Hey, guys, readers, and Fox King jm-fans, Johnny here with the fourth chapter of "Naruto in the worlds of fantasy." I hope you guys are enjoying the story do far, okay last time Naruto and his friends were attacked by a hoard of Heartless. And Naruto and his friends will meet Aqua, and will discover the origins of the Keyblades and the worlds. Just a little, not too much information, if I gave more of the story, then there will be no point of telling it. And there will be some other twists in this chapter. Okay, I've talked enough, so let's begin. I still do not own Naruto, Kingdom-Hearts or anything else I use now and in future chapters, so please enjoy: The Origins of Light and Darkness. Merry Christmas and a Happy-New Year.

Last time Naruto and his friends were looking around Gaea that Orochi had twisted time and space. Now the young heroes are now facing a massive number of Heartless.

"Let's go guys!" Naruto said.

"Right!" Sora and Team-Kingdom replied, as all of them charged head against the Heartless hoard.

Naruto and Sora swing their Keyblades, whipping out every Heartless they see.

"Soul, we need to back up, Naruto-san and Sora-san!" Maka said.

"Got it." Soul replied, as he transformed into his weapon-form.

"We'll back you guys up too!" Natsu said, as he, Luffy, Ichigo, and Korra stood by Maka and Soul.

"Thanks." Maka said with a smile.

"Happy, we'll handle the Heartless; you have to find a way out of this forest." Korra stated.

"Aye, leave it to me!" Happy replied, as he flew to look for a way out of the forest.

"Issun-san, you should go with Happy. I don't want you to get hurt." Naruto stated.

"Okay, Naruto-kun." Issun replied, as he jumped on Happy's back.

"Luffy, Natsu, you guys take the right and the left! Korra and Maka in the middle! Ichigo since you have the most long-rage attack, you got the back." Sora said.

"Got it!" Ichigo replied, as he used his Zanpakuto.

Natsu used his fire magic, burning the Heartless on the left side. Luffy used his leg as a long wipe to take out the Heartless on the right. Maka and Korra took out the Heartless that try to attack them in their blind spots. Ichigo to slashes at the Heatless, saving his Retsu for the unexpected enemies that might come. It was a good thing that the Heartless that Naruto and his friends were fighting Shadow-type Heartless. Naruto and Sora continued to take out the Heartless in the front, till he felt something not right.

"Sora, watch out!" Naruto shouted, as he pushed Sora out of the way.

Sora fell, as he looked at Naruto and saw a cut on his shoulder.

"Naruto, are you alright?!" Sora asked.

"Yeah... But where did that attack came from?!" Naruto said, as he looked around.

Naruto and Sora looked around to see where the attack came from. Naruto knew something was not right. Sora continued to look, but he saw nothing but Shadows. Naruto then saw another mysteries attack coming.

"Sora, duck!" Naruto shouted, as he and Sora dodged the attack.

"What the hell was that?!" Sora asked.

"I'm not so sure!" Naruto replied.

Natsu saw that Naruto and Sora were in trouble, so they went to back them up.

"Hanged on, guys!" Natsu said.

Naruto senses another attack.

"Natsu, watch out!" Naruto said.

Natsu quickly, dodged the incoming attack. Everyone saw the attacks were black Kunai-Knives. Naruto was shocked seeing ninja tools in this world.

"Kunai-Knives... but how?" Naruto thought, as he examined the Kunai.

Naruto noticed that the Kunais had a dark aura around them. It was not chakra, it was darkness.

"No, what, there's something about them that are not right..." Naruto thought.

Then the black Kunais disappeared. Naruto then looked over the other Heartless, seeing a blue-flash, jumping around in the trees. Naruto throw his Keyblade to attack the blue-flash. The blue-flash dodged the attack.

"Sora, attack the tree on the far right!" Naruto said.

"Right!" Sora replied, as he lifted up his Keyblade to use magic.


Sora attacked the far right tree with a small ball of fire. The blue-flash dodged the attack again, but didn't see Naruto's Keyblade coming back.

"Got it!" Naruto said, as he and Sora saw the attack hit its mark.

Naruto, Sora, and Natsu saw the blue-flash from the back. It was a ninja.

"What's that? A ninja?" Natsu asked.

"It seems so... but why is he attack us?" Sora asked.

"Maybe he's working for Orochi." Naruto stated.

Naruto didn't believe that this was a regular ninja.

"It's weird... I don't sense anything from this guy but darkness." Naruto thought.

Then the blue ninja turned around to face Naruto and his friends. Naruto and his friends saw this was no ninja or man. It was a new type of Heartless that resembles a ninja.

"A new Heartless... but how did I not see that Heartless coming?" Naruto said.

"I'm not so sure either, Naruto." Sora replied.

"And it seems we got more company." Natsu stated.

More and more Shadow Heartless appeared.

"There's no end to them!" Maka shouted.

Naruto and his friends were still willing to fight. As for Issun and Happy, they continued to look for an escape route for Naruto, Sora, and the others.

"Look!" Issun shouted.

"What is it, Issun-san?" Happy asked.

Happy looked down to see Aqua wondering around.

"It's Master-Aqua... I can't believe she's here! Wait, that's a good thing!" Issun thought.

"Hmm?" Aqua said.

"Master-Aqua!" Issun shouted.

"Issun, is that you?" Aqua said.

"Do you know her, Issun-san?" Happy asked.

"Hai, Happy-kun, she's a Keyblade-Master I knew a few years back." Issun stated.

"Amazing..." Happy replied.

"Master-Aqua, we need your help! There are countless numbers of Heartless! Naruto-kun, Sora-kun, and their friends are in trouble!" Issun stated.

Aqua's eyes widen hearing Naruto and Sora's names.

"Where are they?" Aqua asked.

"Follow us!" Issun and Happy said.

"Lead the way!" Aqua said.

Naruto, Sora, and their friends continued to fight the Ninja-Heartless and the hoard of Shadows.

"Damn, there's no end to them!" Luffy stated.

"We have to hang on, till we have an escape plan." Korra replied.

Naruto looked at the Ninja-Heartless, knowing that it wasn't going to let him and his friends go anywhere.

"Damn... what are we going to do?" Naruto thought.

"Do you have any ideas, Naruto? I don't have any ideas right now." Sora stated.

"No... But we have to keep fighting till we see the chance to flee." Naruto replied.

