Losing by Fastblaze789

I threw myself into battle.

The pounding I felt in my heart was nothing compared to the fear of losing Flaretail. I jumped as a cat from RiverClan threw herself at me. I dodged, I clawed, but, most importantly, I felt the rush of the battle. The delicate floor seemed to crack every time a cat scratched someone else.

But I was determinate to do something. Save my brother, Flaretail, a ginger tom with shining emerald green eyes, that seemed to sparkle every time he fought beside me. He was almost too kind, and the group could not risk losing him. He was worth everything I had: my leader, my friends, even my life.

My soft and fluffy black fur makes me almost invisible in the dark and cold night, only if I hadn't a white muzzle. I glanced at my brother, who was scuffling with two RiverClan cats. He kicked one far away, which made the cat hiss in frustration, while the other cat snarled.

He doesn't need any help. I convinced myself. My gleaming blue eyes were shining as I jumped on a small and wiry RiverClan she-cat, maybe an apprentice or young warrior, who whipped around to see I had took some tufts of her tail fur. She hissed at me, ''You now will pay for that!''

She launched herself at me, but I dodged and climbed on top of her. StarClan, this cat was fast and strong. I soon recognized the blue-gray pelt and the brilliant amber eyes. It was Bluepool, a newly named warrior that her name had just been announced yesterday, in the Gathering. I remember how peaceful she had been, but now it was different. This was a battle, and her eyes had pure hate reflected in them.

I pinned her to the ground, and clawed her shoulders so she would remember me. ''Go, and don't get in my way again,'' I hissed in her ear. She snarled at me, but said nothing as I jumped out of her. She looked at me with narrowed eyes. ''Consider yourself lucky,'' she yowled, ''Next time, you won't have that much luck with me.'' She ran, and disappeared into the mist of the battling cats.

''Blackmist!'' a cat yowled. I open my eyes widely as I recognized Flaretail's voice. I yowl, ''I'm coming, Flaretail! Hang on!'' and I try to go as quickly as I could to find where the voice was coming from. ''Oh, no you won't,'' a voice whispered and I felt weight drop onto me like a branch.

It was none other than Snakeleap, a senior warrior of RiverClan. His dark brown pelt brushes next to mine, and I struggle helplessly because I had gotten pinned to the ground by his weight. He looks me eye-to-eye, his gleaming and brilliant green eyes gazing at my own. He looked at me closely, and, out of nowhere, he slashed a paw across my face. ''Stupid ShadowClan! They can never defend themselves at battle,'' he whispered, like a threat from him.

The last thing before my eyes went black, was the sound of my brother calling my name. ''Blackmist! Blackmist, please, help me!''

''That was quiet sensitive,'' a dusty brown she-cat wiped a tear from her eye. A white tom with blue eyes beside her growled, ''That was nothing. I've read the whole collection of Warriors books and I haven't cried. I'm being as realistic as I can, that was nothing.''

The she-cat looked at him, hurt. ''How can you say that?'' she sobbed. ''An innocent cat died!'' ''Well, she wasn't that innocent,'' the tom replied grumpily. ''She was in a battle, and she was a ShadowClan cat, Twister. Everyone here hates ShadowClan cats.''

''I am ShadowClan, if you have forgotten, Owl,'' Twister looked at him with narrowed eyes. ''I'm sorry,'' Owl lazily replied like a little kit. The she-cat looked at the tom sternly. ''Make that a statement,'' she growled at Owl. The white tom said, ''I'm so sorry, Twister. O, pardon me.''

Twister nodded happily. ''Better.''

''So, we're supposed to do a review, right?'' the white tom asked sarcastically.

The she-cat looked at him. ''Of course! You're so mouse-brained!'' she meowed. Whispering to the tom's left ear, she said, ''I noticed the sarcasm. I am able to tell Dove you're not interested at all.''

The white tom shook his head, alarm flashing in his eyes.

''I think that was so... sensitive,'' Twister meowed. ''Poor Blackmist lost her brother due to a stupid RiverClan warrior! Flaretail sounded like a great and awesome cat, much better than this tom over here.'' She cuffed Owl's ear when she finished speaking.

Owl hissed in annoyance. ''Well, I thought it was pretty epic. RiverClan warriors are the best,'' he boasted. ''I bet you ShadowClan started the fight. RiverClan warriors eat delicious fish and collect the most beautiful of shells, and ShadowClan must've jealous. After all, they eat slimy toads and have a dark territory...''

''Well, that's enough,'' a dark grey tom hissed while entering the room. A creamy she-cat with green eyes looked from outside the door tentatively, and stumbled inside like a kit.

The white tom hissed at them. ''Shade, it's not your turn to speak. You're just an assistant!'' Turning to the she-cat, the white tom hissed, ''You as well! Why do I get the clumsiest out of all the clumsy cats? You're a failure Honey!''

Honey dipped her head in understanding, while Shade looked at Owl sternly. ''But I am the same age like you, so why should you control me?'' he questioned, his fur beginning to bristle.

''Because I am the co-host, and you're just the host's assistant!'' the white tom snarled, jumping from his seat. ''You want to prove your point? Show that to me!'' He bared his yellow teeth to Shade.

Twister turned to the camera. ''Well, that's all for short stories. Tiger... cut!''

Owl is very, but very aggressive. Shade is too stubborn to accept something. Twister is too sensitive. Honey is too clumsy. Everyone has their flaws, so no complaining about my cats being 'perfect' or something like that! It hasn't happened yet, but it could.

Tomorrow it is OC Interview (which will be Creampaw, ask questions through PM or reviews) and Administrator Ask (again, ask questions through PM or reviews. The cat will be Pie).