This one's a little more graphic...

Harry Potter, man of action, visits the graveyard and Voldemort gets the surprise of his life.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Well Harry wasn't going to let that happen. Instantly focusing on Cedric (because he was obviously the spare, he was a Hufflepuff for goodness sake!), he banished the Triwizard cup towards the startled boy. Diggory grasped the handles of the portkey instinctively and, with a grunt, he was whisked away. The flash of green light impacted on the gravestone just a few metres away from where Harry stood. With a muffled boom! the Unforgiveable shattered the weathered rock, allowing a light covering of dust to settle on the floor, like slightly macabre snow.

Harry spun towards his attacker, and instincts that had been carefully honed by three years of danger and a previous 10 years of abuse, kicked in. With a flick of his wand, a burst of red light hit the figure, causing the man to drop the bundle with a sickening crunch. Harry winced as he realised that sound was awfully similar to that of bones breaking, something Harry was familiar with after his life with the Dursleys. Nevertheless, Harry didn't hesitate, and swiftly stunned the shadowed figure.

Harry crept over to the unconscious guy, nudging him with his foot. When the man - Wormtail, Harry realised – didn't react, Harry grew more confident and aimed a hard kick at Pettigrew's head. Remembering himself, Harry picked up the thing. He peered cautiously into the swathes of cloth. Spotting the veined, bulbous head of the creature, he flinched in shock and dropped the alien-baby. With an awful crunch, the baby's head impacted on the concrete base of a headstone and cracked like an egg. Harry crouched down, having to force down the bile that swelled to the back of his throat when he caught sight of the yellow-whitish stuff that was pooling on the ground. With trembling knees, the Boy-Who-Lived stood up and looked around.

"Well that was easy."