''I see, we've got guests!'' a snowy white she-cat padded hurriedly towards the audience who was sitting in some chairs, theatre-like. ''My name is Arctic. It's a pleasure to meet you. You may now wonder what you're doing here, huh? I'm here to explain.''

Arctic walked towards some huge and large books. ''Whatever I said, I meant, the books will explain,'' she meowed. But the audience had signs that said 'BOO!' and 'D:'s. The white she-cat shrugged. ''If you don't want this, leave,'' she held her head high with her eyes closed.

But when the she-cat opened one eyes, she found the audience leaving. ''Wait, wait! Don't leave! It's not time yet! We've got cookies!'' she yowled desperately at the audience. Whispering, she added, ''One dollar each.'' A kid threw spit-balls at her, which left her even more annoyed.

A black she-cat with green eyes appeared. ''Arctic, that never works. We always must tell the audience what this is about,'' she explained to Arctic. ''But Olive,'' the white she-cat complained. ''It's just so... boring, and I'm lazy! And, books are epic!'' ''No they're not,'' Olive replied, annoyed. ''At least, that's what audiences always think. Movies and TV shows are better.''

Clearing her throat, the black she-cat yowled to the leaving audience, ''WE GIVE FREE COOKIES TO THE ONES WHO STAY!'' The audience returned to their seats as fast as they could. ''See? All they need is something free and they'll stay,'' Olive whispered to Arctic grinning. The white she-cat sighed, defeated. ''We will explain, without books,'' Olive glared at Arctic. The audience began murmuring between each other, wondering what this could be about.

''We've made a place, where we'll advertise and review stories YOU suggest,'' the green-eyed she-cat began talking excitedly. ''We'll post any short stories you can send us through PM, and we'll always make the OWNR. It stands up for: Official Warriors News Report.'' ''Hosted by me,'' Arctic grumbled. ''I'm the queen of the gossip, I know everything before anyone can ask. Like, Ferncloud said in FacePaw she is getting over Dustpelt with-''

Olive slapped her paw against Arctic's mouth. ''Save the gossip for the OWNR...'' she said to Arctic, clenching her teeth. ''So, audience,'' Arctic meowed grumpily. ''Do you want this to happen? We'll show you the basic rules and our staff, right after these commercials!''

They were left in the darkness, and when the light aimed at the stage, there was a huge TV screen instead of Arctic and Olive.

''Have you ever wanted to be perfect, and never lose?'' Hollyleaf meowed on the screen. Lionblaze and Cinderheart, who were a couple of pawsteps of Hollyleaf, nodded.

Hollyleaf purred. ''Then, this is the perfect warrior guide for you!'' she yowled. She presented a book to the couple, whose eyes began shining. ''This guide tells you how to perfectly groom your fur, catch prey, fight and even how to perfectly throw up!''

Cinderheart began jumping. ''I wish I could have this book! It looks so wonderful. Does it have a perfect pairing section?'' she asked. ''Sure it does,'' the black she-cat answered.

''It must have a perfect usage of powers section, shouldn't it?'' Lionblaze asked, his eyes gleamed like he would charge into battle, leading his Clan. Hollyleaf rolled her eyes. ''It's obvious, Lionblaze. This precious thing has lots and lots and lots on how to do perfect things. With its 1200 pages and 111000 words, you'll have lots of things to learn. You even have how to cook a mouse perfectly!''

The gray she-cat looked at the book admiringly. ''Nobody has ever cooked a mouse perfectly! This book must be our key to all our problems. I would become the MasterChef of 'MasterChef ThunderClan: Season 1'!'' she exclaimed, bouncing around.

''I think you would win with or without the book,'' the golden tom purred to his mate. ''How much does it cost?'' Hollyleaf replied, ''Only 1 million dollars, duh!''

Lionblaze and Cinderheart stopped bouncing around. ''1 MILLION DOLLARS?!'' they exclaimed. ''Yes,'' the black she-cat meowed. ''But, it is worth it.''

''I suppose it is,'' the gray she-cat murmured to Lionblaze. ''I really need to win MasterChef ThunderClan.'' ''And I really got to learn how to use my powers perfectly for the 'Who has the Best Powers?' competition,'' the golden tom shook his head. ''Did you save that money?''

