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Published on 5-10-14

Kippei's POV

I'm late and I know it. Do I care? Nope. The reason? None of your business.

I walk into the classroom not caring that I was late.

"Yo, Kippei!" Shin said giving me a goofy grin as he held his hand up.

"Morning Shin."I say as I high fived him back.

"I heard we're getting a new girl in our class. I hope she's hot!"He said as he started drooling. Aki, who started getting annoyed, smacked the back of his head.

"Shut up idiot! Who'd want to date you!"She says.

"Apparently you."Motoki said as she opened her textbook.

"What!?"Aki exclaimed as she glared at her so-called "friend" who ignored her.

"Kippei your lucky the teacher is coming in late to get the new student."She said looking up at him.

"I actually can't wait for her to come. If it's a guy then it'll just be another person to look up to me. If it's a girl then that mean I'm gonna get laid." He said giving off a cheeky grin.

Before more was said the teacher came into the room.

"Alright class. As you've all heard we're having a new student. She's lived here for a while but she just moved somewhere closer to this school. Please treat her well. You can come in now Tokunaga-san." He said as he looked towards the door.


That's all we heard.

Sensei did a nervous laugh.

"Not funny. You're making me a fool in front of my class. You better show up now."He says with a threatening voice.

The door slowly creaked open. In walked a girl in her uniform...wearing it differently.

She had a black chained belt that she used to hold up her skirt. Her tie wasn't the normal red and yellow tie, no it was black. She wasn't wearing the indoor shoes she was suppose to. Instead her feet wore black buckled boots.

I looked up to see her face. It looked pretty angelic, besides the fact that she was wearing a lot of eyeliner. Almost like Avril Lavigne's signature makeup. She had dark purple, almost black, lipgloss on. Nevertheless, she was gorgeous.

She had light brown hair that was passed her shoulders and hazel eyes.

I smirked. She seems interesting. She's be fun to play around with.

"Tokunaga Kokoro. Age 17. Please you make your acquaintance."The girl says although she looked bored and like she didn't want to be here.

"Today I'm gonna let Kokoro sit in this seat up here."Sensei said motioning to a seat in the front. "She's gonna be answering some questions while I grade some papers in the teacher's lounge. Have fun."

And with that sensei walked away.

As soon as he did it was as if the room turned into a zoo for it was too loud with the questions being bombarded at Kokoro.

I watched as her eyebrow twitched.



It got silent right away.

"Now let't just get over with these stupid questions."She said. "You there. Red head. You can talk."

Aki, who was raising her hand, got up.

"Konichiwa Kokoro-chan! My name's Aki. My question is, would you like to be friends?"She said with hope swimming in her eyes.

Kokoro just glared at her.

"No and call me 'Kokoro-chan' ever again and you won't live to see another day.

"O-Ok."Aki said intimidated by her glare.

Next was Shin, who was captivated by her beauty.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"He asked with hearts in his eyes. I could tell that Aki was pretty hurt by the expression on her face.

"No, don't need one."She said in a monotone voice.

Suddenly I got an idea. I raised my hand into the air confidently.

"You, creepy smiling dude with blonde hair."She said to me. My pride was a little hurt by that, but it didn't stop my plan.

"Will you go on a date with me?"I ask her with a smirk on my face.

Her expression was stoic.

"Sorry, I don't date players like you."She said not looking sorry at all. Wow that hurt.

"Tokunaga Kokoro, I promise that before the year end I'll have you kissing my feet."I replied to her as if her rejection didn't matter to me even though I felt shocked of being rejected.

I saw Kokoro stand up and walk towards me. I thought that she was gonna give me a chance, that is until I felt a strong sense of pain and saw black.

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