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Pokemon Attack


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(One Week Later: Main Stadium Locker Rooms)

"Alright, this is it..." Ash thought as he began to clip his Pokeballs onto his belt, carefully selecting each member of his team. Once he was finished, Ash sat down on a bench and clasped his hands together, staring down at the floor. "Lance is a dragon-type Pokemon expert, so I built my team around that..." Reaching up and adjusting his cap, Ash began to reminisce about his battles against Kanto's Elite Four. "Like usual, the elite four were tough to deal with...they're all amazing trainers."

Ash's first Elite Four battle was against Lorelei, who specialized in ice-type Pokemon. Lorelei was known for her logical, calculated, and cool style of battling, but in the end, Ash found her to be the easiest member of the Elite Four to defeat. Because of Ash's abundance of extremely powerful fire-type Pokemon, he was able to easily beat most of Lorelei's team. The only Pokemon Lorelei had that gave Ash any trouble was her prized Lapras, which managed to defeat Ash's Torkoal and Emboar, before being taken out by his Infernape. Despite her loss, Lorelei accepted her defeat graciously and wished Ash the best of luck in the rest of his battles against the other members of the Elite Four.

Next, Ash battled against the Elite Four's fighting-type specialist, Bruno. Knowing that fighting-types were particularly weak against flying-types, Bruno built his team around overcoming that weakness, with many of his Pokemon knowing rock-type and electric-type moves. Ash's lack of psychic-type Pokemon meant that using their type-advantage wasn't an option. Instead, he opted for a mixed bag of Pokemon, all of them having exceptional speed. Ash didn't want to face Bruno in a battle of pure strength, because he knew that's where fighting-types excelled. So he built his team around pure speed, running circles around all of Bruno's Pokemon. But Bruno's legendary Machamp was a literal tank, absorbing damage and dishing it out as well, eventually managing to take out four of Ash's Pokemon. Ash was forced to use his trump card, Sceptile, which had a perfect combination of speed and power. After a lengthy and intense battle, Sceptile managed to pull out a win, finishing Machamp with a devastating Aerial Ace.

For his third battle, Ash went up against Koga, the former gym leader of Fuschia City and Janine's Father. Koga specialized in poison-type Pokemon, which meant using grass-types would be out of the questions. Again, instead of psychic-types, Ash built his team around ground-type Pokemon, with Garchomp and Krookodile doing all the work. Krookodile managed to take out Koga's Venemoth, Muk, and Weezing with ease but was eventually taken out by Tentacruel. Next, Ash sent in Donphan, but it was taken out by Tentracruel as well. However, the battle was over once Ash sent out his Garchomp. The Mach Pokemon absolutely decimated Koga's Tentacruel and Crobat, ending the match in only a few moments. After some friendly banter, Ash made sure Koga would head home soon and spend some time with Janine.

Lastly, Ash went up against Karen, a newer addition to Kanto's Elite Four. She was described as a tough and wild woman, specializing in dark-type Pokemon. For this battle, Ash went all out with his bug-type Pokemon but he also kept Primeape as a last resort in case things went very badly. Luckily, it never came to that, with Ash's Leavanny taking out most of Karen's team. Eventually, Leavanny was stopped by Honchkrow, after first taking out four of Karen's Pokemon. Once Levanny was defeated, Ash sent out Heracross and it was able to take out Karen's final two Pokemon. Karen was impressed with Ash's battling style and expressed her desire to have a rematch with him someday. With the Elite Four finished, Ash was now ready to face off against Kanto's champion, Lance. This was the battle Ash had been looking forward to ever since he set foot back into the Kanto region.

"Mr. Ketchum..." Ash was pulled from his thoughts by an official knocking on the door to his locker room. "We're ready for you..."

"Okay..." Ash said, standing back up and clapping his hands together, a massive grin on his face. "Let's do this!"

(Same Time: In the Stands)

"Oh, I'm so excited for Ash's battle!" Nessa said with a smile as she rapidly tapped one of her feet, excitement evident on her face. "I've never seen two champions battle before!"