As the Shadows were about to charged at Naruto, Sora, and Team-Kingdom, someone cost a spell to protect them.


Naruto, Sora, and Team-Kingdom saw the Shadows being destroyed with lightning-spell. The spell destroyed a massive amount of Shadows.

"W-What was that?" Naruto said.

"Are you alright?"

Naruto, Sora, and Team-Kingdom turned to see Aqua.

"You're..." Naruto and Sora said.

"It's nice to see you again, Naruto, Sora..." Aqua stated with a smile.

Naruto and Sora smiled, knowing that they have the upper hand. Naruto and Sora saw Aqua's Keyblade, knowing that she's a Keyblade-Master. As for the rest of Team-Kingdom, they were amazed to see how strong Aqua is.

"I can introduce myself after this battle." Aqua said, as she turned to the Ninja-Heartless.

Thanks to Aqua, the Ninja-Heartless was the only Heartless left standing. The Ninja-Heartless used hand-signs to disappear into darkness.

"It seems the battle is over." Aqua stated.

"But I've never seen a creature like that before." Aqua thought.

Aqua then turned to Naruto, Sora, and Team-Kingdom.

"Thanks for your help." Maka said.

"Your quite welcome." Aqua replied.

"Umm, do you remember us?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, I could never forget you two." Aqua replied.

"Oh!" Sora said.

"Hmm?" Aqua said.

"Naruto." Sora said.

"Hai." Naruto replied.

Naruto and Sora bowed to Aqua.

"Please tell us your name." Naruto and Sora said.

"My name is Aqua." Aqua stated.

"Thank you so much, Aqua-san!" Naruto and Sora replied.

Aqua smiled, as she rustled Naruto and Sora's hair.

"These are our friends, Aqua-san; this is Ichigo, Luffy, Maka, Korra, Natsu, and Soul." Sora stated.

"It's very nice to meet you all." Aqua said.

"Oh, and there's also Happy and Issun-san." Naruto said.

"It's been a long time since I've seen you, Issun-san." Aqua stated.

"Yes, indeed." Issun replied.

"What was that thing that you were fighting?" Aqua asked.

"It was a new Heartless. I've never seen anything like it before." Naruto replied.

"I see..." Aqua said.

"Not only that, Orochi is plotting something." Sora stated.

"So, you know about Orochi." Aqua said

"We saw his powers. He was able to twist time and space." Korra stated.

"Yes, it's only one of his powers. I don't know what he is planning, but now that I am here, I'll be the looking after all of you." Aqua said with a smile.

"That's awesome, Aqua-san!" Sora said.

"Before anything, there's someone we need to meet." Aqua said.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked.

"If I'm going to be you and Sora's master, we need to go see a special someone to meet for his wisdom. He's going to tell us about the enemies we will encounter on our journey. He lives in a secret tower that only Goku, I, and a few others know about its location." Aqua said.

"Wait... do you just say..." Naruto said.

Aqua just smiled at Naruto and Sora.

"I'll be training you and Sora, from this day forward; I will be your Master." Aqua said.

Naruto and Sora were speechless. Both young Keyblade wielders will have a Master to teach them the secrets of the Keyblade. Aqua rustled Naruto and Sora's hair, once again.

"Let's go." Aqua said.

"Aqua..." Issun said.

"Yes?" Aqua replied.

"What are those black-robes were wearing?" Issun asked.

"Oh, I forgot I was wearing this. Let me get a change of clothes, and then go to the tower." Aqua said.

"Right!" Naruto, Sora, and Team-Kingdom replied.

Naruto, Sora, and their friends now have a Keyblade-Master with them on their journey.

XxxxX with Madara, Orochi, and Da-Ji XxxxX

On the tallest mountain in Japan, Madara and Orochi were looking over Gaea, seeing the planet in complete chaos. Then the Ninja-Heartless appeared.

"Hmm?" Orochi said.

"It seems the new Heartless ran into a bit of trouble." Madara stated.

Orochi looked at the new Heartless. Indeed, he was impressed how much darkness is within it.

"This Heartless is quite something." Orochi said.

"Indeed it is. Even with the short amount of time I had, I made many more Heartless." Madara stated, as more and more Ninja-Heartless appeared.

"Amazing indeed..." Orochi said with a smile.

"Let's test the Heartless power." Da-Ji said with a smile.

"Oh?" Madara said.

"Hai, since we have more Heartless on our side, we can test their power out." Da-Ji stated.

"That does sound like an idea."

Madara, Orochi, and Da-Ji turned to see Nightmare and Tira. (Soul-Calibur-5 costumes)

"Nightmare how is your search for the Keyholes?" Madara asked.

"The Heartless and I have found several Keyholes. I've also found some new allies, which will help us to our conquest to claim all the worlds." Nightmare stated.

"Good..." Madara said.

Madara then turned to Orochi.

"So, Orochi, what do you want do with the new army of Heartless?" Madara asked.

"Let Da-Ji and Tira have fun with new Heartless. Also... there's someone I want turned to a Heartless. He will be a valuable tool to us." Orochi stated.

"Da-Ji-sama, shall we go and see what these kids are made of?" Tira asked.

"Hai, let's show them what the Maidens of Chaos can do." Da-Ji said with a smile.

"Be careful, they have a powerful Keyblade-Master with them, and the one who's at the secret tower is also a former Keyblade-Master as well." Madara stated.

"Heh, it doesn't matter. They will all fall before us sooner or later... Heh... heh..." Grumpy-Tira said.


"Let's go, Tira-chan." Da-Ji said, as she opened a Dark-portal.

"Yes, lets!" Tira said, as her personality changed back.

As Da-Ji and Tira left to have their fun with Naruto, Sora, Aqua, and their friends, Orochi turned to Madara and Nightmare.

"Now then... Madara, have you found Xehanort and Ansem's secret notes?" Orochi asked.

"I've found a few pages. It seems there are more notes and pages in all the worlds. And I've been making new and more powerful Heartless with the power of the Gedo statue. Truly if we gather more of these reports, we'll have an endless number of Heartless to fight anyone who gets in the way of our plans in due time." Madara stated.

"Heh, heh... that's wonderful to hear. Though, my power is small, it will be enough to get what we desire. I need to restore my power to what it once was." Orochi stated.

"We also must gather the Princesses of Hearts; with their light they will reveal more secrets of the worlds besides the Keyholes." Nightmare stated.

