So kinda not a real chapter, more like a little mini chapter but hey, a chapter is a chapter right.


I shouldn't have done it, it was reckless and stupid but looking down at the dead rabbit on the floor I knew it was the only way I would make it through the day. The hunger was just too much. That girl was just so intoxicating, I could her blood pumping through her veins, hear her breath. That whole lesson was torture, it took all my strength not to just rip open her neck right there.

Maybe I was wrong, maybe this isn't the right town for me. I'm the outsider, and always will be, until I need to move again. Maybe this was a terrible mistake and I should just head to a big city, somewhere I won't get caught. Maybe that would be easier.

But I never really liked easy, things should be complicated, that's what makes life worth living, and as much as I'm trying to talk myself out of this I have to know that girl. I know I'll never have a shot with her, what with all the awkward "Hey, guess what, I'm kind of a vampire, surprise!" nonsense but it wouldn't hurt to get to know the girl.

Speaking of how terribly my day is going, it's about to get worse, I have to get back to that wretched place called school.


"So, are we all in for Six Degrees after school?" I ask Glimmer, Johanna and Jackie as we sit down at the regular wooden table right in the center of the courtyard next to the oak tree.

"You know it!" Glimmer grins setting herself down across from me.

"Great, so you also wouldn't mind if I invited Cato too?" I ask tucking into a salad.

"Are you serious? That is perfect, now I can put my plan into action." Glimmer squeals.

"Plan? What plan, you barely know the guy."

"Oh yeah, well he's fit and he's available, that's all I need to know."

"You are so desperate," Johanna sighs.


"Anyway, speaking of the mystery man, where's he at?" Jackie asks scanning the room, she never misses a thing so when someone's missing, she notices it.

"I don't know but he better be there after school. It would be rude of him not to turn up."

"Yeah, but are you forgetting you have a boyfriend?" Johanna asks.

"I don't mean like that, I just mean it would be rude of him not to turn up." I reply casually. We just go on talking about the mystery that is Cato.

The rest of the day is a blur, new books, new teachers, new seats. Everything's new but but I'm still stuck with the same old Marvel.

Okay, I need to be at the grill in half an hour so I take a quick shower and start to get ready. I straighten my hair, conceal, powder, put on mascara, eyeliner and paint my lips dark wine. Then going over to my closet I select a navy aztec print strappy tight crop top and white high waist skinnies with my lucky silver star pendant I'm good to go. With 10 minutes left I run downstairs pull on my black wedges, black wool trench, handbag, grab my keys and hop in the car.

Upon arrival I pull into a spot right next to the door and as I lock the car I turn around and walk straight into what felt like a brick wall.

"Oh I'm sorry." the wall speaks.

As I look up I see piercing blue eyes and soft sandy hair, "Oh, hi Cato. You're here!" I grin up at him.

"Well I never pass up an invitation." He replies rather stiffly. God, what is wrong with me today.

"So, shall we go in.

"I guess." he sighs. Seriously, do I have a spot that I don't know about, god I'm like a disease, he wont go near me. A disease he's going to fall in love with, I will pull him out of his shell and into my arms. Marvel who?

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