A Card and a Painted Skull

A/N: I've written this because it's Mother's Day today and because Mrs. Hudson could count as Sherlock and John's in-London mum.

Disclaimer: I don't knwo why I'm writing this, but Sherlock belongs to its owners, who don't include me.

Sherlock normally wasn't bothered to do anything for Mother's Day. His brother Mycroft would always include Sherlock's name on whatever gift the older brother had bought for their mother. So, without anything to do on the day with the sappy cards and fluff, Sherlock began fiddling with his skull.

He heard footsteps on the stairs. He listened closely for a few seconds before saying, "John, I thought you were with Sarah."

"Broke up two weeks ago because of that little Chinese Circus you brought us to," John replied.

Sherlock barely hid his snicker with a cough. "What suppose are you going to do with those flowers and chocolates? Valentine's Day was three months ago," he said.

"These—" John pointed to the mentioned items with his free left hand, "—are for Mrs. Hudson."

Sherlock just stared at John with a confused look on his face. Why for Mrs. Hudson? I mean, surely, she isn't John's mother. Perhaps it's metaphoric, and John's thanking her for—ah, got it.

"John, set those things on the table and grab me some red and pink acrylic paint," Sherlock told his flat mate, who glared at him before reluctantly rushing off. Once he was alone, Sherlock went to his room with a thick piece of scrap-booking paper and a few other supplies.

Mrs. Hudson went to the flat and saw something that could've counted as a miracle—the whole flat was clean, although when she checked the refrigerator, there was still a bag of toes in it, but it was decorated quite cleverly to look like ordinary food.

"Why, the boys have been pretty aware of their mess now," she commented, and chuckled for a second before finding herself in front of the table, where her eyes immediately watered.

On the table were chocolates and flowers tagged with John's scrawl, but what was on the right side of the table surprised and touched Mrs. Hudson.

There was an evidently homemade Mother's Day card with Sherlock's handwriting, and on top of it was Sherlock's favorite skull decorated in red and pink paint.

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