"Then, let us be off and gather more information." Madara said.

"You're right, Madara. I shall continue to found more of the Keyholes and some powerful hidden techniques." Nightmare said.

"Not only will we have all the worlds, we'll have Kingdom-Hearts as well." Madara said.

"Yes..." Nightmare said.

"Indeed..." Orochi said with a smile.

"I shall return to my own world then." Madara said, as he used his Shunshin jutsu teleported back to the Ninja-World.

"I shall be taking my leave as well." Nightmare said, as he summoned a dark portal.

With Orochi alone, he continued to smile.

"Soon... I shall be as powerful as I once was. And Darkness shall rule over all once more..." Orochi thought with a smile, as he continued to watch Gaea from on top of the mountain.

XxxxX back with Naruto, Sora, Aqua, and Team-Kingdom XxxxX

Naruto, Sora, Aqua, and Team-Kingdom made their way to the secret tower that Aqua spoke of. Aqua was wearing new clothes with a two new shoulder-arms with, shoes, and armor-waist because of the Keyblade that she received from her past Master. The heroes were standing in front of a mountain.

"Let me open the path." Aqua said.

Aqua summoned her Keyblade, and pointed it to the mountain side. A Keyhole appeared. Aqua unlocked the path.

"Now, the path is clear." Aqua said.

Naruto, Sora, Aqua, and the others continued their way within the mountain path with miles of stairs. They walked up stairs, till they reach the end of the mountain's exit.

"We finally made it!" Natsu said.

"Here we are." Aqua said.

Naruto, Sora, and Team-Kingdom looked at the tower where the former Keyblade-Master lives.

"So this is the secret tower?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes." Aqua replied.

"I knew it was here."

Naruto, Sora, Aqua, and Team-Kingdom turned to Da-Ji and Tira with 80 Ninja-Heartless.

"Who are you?" Korra asked.

"Da-Ji, Tira..." Aqua said.

"Da-Ji and Tira...?" Naruto said.

"It's been a long time, Aqua. I see the years have been really good to you." Da-Ji stated with a smile.

"Hai, it's been about 10 years if I recall." Tira said.


"Aqua-san, do you know them?" Sora asked.

"Sadly, I do. I fought against Da-Ji and Tira several times in the past. They were called the Maidens of Chaos. They serve Orochi." Aqua stated.

"They serve Orochi!?" Naruto shouted.

"Ah, you two are the brats with the Keyblades." Da-Ji said.

"And the blonde boy also has the Ryuujin as well." Grumpy Tira stated.

"It doesn't matter; we have more Heartless on our side. And it's just some kids, a little bug, a scary cat, and some washout Keyblade hug." Da-Ji stated.

"Issun-san, Happy, you two should stand back." Naruto said.

"No, Naruto, I will handle this." Aqua said.

"But, Aqua-san..." Sora said.

"Don't worry. I'll show you what a Keyblade Master can do." Aqua stated with a smile.

Aqua summoned her Keyblade.

"Tear her apart, Ninja-Heartless." Da-Ji commanded.

25 Ninja Heartless charged at Aqua with great speed.

"Naruto, Sora, watch closely, your Master is going to show you some techniques that only Keyblade wielders can do." Aqua stated.

5 Ninja Heartless jumped and threw multiple Dark-Shurikens at Aqua.

"Aqua-san!" Naruto and Sora shouted.

Aqua took her stance, and preformed a magic spell.


Aqua used a magical barrier to protect her, as the Dark-Shurikens repelled the attacks. Naruto, Sora, and Team-Kingdom were amazed; the shurikens destroyed the same Heartless that threw them. Naruto and Sora saw the hearts flowing away. Da-Ji and Tira's eyes widen. More Ninja-Heartless surrounded Aqua.

"Now, come." Aqua said.

10 more Ninja-Heartless charged at Aqua. Aqua used another spell that was so fast they didn't see her move. Aqua used her Keyblade, slicing through each Heartless with ease. A moment later, the 10 Ninja-Heartless were destroyed and their hearts flow away. Da-Ji and Tira were surprised seeing Aqua taking out their new Heartless like they were nothing.

"How can you be this strong?!" Da-Ji said.

"Just because I was gone from the worlds all this time doesn't mean I haven't been getting stronger. I was in the Realm of Darkness for about 10 years, and I fought endlessly to survive. I fought to come back to the worlds one day. I fight to protect the ones who are precious to me! That's why I won't lose here!" Aqua said.

Team-Kingdom was surprised that Aqua was strong, but Naruto and Sora were really amazed how strong their new Master is.

"I'm going to give you one and one warning only... leave now, and don't come back." Aqua said with a glare.

"Let's see how strong you are when all of these Heartless came at you at once, bitch!" Grumpy Tira said, as she commanded all the Ninja-Heartless charged at Aqua.

Now all the Ninja-Heartless charged at Aqua.

"So be it..." Aqua said, as she used two spells.

Aqua swings her Keyblade so fast it was creating a strong wind. Naruto, Sora, and everyone else felt the wind blowing against them. In Aqua's left hand, a small ball of fire appeared in the palm of her hand.


Aqua created a tornado, sucking all the Ninja-Heartless within it.

"Ha, is that all you got, Aqua? Our Heartless haven't even been destroyed!" Da-Ji said.

"I'm not finished yet... now watch this..." Aqua said, as she lifted up her left hand.


Aqua shot the small fireball within the tornado, causing the tornado to explode along with the Ninja-Heartless. Da-Ji and Tira were anger that their army of Heartless were taken down in moments. Aqua raised her Keyblade against Da-Ji and Tira.

"Now that your Heartless army is wiped out, what will you two do know?" Aqua asked.

"Heh, heh, I see you have gotten stronger since we least fought, Aqua." Da-Ji stated.

"She's way stronger than her two friends." Tira said, as Aqua frowned.

"You leave my friends out of this." Aqua said.

"Okay then, let's have some fun instead." Tira said, as she pulled out her Ring-Blade.

"I like the sound of that, Tira-chan." Da-Ji replied, as she summoned the Orbs of Ruin.

Tira threw her Ring-Blade at Aqua. Thinking quickly, Aqua used her Keyblade to block the attack. Da-Ji then used her orbs to summon fireballs and launched them at Aqua.

"Oh no!" Aqua thought.

