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Last Chapter...

I saw Kokoro stand up and walk towards me. I thought that she was gonna give me a chance, that is until I felt a strong sense of pain and saw black.

And now...

Kokoro's POV

What a creep. I can't believe he asked me that. He's definitely a player. I need to stay away from him, I've had my heart-broken already and I don't want to repeat that.

Okay so maybe knocking him in the head and causing him to black out was a bit harsh. I couldn't care less though so why is it that I have to be the one dragging this idiot to the nurses office. Aren't they scared I'd do something worse to him? Because let me tell you, I am fully capable of that.

Flashback to classroom

The class all gasped and looked at me in horror, including the teacher.

"Tokunaga-san, it's your first day and your already getting in trouble. I'll let you off the hook just for today since you're new, but next time I will write you up. Now go take Katakura-san to the nurse. You should know where it is since you were suppose to meet up with her for a health checkup to start the year."Sensei said to me.

"Whatever."I say back as I drag the boy across the ground to the nurses office. I'm pretty strong but I chose not to pick him up.

End of flashback

Hey at least I didn't get in trouble, my dad would've found out and killed me. I winced remember what happened when I got expelled from my last school.

I finally reached a white door with a metal plank saying 'nurse'. I reached my hand up and knocked on the door.


I knocked again. After another round of silence, I opened the door.

"Hello"I said in a monotone voice.

I walked in and turned on the lights. I saw a note on her desk and read it.

Sorry something came up! I won't be back till 12. Please try to treat your wounds or rest. If it's an emergency go straight to the counselor who decided to help me out for today. If you wish to go home please go to the secretary.
~Yamada Sensei

Ugh now I have to actually wait till this idiot wakes up.

I drag him towards one of the resting beds and pick him up for a few second just to place him there. I then started looking around for a cold compress.

"Mmm"I hear someone say as I find the compress and walk towards the boy.

He blinked his eyes a few times before sitting up. He then realized the pain and reached towards his head.

"Ouch"He said in pain as he winced.

"Baka, lay down."I say as I hand him the compress.

He finally noticed I was there because he smirked.

"Well well well, if it isn't Koko-chan."He said to me probably trying to be seductive.

"I'm leaving now. Rest well I guess."I said as I turn around wanting to get the hell out of here as soon as possible.

Unfortunately before I could escape, he grabbed my wrist.I felt pain rush to me making me winced. He seemed to notice to and softened his grip just a little, but not enough for the pain to stop.

"Let . Go. Now."I hissed through my teeth.

"Why?"He asked tauntingly.

"I don't like strangers touching me."I say turning around to give him a glare. Honestly, that was only partly the reason.

"Kippei Katakura. Now we're not strangers."He says to me.

He was about to pull my sleeve up when I used my other hand to punch him.

"What the fuck's your problem."He says holding onto his throbbing face and glared at me.

"I wear clothes for a reason. Not to show skin in public."I say rolling my eyes as if it was obvious.

He smirked getting an idea. His smirk told me that I wasn't gonna like his idea.

"That's just in a public place right? If we were at my house you'd be more willing to undress yourself."He says to me followed by a wink which shocks yet angers me with disgust.

"Aren't you too young."I ask with anger.

"No no Koko-chan, I'm a big boy"He says with a smirk.

Before I could reply back, he interrupted me.

"How about we head over to my house."He asks, his smirk gaining more confidence by the minute.

This really pissed me off. I'm not a toy, I will not be used then thrown away the next minute. I'm not going to fall for any of his tricks.

A tick mark probably was on my forehead and I was probably losing my cool but at the moment I couldn't care less.

Kippei put the compress aside and stood up. He walked a few steps, now only a few steps away from me.

"So what do you say, Ko-ko-chan~"He says seductively.

I already knew the answer, no, but why was it taking me a long time to say it? Only God knows why, but probably since I'm too angry.

"Never in your wildest dreams you man-whore."I angrily say as I kick him where the sun don't shine.

I quickly walk out the door while he screeches in pain and falls to the floor.

A part of me felt bad and wanted to help him but then I remembered that if he can pick up random girls, then he can definitely take care of himself. After all he is a "big boy".

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