Caleb Danvers was in awe of the woman in front of him and his best friend knew it. Pouge caught the sly glances that Caleb thought no one saw and turned his attention to the witch in question. Finally glad that his best friend seemed to be getting back to his normal self, Pouge decided to leave it be...that is, until he realized that his cousin Draco was on the prowl and his prey was that very same witch. Hermione Granger. Pouge could see the appeal: Stunning face, innocent eyes, nice breasts, shapely legs, but the most important thing was by far her intelligence. If it weren't for the fact that Caleb practically called dibs, he might have gone for second choice. His attraction lay strangely enough with Pansy Parkinson. The outspoken, dark haired beauty who'd caught his eye years before grasped his attention when she berated Draco for pulling his stunt. She had balls and that was exactly what Pouge wanted.

Hermione Granger could feel someone's eyes on her and she turned to find a blushing Caleb Danvers. Never in a million years did she think she'd ever meet someone who was exactly like her, extremely smart, very loyal, and a big stickler for the rules. But there he was, all 6'4 of him and with saddened dark eyes that drew her in. From the moment they'd gotten off the plane and Stori had recognized the group of four very attractive men she was drawn to him.

"Pouge Perry, Reid Garwin, Tyler Simms and Caleb Danvers why am I not surprised that Draco dragged the four of you into this plot?" The Greengrass sisters seemed familiar with the four men in front of them.

"Because he knew I wouldn't pass up a chance to finally bed you my dear Daph," smirked Reid.

"Wait, you know these four?" Ginny asked the sisters.

"Ladies, meet the Sons of Ipswich. Boston's own male dominated pureblood wizards." Pansy was the one to answer.

"But how do you know them?" Angelina pressed on. She had to admit, the four were rather attractive and it somehow fit that they'd be tied in with the Slytherins somehow.

It was Stori, the little one that'd gotten them all into this mess that answered this time.

"Pouge is Draco's second cousin, Tyler is our uncle, Blaize and Caleb half brothers, and Pansy and Reid are first cousins."

"Us Slytherin visit Ipswich every year for Christmas. It's one of the only places with high society witches and wizards besides home. It's why our families migrated there, " Daph followed up.

"Enough with the chitchat and backstories ladies, you'll have time for that in the car on the way to the dock. And Brother do stop oggling Granger." Blaize smirked.

Hermione glared at Blaize who feigned innocence.

Caleb turned red and looked down.

Reid and Angelina and Ginny snickered.

Draco looked murderous.

Pouge and Pansy shared a knowing glance.

"Oi, Lovegood why are you holding Baby Boy's hand?" Theo asked and everyone in the group turned to stare at the pair. Hermione figured it out first and gasped.

"Luna is this him? The reason you've been going back and forth to Boston for business? Oh my."

"What the bloody hell are you on about Granger?" Draco was interested now, this gave him ammo to talk the mickey out of baby boy.

"Hermione is right. I am with Tyler. Details aren't necessary for now though. We have some place to be." And with that Luna and Tyler, hand in hand lead a flabbergasted group of witches and wizards to an awaiting limousine that would take them to the dock. Smiling the whole way, they may not have grasped it no, but Luna knew that this trip would be the start of something grand for everyone.