Naruto used the Ryuujin and used Water-Chakra, and Sora used his own "Fire" spell to contour Da-Ji's fire.

"Sorry, Aqua-san, we know you told us to stay back, but..." Naruto said.

"No, it's okay. I would have been in trouble if you and Sora haven't defended me." Aqua replied.

"Then, is it okay if we fight along side you, Aqua-san?" Sora asked.

Aqua is a powerful Keyblade-Master, but having to fight Da-Ji and Tira at the same time will be dangerous. The rest of Team-Kingdom stood by Aqua's side. Aqua alone was powerful, but together with her new students and their friends, they will be unbeatable.

"Yes." Aqua replied with a gentle smile.

Naruto, Sora, Aqua, and Team-Kingdom were ready to fight the Maidens of Chaos.

"Now things are getting interesting, huh, Tira-chan?" Da-Ji asked.

"Hai, Da-Ji-chan, let's see how long it will take us to make them bleed." Tira said with a smile, as she spins her Ring-Blade around.

"Bring it then." Naruto said.

Da-Ji summoned more fireballs, and attacked Naruto, Sora, Aqua, and Team-Kingdom. The heroes dodged the fireballs. Tira threw her Ring-Blade, spinning with great speed.

"Watch out!" Maka said.

"You can't escape my Ring-Blade!" Tira said, as she used her finger controlling the Ring-Blade.

Aqua used her "Reflection" spell to protect Maka and Soul.

"Tch, I've always hated that spell." Grumpy Tira said, as she called back her Ring-Blade.

"Thank you, Aqua-san." Maka said.

"Let's see, if you can reflect this attack." Da-Ji said.

Da-Ji used her Orbs of Ruin to summon a black-portal.

"Jigoku no Danmaku! (Hell-Barrage)"

A massive number of fireballs appeared from the black-portal. Naruto, Sora, Aqua, Natsu, Korra, and Ichigo prepared themselves for the coming attacks. Korra used her Water-Bending to take out some of the fireballs.

"Karyu no Hoko! (Fire Dragon's Roar)"

"Gentsuga Tensho! (Moon-Fang Heaven Piercer)"



Naruto tipped into the power of the Ryuujin. He used Water-Chakra once more to counter the fireballs.

"Suiton: Suijinheki! (Water-Style: Water-Wall)"

The heroes had beat Da-Ji's attack. Tira stood next to Da-Ji; both the Maidens of Chaos knew that they did not have a chance to against the heroes. Of course, Da-Ji was the type of woman not to give up so easily. Da-Ji smiled, as she stepped forward. Tira smiled as well, knowing what Da-Ji was planning.

"Well, it's time to show you children something special... This will be my last attack, but it will also be the one that will end you once and for all." Da-Ji stated with a smile, as she stepped forward again.

"Shinobuto. (Dance of Death)"

Aqua's eyes widen, knowing Da-Ji's attack. Aqua felt this power before.

"Everyone, get back!" Aqua shouted.

Da-Ji stepped forward again. Then suddenly, large crystals appeared under the ground, coming towards the heroes.

"I won't let you hurt them!" Aqua thought, as she used another spell to protect herself and the teen heroes.


Aqua protected Naruto, Sora, and Team-Kingdom from Da-Ji's attack. Da-Ji fell on one knee. Tira knew that "Shinobuto" drains a large amount of power from Da-Ji. Tira helped Da-Ji on her feet.

"Damn... I thought I could finish you off with that attack." Da-Ji stated.

"I see you used a lot of your power for that one attack. That was foolish, Da-Ji..." Aqua said.

"Shut up! Ugh...!" Da-Ji shouted, as she groaned in pain.

"Don't push yourself, Da-Ji-chan." Tira said.

"Hehe... well, it doesn't matter... We sent some Heartless into the tower before we arrived to this place." Da-Ji stated.

"Okay, so tell us, who lives in this tower?" Sora asked.

"Heh, you don't know? Fine, we'll tell you since you won this fight. You see, the immortal Zasalamel is the one who lives in this tower. But that man is most likely a Heartless by now..." Da-Ji stated with a smile.

"Zasalamel?" Naruto said.

"That is unlikely..."

Everyone turned to a short blue man with cricket like antennae, and wearing Teashade sunglasses.

"You...!" Da-Ji said with a glare.

"King Kai, is that you?" Aqua asked.

"A-Aqua! As I live and breathe, is that really you?!" King Kai shouted with joy.

Naruto and Sora knew that this Deity was one of Goku's many masters. King Kai then turned to Da-Ji and Tira.

"And I see you two are still casing trouble. Using the darkness so recklessly is a quick way to loose your heart, Da-Ji." King Kai stated with a frown.

"Shut it, little deity... even if all of you take us out, you won't stand a chance against Orochi-sama or Madara-sama..." Da-Ji stated.

"And the same goes for Nightmare-sama or the dark ones..." Tira said.


"It's just as Goku feared... Madara and Orochi are planning something... but what are they planning is the real question..." King Kai thought.

"It won't matter... because two new Keyblade wielders will be Keyblade-Masters in due time!" Naruto stated.

"That's right, and with our friends on our side we will beat Orochi and this Madara guy, and every one of these so called dark ones, too!" Sora stated.


"Heh... we'll see about that... and next time we meet, the fight will be your last." Da-Ji said.

Tira summoned a dark-portal to retreat with Da-Ji. As for Aqua and King-Kai, they still felt uneasy hearing about Madara and Orochi's return.

"Now then... where have you been all these years, Aqua?" King Kai asked.

"Well... it's a long story... but I will tell you what happen once we go see Master- Zasalamel is alright." Aqua stated.

"Oh! That's right... and..." King Kai said, as he turned to Naruto, Sora, and Team-Kingdom.

King Kai looked at the new Keyblade wielders and their friends.

"Ah, you must be Goku's students... and this boy with the blonde hair is..." King-Kai said.

"Oh, my name is Naruto Uzumaki, King Kai-sama." Naruto replied.

"It's okay, Naruto-kun. I also see that you and your friends are getting stronger too, Sora-kun." King Kai stated.

"Hai. Me and our friends made sure that we listen to Goku-sama's every word." Sora stated.

"That's good to hear." King Kai said.

"We should go see, Master-Zasalamel now." Aqua said.

"I'm sure that he's okay. But it's better if we still go anyway." King Kai stated.

"Right." Naruto, Sora, Aqua, and Team-Kingdom replied.