Cinderheart looked at Hollyleaf. ''I do,'' she answered to Lionblaze, not looking away from Hollyleaf. ''Take this. It must be worth it.'' She handed Hollyleaf the money.

The couple walked out with the book, and they were purring to themselves at saving their money for the greatest thing they've had. ''See?'' Hollyleaf asked the watching audience. ''Even poor customers will do anything to pay this!''

The TV screen changed to a PowerPoint presentation. The audience murmured between each other excitedly, while some stared at the TV screen expectantly. Others were clapping and telling each other they had to find the book Hollyleaf was promoting.

We proudly present a Fastblaze Inc. project... The All-Star Project! It is where Breaking News from the Warriors Universe are published, Short Stories from Warriors are published as well and advertise and review the stories you like, or have made.

OWNR (Official Warriors News Report): You can send breaking/normal news by PM. The chief of this part tells the audience news about the Warriors. In breaking news, the chief could appear anywhere and anytime in any section of the All-Star project.

Short Stories: This can be stories sent by you or by the author/chief. Send them through PM or by DocX. It can be a short story about anything you want, the only rule is it must be related to Warriors. Please, add a title in order to put it. The cats chosen make a little review of the short story.

Advertising/Reviewing: Send this by PM or review. Tell a story you like or you made (related to Warriors) and the workers in that place will review it, also showing a bit of the best chapter.

OC Interview: We interview any non-popular or popular OC created by one of our fellow Fanfiction authors. Just PM the OC you want to get in! (Please, give at least in what story they appear, and if it's yours and hasn't appeared in any story, tell us info about him/her)

Administrator Ask: This is a sort of special, and every cat listed on the Administrators list can be asked.

It suddenly moved to another screen. It said 'Administrators and Workers of the All-Star Project'. The audience clapped and cheered as the following names appeared:

Administrators of the All-Star Project:

Ice [white she-cat with blue eyes] [director]

Shadow [black tom with green eyes] [co-director]

Bianca [creamy she-cat with green eyes] [secretary]

Night [black tom with blue eyes and a white muzzle] [director's assistant]

Thunder [golden tom with amber eyes] [co-director's assistant]

Vision [light brown she-cat with green eyes] [head of OWNR]

Dove [gray she-cat with amber eyes] [head of Short Stories]

Smoke [smoky grey tom with blue eyes and a white tail-tip] [head of Advertising/Reviewing]

Pie [golden she-cat with blue eyes and white ear-tips] [head of OC Interview]

Workers of the All-Star Project:


Arctic [white she-cat with icy blue eyes] [host of OWNR]

Spider [black tom with amber eyes] [co-host of OWNR]

Ash [gray she-cat with blue eyes and white ear-tips] [secretary of OWNR]

Firefly [dark brown she-cat with green eyes] [host's assistant]

Feather [gray and white tom with blue eyes] [co-host's assistant]

Tansy [ginger she-cat with green eyes] [camera-cat of OWNR]

Short Stories:

Twister [dusty brown she-cat with hazel eyes] [host of Short Stories]

Owl [white tom with blue eyes] [co-host of Short Stories]

Storm [black she-cat with amber eyes] [secretary of Short Stories]

Shade [dark gray tom with amber eyes] [host's assistant]

Honey [creamy she-cat with green eyes] [co-host's assistant]

Tiger [ginger tom with green eyes and black stripes] [camera-cat of Short Stories]


Olive [black she-cat with green eyes] [host of Advertising/Reviewing]

Dusk [gray tom with amber eyes] [co-host of Advertising/Reviewing]

Cinnamon [ginger she-cat with blue eyes and a white underbelly] [secretary of Advertising/Reviewing]

Sun [golden tom with blue eyes and white tail-tip] [host's assistant]

Bee [golden she-cat with amber eyes and black stripes across her back] [co-host's assistant]

Bramble [brown tom with green eyes] [camera-cat of Advertising/Reviewing]

OC Interview:

Fox [ginger she-cat with green eyes] [host of OC Interview]

Oak [brown tom with green eyes] [co-host of OC Interview]

Dream [white she-cat with blue eyes] [secretary of OC Interview]

Thorn [light brown tom with amber eyes] [host's assistant]

Mist [silver she-cat with blue eyes and a white muzzle] [co-host's assistant]