"Then you're in for a real treat." Dawn said, gently patting Pikachu, who was laying snuggly on her lap. "Ash really goes all out in these battles because he knows all his hard work is on the line."

"Heh, I know Ash said he wasn't holding back against me..." Rosa said with a small smirk as she clasped her hands together, intently staring at the battlefield. "But I had a feeling he wasn't trying his hardest."

"Well, Ash does know when to pull back and when to give it everything he's got..." May said, reaching over and scratching Pikachu's belly, causing the Mouse Pokemon to purr in happiness. "Ash can be a little scary when he lets loose."

"That's why I'm a little worried about what will happen when he's up against Tobias..." Cynthia mused as her one visible eye narrowed slightly. "I just hope he doesn't end up doing anything rash."

"I think Ash will be fine..." Iris said from behind everyone, arriving with Flannery and Anabel, all of them holding trays full of snacks and drinks. "He isn't such a little kid anymore."

"He's definitely not as hot-headed as he used to be..." Flannery said with a grin as she handed out everyone's food orders. "Well, for the most part, I guess..."

"Hey, where's Cilan and Burgundy?" Anabel asked, taking a seat in between Cynthia and Hilda. "Aren't they going to watch Ash's match?"

"Oh, they're going to watch..." Hilda spoke up as she leaned back in her seat. "They wanted to spend some time alone, so they went out to a restaurant together. But the place they went to has TVs everywhere, so they can watch Ash's battle from there."

"Everyone is gonna have their eyes on this battle!" Roxie exclaimed with a toothy grin, kicking up her feet on the railing in front of her. "Ash is going to rock this battle, I can feel it!"

"Hey guy, pay attention!" Nessa exclaimed in an excited tone as she gestured towards the battlefield, noticing an official walking out onto the field. "The battle is about to start!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you're all ready for an amazing battle today! We'll be witnessing a battle between two champions! Will Ash Ketchum continue his dominance of the leagues?! Or will Lance be able to finally stop him in his tracks?! Now if you'll all turn your attention to the left side of the battlefield, we have Kanto's reigning champion, Lance!" Down on the field, extravagant pillars of blue flames exploded on both sides of the tunnel Lance was exiting. After a few moments of tense anticipation, Lance emerged onto the battlefield, waving to the crowds as they burst into roaring cheers. With a flourish of his cape, Lance stood on his side of the battlefield, resting a fist on his hip. "What an amazing entrance! But it's not time to settle down, we still have another champion to introduce! Okay everyone, now let's turn our attention towards the right side of the field! We have Lance's challenger, Ash Ketchum!" Just then, on the other end of the battlefield, two pillars of bright red flames burst into the air outside the tunnel Ash emerged from. The raven-haired trainer jogged onto the field, a massive grin on his face as he energetically waved to the crowd. When Ash ran out onto the field, the crowd's cheers doubled, increasing to an almost deafening volume. Stopping in his trainer box, Ash took his cap off and did a slight bow, basking in the admiration of his fans. "Oh my, what an amazing entrance from both champions! The crowd is bursting with energy now! I think we've waited long enough, so let's get the battles started! Let's turn things over the official down on the field!"

"This will be a six-on-six elimination battle between the challenger Ash Ketchum and the reigning champion Lance! A winner will be decided when all of their opponent's Pokemon are unable to battle!" The referee exclaimed, walking towards the center of the battlefield. Raising both his flags, the official glanced at both Ash and Lance. "Are both trainers ready to battle!?" Both Ash and Lance nodded their heads, large grins on their faces. "Then both trainers, send out your first Pokemon!"

"Ah, how I've longed for this battle..." Lance said, unclipping a Pokeball off his belt and enlarging it. "Ever since you won your first league Ash, I've been waiting for the day I'd get to battle you."

"The feeling's mutual, Lance..." Ash said with a smirk as he grabbed a Pokeball of his own. "I love facing off against amazing trainers like you...and once I've defeated you, I'll be one step closer to my dream!"

"Don't get too ahead of yourself, you still need to beat me first!" Lance exclaimed, cocking his arm back and hurling his Pokeball into the air. "Salamance, it's time to battle!" In a flash of bright white light, the Dragon Pokemon soared into the air above the battlefield, letting out a fierce roar. "Now, let's see what you've got Ash!"