Inside the tower, Naruto, Sora, Aqua, King Kai, and Team-Kingdom were walking up the stairs. It took some time, but they finally made it to Zasalamel's master room. Aqua then knocked on the door.


Naruto, Sora, Aqua, King Kai and Team-Kingdom entered the room to see a dark-skin man sitting in a large chair. He had a shaved head, two different color eyes, wearing white-clothing, and he had a Scythe by his side. He was an immortal man, former Keyblade-Master, and a man of wisdom, Zasalamel. In Zasalamel's master room had an endless miles of books and scrolls.

"It has been a long time, Master-Zasalamel." Aqua said, as she bowed to Zasalamel.

"I knew one day you would come return to help the worlds, Aqua. And I'm happy you did." Zasalamel replied with a smile.

"Zasalamel-sama..." King Kai said.

"Yes, I sensed that Madara and Orochi have returned." Zasalamel replied.

Zasalamel then looked at Naruto, Sora, and Team-Kingdom.

"And I see two new Keyblade wielders are here." Zasalamel stated.

"Yes, Master-Zasalamel, I need your wisdom. I want to be Naruto and Sora's master." Aqua stated.

"I see... then I shall help you on your journey to stop Madara and Orochi." Zasalamel stated, as he got off from his sit.

Zasalamel walked towards Naruto and Sora.

"Yes, these boys will be great and powerful Keyblade-Masters in the future." Zasalamel stated, as he felt the darkness with Naruto's heart.

"This rage... this darkness... there's no doubt... The Kyuubi and the Heartless-King are within Naruto's heart..." Zasalamel thought.


"Umm..." Naruto said, as his sweat slightly dropped.

Zasalamel then pat Naruto on the shoulder.

"There's no need to say anything, my boy. Come, I shall tell you a story." Zasalamel stated.

"What kind of story?" Luffy asked.

"The origins of Light and Darkness..." Zasalamel stated.

XxxxX Naruto's world-Night time: with Kushina and Tsunade XxxxX

While, Zasalamel told a story to Naruto, Sora, Aqua, and Team-Kingdom about the worlds, Kushina and Tsunade tried to find a way to bring back Naruto to their world. In the middle of Konoha, Hiruzen Sarutobi the retired Sandaime-Hokage was drinking tea, well viewing the full-moon, while talking with Kushina and Tsunade.

"I see... So what happened to Mizuki?" Hiruzen asked.

"The Darkness destroyed him, and Naruto was sucked into another world..." Kushina stated.

"We were hopping that you might have an idea how to get Naruto back to our world without the other villages knowing. If other people found, especially Orochimaru were to found out about other worlds... we will be in trouble." Tsunade stated.

"I know..." Hiruzen replied.

"Do you know what we can do to bring back Naruto?" Kushina asked.

"Sadly, I don't know if we can bring, Naruto-kun back to our world..." Hiruzen replied.


"But if not, I believe that Naruto-kun will found a way home. After all, he's your son, Kushina." Hiruzen stated with a smile.

"You're right, I'm sure Sochi will find a way home..." Kushina said.

"Sarutobi-sensei, what should we do?" Tsunade asked.

"We need to keep what happened to Naruto to ourselves for the time being. No matter what, no one must know that there are other worlds." Hiruzen stated.

"Hai." Kushina and Tsunade replied.

Little did, Kushina, Tsunade, and Hiruzen knew; someone was listening to their conversation, but whom? It was an Anbu from the Root. He disappeared. Somewhere under the village, a man with black hair, bandages wiped around his right side of his face, he had a scar with an "X" shape on his chuan, he was knew as the Shinobi on Yami (Ninja of Darkness), Danzo Shimura. Then the Anbu appeared.

"Yes?" Danzo said, as he read some scrolls and drinks some tea.

"I have some news about Naruto Uzumaki..." The Anbu stated.

"The Kyuubi Jinchuriki? What has happened to him?" Danzo asked.

"He had vanished into another world, Danzo-sama..." The Anbu stated.

"I see..." Danzo replied.

"If the other villages found out that our Jinchuriki is no longer in Konoha... they will try to attack Konoha, not only that, they will learn that there are other worlds besides our own. I will have to increase the village's defense, till Naruto is back into our village. And I see that Hiruzen is screwing up, after he chouse Tsunade as Hokage. I should have been the next Hokage... but it doesn't matter, my time will come for me to step out of the darkness and into the light..." Danzo thought, as he made plans to protect Konoha.

Danzo continued to make his plans to protect Konoha with his ambition unknown, and Kushina believing that Naruto will found a way home.

XxxxX back with Naruto, Sora, Aqua, and Team-Kingdom XxxxX

Naruto, Sora, Aqua, Team-Kingdom, King Kai, and Zasalamel were in a dinning hall, having a meal. Zasalamel sit in the master chair; he was ready to tell the story.

"Now that everyone is sited, please enjoy your meal, and I shall time my story." Zasalamel stated.

Naruto was still a bit unease; it seems that Zasalamel can sense the darkness within his heart. But Zasalamel did not judge him for it, but what if his friends do?

"Now, do you know how the worlds were created?" Zasalamel asked.

"Yeah... In the beginning, God made the world within seven days. That's what the people say who live on Gaea." Sora stated.

"That's right. After the war in Heaven, and the fallen angels were banished from Heaven, God chouse a new angel to look after the world." Zasalamel replied.

"Kami..." Naruto said.

"Yes. Kami was the new guardian who would protect Gaea. He was the greatest Keyblade master, a wonderful teacher, and a good friend." Zasalamel stated.

"So, you knew Kami, Master-Zasalamel?" Korra asked.

"I did. So did, Goku and King Kai, and many of my comrades." Zasalamel stated.

Naruto was amazed that Zasalamel knew Kami. Within Naruto's heart, Reikoku's anger and hatred grew for Kami.

XxxxX Naruto's heart XxxxX

"Kami..." Reikoku hissed.

Kurama noticed that Reikoku's darkness was growing.

"You really hate Kami, don't you, Reikoku?" Kurama asked.

"Hai... I hate him with all my heart... After all the things he has done to me... I have nothing but hatred for him..." Reikoku replied.

"He's gone, and you are here and alive." Kurama replied.

"That's true... and we will have want we want..." Reikoku stated.

"Indeed we will, Reikoku." Kurama replied.