Flare [ginger tom with blue eyes and white underbelly] [camera-cat]

Administrator Ask:

Hurricane [brown tom with blue eyes and white socks] [host]

Forest [dark brown she-cat with green eyes] [co-host]

Sky [white she-cat with amber eyes] [secretary]

Red [ginger tom with blue eyes and white ear-tips] [host's and co-host's assistant]

Spots [white tom with amber eyes and black spots] [camera-cat]

Ice [white she-cat with blue eyes] [participant]

Shadow [black tom with green eyes] [participant]

Bianca [creamy she-cat with green eyes] [participant]

Night [black tom with blue eyes and a white muzzle] [participant]

Thunder [golden tom with amber eyes] [participant]

Vision [light brown she-cat with green eyes] [participant]

Dove [gray she-cat with amber eyes] [participant]

Smoke [smoky grey tom with blue eyes and a white tail-tip] [participant]

Pie [golden she-cat with blue eyes and white ear-tips] [participant]

The audience began clapping, cheering, and throwing roses at Olive for her presentation. While Arctic was receiving thumbs down, boos, and spit-balls from the audience for almost making them miss the presentation they now liked so much. Arctic shook her fur to get rid of the spit-balls, and growled, ''That's it! I'm out of here!''

''But we need you to be in OWNR!'' Olive cried. ''We need you, Arctic!'' ''I meant I was going out from the stage,'' Arctic meowed grumpily, rolling her eyes. ''Not from the show. How do you think I eat? By going out there to beg cats to get money?''

The black she-cat looked at Arctic. ''That's a possibility,'' she meowed, without noticing that it only angered the white she-cat more. The audience began laughing out of Olive's funny commentary. Some began clapping, and some began whistling. Olive gazed at the audience. ''See? You must be less grumpier if you want to make a good impression,'' she meowed at Arctic softly, as her voice always was, and began waving at the audience.

''Now I'm really out of here,'' growled the white she-cat, padding down the stage's stairs. The black she-cat stared after her. ''Well, tune in for the next chapter on-'' she was interrupted by a white she-cat with blue eyes that entered, followed by a black tom with blue eyes and a white muzzle. The she-cat walked more elegantly than the tom, and turned to the audience when she was next to Olive.

Olive looked at the white she-cat. ''Ice!'' she exclaimed. ''Night! I didn't know you would come.'' She glanced at her paws embarrassed. ''No worries,'' purred Ice, sitting. Night also purred, ''We always are unpredictable. Haven't you learned that yet?''

''I should've,'' Olive meowed. She then stood up and yowled to the audience, ''Here's Ice and Night, the director and the director's assistant!'' The audience began clapping, cheering, standing up and whistling for the two cats. Ice dipped her head while Night looked at his paws.

The director looked at the audience. ''It's a pleasure to be at the introduction of the All-Star Project. I am not only the director, but also a participant of the 'Ask Administrator' section. You can suggest by PM, or review in some cases, the cat you want to interview, suggest news, give us a short story or interview us- the administrators of the All-Star Project. Every day, there will be four chapters with all the four sections, so you'll probably see us every day,'' she purred.

''Yes,'' Night agreed. ''We start on Monday. And, before the real section begins, there will be a short section where the secretary of that section that'll be published So, be prepared for the things you still have to see!'' The audience clapped as the two cats walked out from the stage.

Olive looked at the audience gratefully. ''Tune in on Monday the first episode of the All-Star Project, and of OWNR,'' she meowed. The lights went off, and the audience talked excitedly about the new show.

#1: Who was Tigerstar's mother's father's son's mate? [Get this right first and you can choose the OC to interview]

#2: Who was Sparrowpelt's unofficial mentor's nephew's mother? [Get this right first and you can choose the Administrator to ask]

I personally think this could turn out into a successful series. I'll be as serious as an author can get, and let the words flow out into the computer.

PM me if you want any news reported tomorrow or give me short stories. You know you want to participate and get your name announced. Also, give me a story my kitties can review, first reviewer that tells me (by PM or review) gets the charm.

I'll tell on the author's note tomorrow what OC the kitties will interview (and so you can ask them questions, be patient until I publish it) and the Administrator as well (as I repeated, be patient until I tell you who it is, then you ask the questions for him/her to answer.