"Alright, let's do this!" Ash thought as he enlarged the Pokeball in his hand, before tossing it out onto the battlefield. "Sylveon, I choose you!" A split second later, Sylveon materialized in the air, doing several graceful flips before she landed in front of Ash. The Intertwining Pokemon performed a slight bow, earning additional applause and cheers from the crowd. With a confident smirk, Ash adjusted his cap. "I'm ready whenever you are, Lance!"

"Ah, a fairy-type, I see you've come well prepared..." Lance observed with a sly smile, crossing his arms over his chest. "But you'll need more than a type advantage to beat me!"

"Are both trainers ready to begin!?" The official called out, glancing between both Ash and Lance. Seeing both trainers nod their heads once again, the official made a grand sweeping motion with his two flags. "Salamance vs. Sylveon, let the battle begin!"

"Okay Sylveon, let's not waste any time! Use Disarming Voice!" After inhaling deeply, Sylveon's eyes began to faintly glow pink and she unleashed a piercing scream, firing several soundwaves at Salamance.

"Salamance, dodge and use Steel Wing!" Diving straight down, Salamance built up incredible speed and weaved through Sylveon's attacks. Once Salamance had closed the distance, its wings began to shimmer with powerful energy.

"Sylveon, it's time to go for a ride!" Lance quirked an eyebrow at Ash's bizarre command. However, his eyes soon widened in shock when Sylveon suddenly leaped over Salamance. Then, the Intertwining Pokemon's ribbons wrapped around Salamance's wings. A split second later, Sylveon was standing on Salamance's back, doing her best to maintain balance. "Now use Moonblast!"

"Quick! Shake Sylveon off!" Instantly, Salamance began to fly in erratic and random patterns, doing its best to try and throw Sylveon off. But Slyveon held strong, her ribbons straining as she fought to stay on Salamance's back. Despite all of this, Slyveon was charging up her attack. The Intertwining Pokemon's entire body began to faintly glow with pink energy. Sylveon opened her mouth and all the pink energy surrounding her began to form into a large sphere. Once Moonblast was large enough, Sylveon fired the sphere of Fairy-type energy, directly hitting Salamance in the back. The Dragon Pokemon roared in pain as it was engulfed in a massive pink explosion. Salamance soon crashed into the ground, trailing pink smoke and skidding to stop in the center of the battlefield. With a graceful leap, Sylveon hopped off Salamance's back and landed in front of Ash.

"Nice one, Sylveon!" Ash exclaimed with a large smirk as he pumped his fist into the air. "You nailed Salamance!"

"Salamance! Are you okay!?" Lance shouted, watching as the pink smoke began to dissipate. Once the smoke had cleared, Salamance appeared to still be standing, although it appeared to be in great pain. "Can you still fight, Salamance!?" Salamance suddenly rose up onto its hind legs, before slamming its front legs down onto the ground, letting out a mighty roar. "Alright! That's the energy I like to see! Now, let's fight back, use Iron Tail!"

Leaping a few feet into the air, Salamance flapped its large wings and took off flying towards Sylveon, it's tail glowing brightly. In less than a second, Salamance had closed the gap and was only a few feet away from Sylveon. The Intertwining Pokemon waited to the last moment and rolled away from Salamance's attack. With an impact powerful enough to shake the battlefield, Salamance slammed its tail into the ground where Sylveon had been standing a split second before, a large crater forming.

"Quick Sylveon, before Salamance can recover, use Play Rough!" Sylveon's eyes began to glow pink as her ribbons lashed out and wrapped themselves around Salamance. Showcasing impressive strength for her relatively small size, Sylveon lifted Salamance off the ground and began to repeatedly slam it into the ground. After smashing Salamance into the field several more times, Sylveon began to rapidly spin around, before suddenly releasing Salamance, sending the Dragon flying into the stadium's wall. Groaning in pain, Salamance fell to the ground, partially being buried in fallen rubble.

