Harry sat on a bench, the wind blowing dramatically through his hair. He wore a bashful smile on his face as he waved sheepishly. "Er, hi. Vivy's kinda messed up the beautiful repetition of 111, so oops. But I thought you should know about the kind-of sequel she has up? It's called Those Time Where You Just Thought 'Huh', and it looks at logic (or lack thereof) in the Harry Potter books. Since you guys so enjoyed this, I thought I should... inform you... about... it."

"Hey Potter!" came the snakish hiss. "Why are you so behaving so awkwardly pathetic? And I mean more so than usual."

Harry sent the Dark Lord a baleful glare. "I'm just trying to get into this whole 'fanfiction' thing again. It's been a while since I've appeared in one of these chapters, and my 11-year-old self has taken over in the new-"

Voldemort sat beside Harry eagerly. "Oh! I love the new fanfiction! Have you read it? It's amazing! Not meaning to blow my own trumpet or anything but the humour-"

Harry interrupted him. "Hang on- weren't you dead?"

Voldemort gave him an empty gaze. "Killjoys never die."

Harry gulped. "Oh. Right. So where's Wormtail these days?"

"Didn't you hear? Shacked up with that therapist, didn't he?"

"Oh. Well that's a disturbing thought."

"Tell me about it. I think they're getting married in June."

"Wow. Good for him."

"Mmm. He's invited Lovegood and you for a double wedding."

"Oh. Well I'd better go. Got to get to Hawaii before the invitations arrive."

"Sensible plan. Goodbye Potter."