"Kami... I will never forgive you for what you did to me... Kurama and I will have what we desire... and I will drown the worlds in darkness and rule all... Naruto-kun will be the key we need to active our goal... Heh, heh, heh... Naruto-kun, you will be ours... and if your little friends get in our way, I could use more Heartless to serve me..." Reikoku thought, as she licked her lips.

Reikoku and Kurama still awaited their plans to desire what they want; Zasalamel continued telling his story about Light and Darkness.

XxxxX back with Naruto, Sora, Aqua, and Team-Kingdom XxxxX

Zasalamel continued to tell his story.

"Once Kami was chosen to be the guardian of Gaea, the entire world rejoiced." Zasalamel stated.

"That's wonderful." Maka said.

"However, this peace did not last..." Zasalamel stated.

Naruto wondered if the Heartless-King was the one who brought ruin to the world.

"Umm, Zasalamel-sama, was the Heartless-King the one to disturbed the peace?" Naruto asked.

"No... The Heartless-King was sealed away about 50 years ago. Before I tell the real story of Light and Darkness, you must know truth about Gaea... You see, the truth is that the many worlds that we knew today were all once part of Gaea." Zasalamel stated.

Everyone was surprised by this news.

"W-Wait, even my world was part of Gaea, Zasalamel-sama?!" Naruto asked.

"Hai... of course, only a few people know the truth of other worlds. But we, the keepers of Light, and a few others know the truth." Zasalamel stated.

"Like Madara and Orochi?" Ichigo asked.

"Indeed. Now I shall tell you how one world became so many..." Zasalamel stated.

"How did it happened, Zasalamel-sama?" Natsu asked.

Zasalamel remained silent as well as Aqua and King Kai. Naruto, Sora, and Team-Kingdom wondered what Zasalamel was going to say. Then Zasalamel spoke.

"The Keyblade-War..." Zasalamel stated.

"Keyblade-War?" Sora asked.

"Yes, you see when Kami was chosen as the guardian of Gaea, he brought forth Kingdom-Hearts to the world with the all mighty X-Blade. Kami brought Light and Darkness to the people. People lived in the light and darkness and times were peacefully till the Keyblade-War happened. And when the war started, the fighting was so great that pieces of Gaea were scattered across time and space." Zasalamel stated.

"That's crazy..." Luffy said.

"The war on Gaea was truly great... Keyblade wielders fought against each other for justice and the other Keyblade wielders for the dark ambitions for Dark-Master..." Zasalamel stated.

"Dark-Master... So, the Heartless-King was involved with the Keyblade-War." Naruto asked.

"No... The one who used their Keyblades for their Master wasn't the Heartless-King, he was darkness himself... the true entity of darkness, an angel with black wings and a black heart..." Zasalamel stated, as his sweat dropped a bit.

"Who was he, Zasalamel-sama?" Aqua asked.

Zasalamel hesitated to say "his" name.

"His name is Yami... and he was an angel like Kami... he wanted to be the next guardian of Gaea and wanted to blacken the world in endless darkness." Zasalamel replied.

Everyone was silent; Naruto, Sora, and Team-Kingdom could not believe that there was a dark angel who rivaled Kami.

"But Kami would not allow it... Kami had apprentices who were powerful Keyblade-Masters who were called the Guardians of Light, and Yami also had apprentices who were called the Dark Keyblade-Masters known as the Seekers of Darkness... they fought for the Light and Darkness within Kingdom-Hearts... the war ended on a shattered piece of Gaea, or rather the world known as the Keyblade-Graveyard." Zasalamel stated.

Naruto's eyes widen. He knew that the world that Zasalamel talked about was the world he dreamed about.

"Zasalamel-sama, I had a dream of that world!" Naruto stated.

Zasalamel was surprised about what Naruto said.

"But I only saw small pieces of that world... but what happened after the Keyblade-War?" Naruto asked.

"Kami used the X-Blade and priced it into Yami's heart. There were only a few of Kami's apprentices lived through that battle. Yami and the Seekers of Darkness were destroyed that day. But even with Yami and the Seekers gone, there were still people who wanted the X-Blade." Zasalamel stated.

Aqua remembered that Xehanort wanted the X-Blade for himself. She remembered that Xehanort took over Terra's body because of the darkness within him. In order to save Terra, she sacrificed herself and her Keyblade, thus leaving her in the Realm of Darkness. Aqua knew if she would have been stronger Keyblade-Master, she would have stop Xehanort, Madara, and Orochi.

"Like Xehanort... I remembered he destroyed my Master and my home; he used me and my friends for his own ambition... I was such a fool... If only I had been stronger, none of this would had happened..." Aqua stated.

"Aqua-san..." Naruto and Sora said.

"Yes... but you are not to blame, Aqua." Zasalamel replied.


"When Kami slay Yami, Yami his dark power to break the X-Blade. The X-Blade was broken into 100 pieces. And Kingdom-Hearts was swallowed by the darkness." Zasalamel stated.

"So, when Kingdom-Hearts disappeared, what happened then?" Ichigo asked.

"About 5 years after the Keyblade-War, a current evident took place on Gaea." Zasalamel said.

"What happened?" Naruto asked.

"A great city was destroyed. It was wipe out with pure darkness. Nothing, but a little girl survived the desiccation. Naruto-kun, I think you know who I'm talking about..." Zasalamel stated.

Naruto's eyes widen. Within Naruto's heart Reikoku slightly narrowed her eyes, as Kurama raised a brow.

"I see... so that's when the Heartless-King first appeared?" Naruto asked.

As for Sora, the young Keyblade wielder wondered how Naruto knows about the Heartless-King.

"I wonder how Naruto knows so much about the Heartless-King." Sora thought.

"Yes... Now, I see give you some wisdom about the enemies you will face in the future. I shall tell you about the Heartless. But I'm sure there are some Heartless that you and your friends have already encountered that were unique. You see..." Zasalamel said, as he summoned an illusion image of a man.

"What's that?" Natsu asked.

"You see... when someone bows to the darkness within their hearts..." Zasalamel said.

Everyone on the table saw the illusion image of the man turning into a Heartless.

"They lose their minds and feelings, and become what we call a "Heartless." Do not let your guards down no matter what. The Heartless that were pure darkness, we can purebred Heartless. And the other ones..." Zasalamel said, as he summoned another image of the Ninja-Heartless that they encounter early.