After several moments of Salamance not moving, the official slowly approached the downed Pokemon. After thoroughly examining the Dragon Pokemon, the official stepped back and raised one of his flags.

"Salamance is unable to battle, the winner is Sylveon! Lance, please bring out your next Pokemon!"

"What an astounding first battle between these two legendary trainers! Salamance put up an incredible fight, but couldn't overcome Sylveon's type advantage and surprising strength! With Ash off an early lead, will Lance be able to swing this battle into his favor!?"

"Ugh! I want Ash to win, but I hate watching dragon-types lose!" Iris exclaimed, throwing her hands up into the air. "I don't know who to cheer for!"

"I think you should cheer for your boyfriend..." Neesa said with a giggle as she leaned forward in her seat a bit, trying to get a closer view of Ash's battle. "I don't think Ash would appreciate you rooting for his opponent."

"I guess you're right..." Iris muttered with a huff, crossing her arms over her chest. "But I still feel bad seeing a dragon-type lose."

"Seems like it didn't take Nessa long to fit in with the rest of the group." Cynthia said with a small smile as she watched Iris and Nessa continue to banter back and forth. "It almost feels like she's been with us the entire time."

"She can be a bit awkward, but she's also energetic and kind..." Hilda chuckled, crossing her arms over her chest. "I'd say she's a perfect fit for this group."

"Hey, you two!" Neesa exclaimed as she leaned towards Cynthia and Anabel. "Quite yapping, Lance is about to send out his next Pokemon!"

"Watch your tone girl, or I'll lay your ass out..." Hilda growled as she sunk deeper into her seat. "I'd never miss any of Ash's battle."

"Now, now, let's all calm down." Anabel said, leaning forward in her seat and smiling at the bickering girls. "Let's all just get along and cheer Ash on."

"You gave it your best shot Salamance..." Lance said with a light sigh as he raised a Pokeball and returned his fallen Pokemon. "We'll just have to train harder in the future to overcome fairy-types..." After clipping Salamance's Pokeball onto his belt, Lance grabbed another one and enlarged it. "Alright, we won't lose this time! Hydreigon, let's do this!" With a flash of bright white light, the Brutal Pokemon materialized in the air above the battlefield. Using its three heads, Hydreigon unleashed a ferocious roar, sending out a miniature shockwave.

"Both trainers appear to be ready to continue, Hydreigon vs. Sylveon, let the battle begin!"

"Keep it up Sylveon, we'll wipe the floor with his dragon-types!" Ash cheered, pumping his fist into the air. With a determined look in her eyes, Sylveon nodded her head. "Now use Baby Doll Eyes and lower Hydreigon's attack!" Tilting her head, Sylveon slowly approached Hydreigon, her eyes glowing bright pink and shimmering slightly. Despite its fearsome appearance, the Brutal Pokemon couldn't help being affected by Sylveon's innocent appearance. Hydreigon flinched slightly and hissed as it felt its attack power drop. "Quick, while it's distracted, get in close and use Double Kick!"

"It won't be that easy!" Lance exclaimed with a flourish of his cape as a smirk spread across his face. "Use Fire Spin!" All three of Hydreigon's head inhaled deeply, fire welling up in their mouths. A split second later, each head unleashed a winding stream of fire. The blazing flames reached Sylveon in an instant, quickly wrapping themselves around the Intertwining Pokemon. Sylveon was forced to stop her attack as she was momentarily enveloped in the flames. "Now follow it with Steel Wing!"

"Sylveon, use Dig to avoid the attack!" Briefly leaping into the air, Sylveon soon dove headfirst into the ground, burrowing deep below the battlefield. Hydreigon's heads began to quickly scan around, searching for where Sylveon might resurface. "Alright Sylveon, come back up and then use Dig again!" Sylveon suddenly popped up out of the ground underneath Hydreigon. Then before the Brutal Pokemon could even think of attacking, Sylveon dove back into the ground. "Keep it up Sylveon!" This went on for several minutes, with the Intertwining Pokemon briefly appearing above ground, before diving back below. Soon the battlefield was littered with dozens of holes, with Sylveon still hidden underneath the battlefield.

