3 days ago...

Hermione Granger groaned and slapped her forehead, and before she could even reply, Pansy did it for her.

"Honestly Astoria, how stupid can you be?"

"Like I knew he'd slip me veraseratum. Don't blame it on me." The pretty blonde shot back.

"Your Fiance' is one of the three biggest snakes, how can you not be on guard for something like that? Especially with everything else they've pulled to get the information." This came from a very agitated Ginny.

"You guys need to leave Blondie here alone. I think I speak for a few of us when I say that I'm relieved, having the boys there will keep the creeps away." Angelina Johnson looked at all of the daring them to disagree. As the oldest of their group of friends, she was usually the voice of reason.

"All packed yet boys?"

"My clothes were packed the minute your owl came with information. I even managed to change room arrangements. The room pairs are Blaise and I, Granger and Johnson, Weaslette and Lovegood, Pans and Daph, and you with Astoria. The other two rooms on the floor will be occupied by my cousin Pouge and his friends."

"Ah, the Malfoy persuasion, I'm guessing the manager was female?" Blaise Zabini was curious as to how Draco had pulled this off without using the Imperious Curse.

"Actually, No. The cruise line's main office is in Boston, Garwin took care of it."

"How'd he manage that without alerting the American Ministry?"Theo finally decided to return to the conversation.

"Theodore, since you've yet to meet our Boston counterparts, I'll leave you with the warning that they're more than capable of handling themselves. They won't be a liability."

"Let's hope not." Theo replied, and silently hoped that none of them would be Granger's type, Drake couldn't stand competition.

"Why are we going on a cruise again?"

"Because Baby Boy, my cousin Draco offered us an all expenses paid vacation to help him keep an eye out on seven very beautiful witches." Pouge answered lazily.

"Just think Ty, seven gorgeous babes. Theres a pretty good chance that you'll be getting some action." The boys could tell that Reid was beyond excited at the prospects.

"That and Drake had Reid sneak into the main office and tamper with the rooming. We have a whole floor to ourselves." Hearing the agitation in Caleb's voice, Pouge decided that it was time to get going in order to prevent a fight.

"Grab your keys and your luggage and lets get on the road. We have to be at the airport for ten to pick them up and then make sure we're at the dock for two to load up."

As everyone was finishing preparations for what seemed to be a calming vacation, none of worried about anything going wrong.