"Wait, that's..." Korra said.

"Yes. The Heartless you see before you were special made my some kind of machine or a person with a really strong heart of darkness. The Heartless are not the only creatures that you will encounter." Zasalamel stated, as he summoned two more images by the Shadow-Heartless.

One of the creatures was white and grey color with a slim body. And the other creature had a black and purple body color with red eyes.

"The creature with red eyes is called an "Unversed." They appeared when a person gives into his or her negative emotions. And the white creature is called a "Nobody." You see, when a person good or evil with strong heart turns into a Heartless, an empty shell is left behind. You see the Unversed and the Nobodies do not have hearts. You must be careful when you face these creatures." Zasalamel stated.

"I see..." Naruto said.

Zasalamel got out of his sit.

"Master-Aqua, Naruto-kun, Sora-kun, please step forward..." Zasalamel said.

Naruto, Sora, and Aqua stood before Zasalamel, bowed.

"King Kai, please come here, and bear witness." Zasalamel said.

"Yes." King Kai replied, as he stood next to Zasalamel.

"Now, Team-Kingdom, stand by my left side." Zasalamel said.

"Right." Ichigo said, as he and the rest of Team-Kingdom stood by Zasalamel's left side.

Zasalamel took his scythe and knighted the three Keyblade users.

"Master-Aqua, from this day forward, you are Naruto and Sora's Keyblade-Master. Naruto and Sora, listen to every word that Aqua tells you. Master-Aqua will protect you and Team-Kingdom..." Zasalamel said, as he turned to Team-Kingdom.

"Yes, sir!" Team-Kingdom replied.

Zasalamel give Ichigo a powerful sword-holder for his Zanpakuto. He turned to Korra, giving her a scroll for Water-Bending. Zasalamel turned to Maka and Soul, giving them a Soul-Capture-Jar to capture evil souls. Zasalamel then tuned to Natsu, giving him a special chain that increases his Fire-Magic. And finally, Zasalamel turned to Luffy, giving him a large magical bag that can hold endless amounts of items, no matter what size.

"Be strong together, and protect each other." Zasalamel said with a smile.

"Hai, Zasalamel-sama!" Naruto, Sora, Aqua, and Team-Kingdom replied.

"Oh, and one more thing." Zasalamel said, as he handed a Gummi part to Sora.

"Hey, this is a rare Gummi-Block that can scan other worlds." Sora stated with a smile.

"You mean... I can get to go home with that Gummi-Block, Sora?" Naruto asked.

"Sure you can, Naruto... but I thought you were going to stay with us, Naruto..." Sora said.

"Of course, I am, Sora. I still want to go home and see my Kaa-chan and Hinata..." Naruto said.

"I see..." Sora replied.

"But that doesn't mean; I'm going to leave you guys. You, Aqua-sensei, and Team-Kingdom are my friends. And I want to help you find your friends as well, Sora." Naruto stated with a smile.

Sora smiled, as he shack hands with Naruto.

"Then, it's a promise." Sora replied.

"Yeah." Naruto replied.

"Not only that, you two are now my apprentices." Aqua said, as she rustled Naruto and Sora's hair.

Naruto and Sora smiled at Aqua, knowing they will be strong with Aqua as their master. Naruto, Sora, and Team-Kingdom high-five each other, as Aqua giggled. It was time for the heroes to continue their journey to found Goku, and stop Madara and Orochi. King Kai remembered that he had something that needed to be delivered to Traverse-Town.

"Oh! Before you leave, I have a sealed-book that needs to be delivered to Traverse-Town." King Kai stated, as he handed the book to Naruto.

"Whose book is this?" Naruto asked.

"It's a book that belonged to Kami-sama." Zasalamel stated.

"This book belongs to Kami?" Naruto asked.

"Hai. Go to Traverse-Town; ask Cid-san to install that Gummi-Block. He also knows a woman named Merlin (Seven-Deadly Sins), and deliver this book to her. Maybe with her magic, she can open it." King Kai said.

"Leave it to us, King Kai-sama." Sora said.

"One finally word of wisdom. Naruto, Sora, Aqua, when you visit a world, be sure to lock the Keyhole with your Keyblades." Zasalamel stated.

"Keyholes?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, the Keyholes are paths that you can take in order to travel to other worlds. There are many Keyholes out in the worlds. Furthermore, the Heartless come out of the Keyhole. When you found one be sure to seal it right away. And beware of Madara and Orochi." Zasalamel stated.

"Right!" Naruto replied.

Sora then pulled out the Gummi-Caller.

"What's that, Sora?" Aqua asked.

"It's a Gummi-Caller; our Gummi-Ship will be here shortly." Sora stated.

Outside the tower Naruto, Sora, Aqua, Team-Kingdom, Zasalamel, and King Kai waited for the Gummi-Ship to appear. Then the Gummi-Ship appeared.

"So, that's a Gummi-Ship." Aqua thought.

Naruto, Sora, Aqua, and Team-Kingdom turned Zasalamel and King Kai.

"Thank you for everything, Zasalamel-sama." Naruto, Sora, and Aqua said.

"Go now, and may God and Jesus watch over you on your journey." Zasalamel said.

With that said, Naruto, Sora, Aqua, Team-Kingdom boarded the Gummi-Ship. The heroes left Gaea, and traveled back to Traverse-Town. Now Zasalamel and King Kai were alone.

"Zasalamel-sama, do you think that they'll be alright?" King Kai asked.

"We need to have faith in them. Like Goku has faith in Sora and his friends. And like how Kami-sama had faith in us. They will stop Madara and Orochi. I know they will." Zasalamel stated.

"Heh, you're right... They'll be fine..." King Kai replied.

Zasalamel and King Kai watched stars upon the skies.

XxxxX with Orochi XxxxX

In Madara and Orochi's secret world, Orochi was sitting in his throne waiting for Da-Ji and Tira's returned.

"Hmm..." Orochi said.

Da-Ji and Tira appeared from the darkness.

"We're so sorry, Orochi-sama... Aqua got in our way, and destroyed all the Heartless we had." Da-Ji stated with a frown.

"Please forgive us, Orochi-sama..." Tira said.

"It seems that after all these years, Aqua has gotten stronger in the Realm of Darkness. Heh, I'll take care of her myself in due time." Orochi thought.

"It can't be helped... Get some rest, Madara and I well go see someone in Traverse-Town." Orochi stated.