"What on earth is he planning?" Lance thought as his eyes narrowed slightly, trying to figure out Ash's goal. After watching Sylveon momentarily appear above ground once again, Lance growled in frustration. "Alright! I've had enough playing around! Hydreigon, use Earthquake, and flush Sylveon out!" Letting out a ferocious roar, Hydreigon began to dive towards the ground, preparing to shake the entire battlefield and force Sylveon out of hiding.

"Got you now." Ash thought with a smirk, before making a wide, sweeping gesture with his arm. "Sylveon, use Dazzling Gleam!" In an instant, every hole littering the battlefield began to glow with vibrant pink light.

"Oh no!" Lance thought as his eyes widened, finally realizing what Ash's strategy was. "Hydreigon, get out-" But Lance's order was too late. The Brutal Pokemon was too close to the ground and couldn't turn around fast enough. Then in the blink of an eye, dozens of pillars of pulsating, pink fairy-type energy fired out of the dozens of holes scattered across the field. With nowhere to run, Hydreigon was hit by several of these beams, howling in pain. After a few moments, the blinding pink light began to fade away. It didn't take long for Lance to spot Hydreigon lying unmoving in the center of the battlefield. Once the dust had settled, the official made his way over towards Hydreigon's side, crouching down next to the injured Pokemon. "This battle is over...Hydreigon is done after that."

"Hydreigon is unable to battle, the winner is Sylveon! Lance, please bring out your next Pokemon!"

"Oh my goodness! What an astounding strategy from Ash! Using Dig and Dazzling Gleam combo, he created a literal minefield, making sure there was no way Hydreigon could avoid his attack! I know you all can't wait for the excitement to continue, but if you'll all please be patient, we need a few minutes to patch up the battlefield!"

"I should have been more patient...I grew tired of Sylveon avoiding my attacks and made a reckless move..." Lance muttered underneath his breath, returning Hydreigon to its Pokeball. "You did your best Hydreigon, I'm the one who failed you..." Taking a few steps back, Lance allowed the officials and their Pokemon to begin patching the holes in the battlefield. Releasing a light sigh, Lance reclipped Hydreigon's Pokeball onto his belt. "I need a few moments to recompose myself."

"You're doing fantastic, Sylveon!" Ash exclaimed with a large smile as he stepped out of his own trainer's box, Sylveon trotting up next to him. Crouching down next to the Intertwining Pokemon, Ash gently began to pat her head. Sylveon began to purr in delight, leaning into Ash's touch and wrapping her ribbons around his arm. "You must be getting tired Sylveon, can you keep going?" Looking up at her trainer, Sylveon began to eagerly wag her tail and nod her head. "Awesome, that's what I like to hear!"

After only a few minutes, all the holes in the battlefield were filled and it looked like new. After giving Sylveon one last pat on the head, Ash ushered the Intertwining Pokemon back towards the center of the field.

"And we're back ladies and gentlemen! I hope you're all ready for the exciting battles to continue!"

"Okay Ash, you've had your fun, but it's time I show you why I'm Kanto's champion!" Lance proclaimed with a grin, unclipping another Pokeball off his belt. "Haxorus, get out there and give it your all!" With a loud thud, the Axe Jaw Pokemon crashed onto the battlefield. With a flourish of his cape, Lance let out a haughty laugh. "Haxorus may be unable to fly, but it's still a ferocious dragon!"

"Oh boy, this is gonna be a tough fight..." Ash thought as he heard, what he could only assume was Iris, squealing and cheering in delight when Haxorus appeared. "And it looks like I can't rely on any support from Iris in this battle."

"Haxorus vs. Sylveon, let the battle begin!"

"Alright Haxorus, we need to keep need to get in close and keep the pressure on Sylveon! So use Dragon Dance to power up!" Letting out a fierce roar, Haxorus began to do an elaborate dance, its body faintly glowing dark blue.

