out of their hug. (To the author's disappointment.)

"What about Merida?" Jack asked "Have you contacted her?"

"Sent out a message on a Terror the same time we did yours. She should be sending back a reply soon."

"Where could they have gone!?"

"I don't know." Hiccup was pacing again and Jack watched him for a bit. Seeing the other male lost in his thoughts, the winter spirit decided to float around the room. Leaving the heavy thinking to the auburn man. Then Jack saw a letter and decided to look it over. His eyes widened as he read.

"What's this!?" the spirit shouted still not looking up from the offending piece of paper.

"Huh?" Hiccup was thrown from his thoughts at the shout and turned to see what Jack was talking about. "Oh, that's a letter I got 3 days ago."

"You have a kid? On Berserk?!" Jack yelled, a little more than mad he never knew about it.


"Why wasn't I told about this!?"

"Because I didn't even know she was alive until now. I have never met her nor do I know her name or really anything."

"Who gave you this letter?"

"He sent it but it was the kids who were told to bring it to me."

"The kids! Do you think…"

"No, they wouldn't." Hiccup looked at Jack who gave him a 'their your kids' look and Hiccups certainty dropped a bit. "Right?"

"I think we should tell the others."

"Yeah, maybe we should."