"You are truly kind, Orochi-sama." Da-Ji said with a smile.

Tira took Da-Ji into the inner chambers to rest and regain her energy. Once again, Nightmare appeared with two arrivals.

"Orochi let me introduce you to Teach and Hendrickson... These are the ones I let told you about early..." Nightmare stated.

"Ah, so you're the great Orochi. I am Holy-Knight Grand-Master, Hendrickson." Hendrickson stated. (Seven-Deadly-Sins)

"Zehahahaha, so you're this Orochi that Nightmare has told us about." Teach stated. (One-Piece)


"Teach ate an Akuma no Mi (Devil-Fruit) that gives him the powers of darkness. He wishes to take over his world" Nightmare stated.

"I see..." Orochi said with a smile.

"And Hendrickson here wishes to bring a war in his world with the help of ancient Demons." Nightmare stated.

"Heh, heh, heh... I like them already, Nightmare." Orochi replied, as his smile never left his face.

"I do not deserve your praise, Lord-Orochi." Hendrickson stated, as he bowed to Orochi.

"So, Master-Orochi and your friends can help us with our goal." Teach stated.

"Indeed, we can... if you help us find what we seek." Orochi replied.

"What is it that you seek, Lord-Orochi?" Hendrickson asked.

"Me and my companies seek the Princesses of Heart, and the Keyholes." Orochi stated.

"I see... If that is what you wish, we will obey." Hendrickson replied.

"We'll help find these Princesses, and the Keyholes." Teach said.

"I'm happy that we can see eye to eye, my friends. And anyone who gets in your way..." Orochi replied, as he summoned Heartless.

Hendrickson and Teach looked around to see endless numbers of Heartless by their side.

"Use the Heartless to get rid of anyone who stands in your way." Orochi said.

Nightmare, then gave Hendrickson a glass of dark blood.

"Here, Hendrickson... Drink this glass filled with my blood, Demon-blood, and some Black-blood that Medusa developed. With this, you'll be able to control the Demons in your world." Nightmare stated.

"You are truly kind, Lord-Nightmare." Hendrickson stated, as he took the glass.

Hendrickson drinks the blood. Hendrickson screamed in pain, and fell to the floor. Moments later, Hendrickson's heart stopped. Then, Hendrickson's heart beats again. Hendrickson still on the floor, he begins to laugh.

"Amazing... This power of darkness is amazing..." Hendrickson stated, as he slowly gets on his feet.

"Here..." Teach said, as he helped Hendrickson on his feet.

"Thank you..." Hendrickson said.

"Get some rest, Hendrickson... the blood will take some to get use to your body. Once it does, we can continue your goal to bring war to your world." Nightmare stated.

"Yes, Lord-Nightmare..." Hendrickson replied.

"Now, I shall take my leave..." Orochi said.

"Where are you going, Orochi?" Nightmare asked.

"I'm going to meet Madara in Traverse-Town. I shall return with another comrade with us." Orochi stated.

"I shall await your return then, Orochi." Nightmare replied.

Orochi summoned a patrol to Traverse-Town.

XxxxX Naruto's world: with Madara XxxxX

Madara was sitting in a secret room in Amegakure (Village Hidden in the Rain), where he talked with a man with orange hair, piercings, and strange eyes almost like the Sharingan eye, but with only cycles and the whole eye color is violet. In the room with Madara and the other man, a woman with blue hair, and hazel eyes was also present.

"Madara, we have some news about Orochimaru."

"What news is that, Pein?" Madara asked.

"It seems he's making plans to destroy Konoha." Pein replied.

"I see..." Madara said.

"Madara, what we you have us do?"

"Nothing for now, Konan. You and Pein continue to gather information about the other villages and their Jinchurikis. For now, we shall let Orochimaru have his way for now. We have more important things to do than to waste our time on a snake. When the time comes, we'll take out Orochimaru." Madara stated.

"Understood..." Pein replied.

Then Madara heard Orochi, calling him.

"Madara... it's time to meet up in Traverse-Town." Orochi said.

"Very well, I shall be on my way, Orochi." Madara replied.

Madara turned to Pein and Konan.

"I shall be taking my leave again. Remember our plans, Pein. It will take some time to make our plans a reality." Madara stated.

"I understand, Madara. And what will you do?" Pein asked.

"I have some things to take care of in other worlds. Once my business is done, and are plans are ready... the "Akatsuki" will be ready to move with project, "Tsuki no Me." (Eye's Moon-Plan) Remember, Pein, Konan, if we continue to work together, we will have the world we desire." Madara stated, as he used his Shunshin jutsu teleported to Traverse-Town.

As Madara went to Traverse-Town to meet with Orochi, Naruto, Sora, Aqua, and Team-Kingdom travel back to Traverse-Town to deliver a sealed book to Merlin.

XxxxX back with Naruto, Sora, Aqua, and Team-Kingdom XxxxX

In the Gummi-Ship training room, Naruto and Sora were training with their new master.

"Since, it will take us awhile to get to Traverse-Town; I thought we can start your training." Aqua stated with a smile.

"All right, Aqua-sensei!" Naruto stated with a smile.

"What will be learning, Master-Aqua?" Sora asked.

"I'll be teaching about avoid attacks, and teaching you the spell, "Cure", it will be your tramp-card when you don't have any healing-items." Aqua stated.

Naruto, Sora, and Aqua trained on in the training room.

XxxxX ? XxxxX

On the other side of Madara and Orochi's secret world, a man wearing all black coat with a hood, hiding his face was walking into a deserted castle. He walked into a secret lab with a large computer. He typed in a code, unlocking a secret white room. The Black-Hooded-Man walked into the room, and what awaited him was stairs leading him down to a basement. The Black-Hooded-Man walked down stairs, till he reached the hall way with many rooms, and walked into the last room in end. The Black-Hooded-Man walked the final room called the "Chamber of Repose", and sit in a large white throne.

"It seems after all these years, you have finally returned..." The Black-Hooded-Man stated.

The Black-Hooded-Man was talking to a suit of armor with a Keyblade next to it. It was Aqua's old Keyblade and her armor along with it.

"My dear old friend..." The Black-Hooded-Man stated, as he continued to sit in his throne.

The Black-Hooded-Man knew that Aqua had returned after all these years in the Realm of Darkness. Who is this man in black?

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