"Sylveon, use Moonblast before it can finish!" The Intertwining Pokemon's eyes began to glow bright pink, as an orb of fairy-type energy formed in front of its mouth. Once the pink sphere had become large enough, Sylveon fired it at Haxorus. Moonblast flew at incredible speed, crossing the battlefield in less than a second. However, both Ash and Sylveon were stunned when Haxorus suddenly darted to the left, managing to dodge the attack. With a loud huff, the faint glow dissipated from Haxorus' body. "Oh boy, this just got a lot harder."

"Now Haxorus, use Poison Jab!" Growling in anticipation, the Axe Jaw Pokemon charged towards Sylveon, its arms radiating with purple energy.

"Sylveon use Detect!" Taking a defensive stance, a glint flashed in Sylveon's eyes as it intensely watched Haxorus' every movement. Just as Haxorus lunged in to attack, Sylveon expertly dodged every one of the Axe Jaw Pokemon's jabs. "Now follow it-"

"Haxorus, use Iron Tail!" Stopping mid-jab, Haxorus swung its entire body around and hit Sylveon with its glowing tail. The Intertwining Pokemon yelped in pain as she was sent skidding across the battlefield. Kicking up a cloud of dust, Sylveon came to a stop in front of Ash.

"Are you okay, Sylveon!?" Ash exclaimed, watching as Sylveon slowly got back onto her feet. Rapidly shaking her head, the Intertwining Pokemon growled and took a fighting stance. A grin spread across Ash's face when he saw that his Pokemon was still raring to battle. "Awesome! That's what I like to see Sylveon! Give it your all!"

"That was definitely a big hit, so let's finish Sylveon off with another Iron Tail!" After raking its feet into the ground several times, the Axe Jaw Pokemon began to sprint towards Sylveon.

"Sylveon, use Double Team!" Momentarily closing her eyes, Sylveon's entire body began to rapidly vibrate as several copies of itself spread across the battlefield. "Now use Draining Kiss!" Without any hesitation, all of the copies began to race towards Haxorus. Roaring in annoyance, Haxorus performed a large sweep with its tail, taking out several of the copies. But enough managed to close the distance and surround Haxorus, all of them lunging towards it at the same time. The Axe Jaw Pokemon swung its tail around once again in an attempt to fend off the attackers, but its efforts were futile. Each of the Sylveon copies attacked a different part of Haxorus' body. Suddenly the fakes all vanished and the real Sylveon was left standing on the Axe Jaw Pokemon's head. Before Haxorus could even react, Sylveon pressed her glowing pink mouth against its head. Haxorus groaned in pain, collapsing down onto one knee as it felt its energy being sucked away. After a few more moments, Sylveon hopped off of Haxorus, feel revitalized by the energy it had just stolen.

"Don't think you've won just yet, Ash..." Lance said with a smirk, just before Haxorus slammed its fist into the ground. With a mighty roar, Haxorus stood up to its full height, a faint red glow radiating off its body. "My Haxorus is a girl and has the ability Rivalry...after she hit Sylveon with that Iron Tail, she gained a nice power boost."

"Dragon Dance and a Rivalry attack boost...Sylveon's done for if she gets hit now." Ash thought, tightly clenching his fists. "Alright, Sylveon keep your distance and use Moonblast!"

"Not gonna happen! Haxorus, use Grass Knot!" The Axe Jaw Pokemon slammed its foot onto the ground, causing grass to sprout out of the ground below Sylveon. Within seconds, Sylveon's legs were completely covered and she was unable to move. "Quick, while Sylveon can't move, finish her off with Poison Jab!" Unleashing a fierce roar, Haxorus charged towards Sylveon, its arms radiating with poison-type energy. Sylveon struggled to free herself as Haxorus drew ever closer.

"Damn it...there's no way Sylveon can free herself in time...but we're not going down without a fight!" Ash thought, gritting his teeth in frustration as he came to a decision. "Sylveon, use Moonblast!"

In the split-second it took Haxorus to close the distance and reach Sylveon, the Intertwining Pokemon had formed a sphere of fairy-type energy. Just as Sylveon was struck by Poison Jab, she fired Moonblast at point-blank range. Both Haxorus and Sylveon howled in pain as they were hit by the super-effective moves. Sylveon was the first one to collapse, but Haxorus followed her a few seconds later. After neither Pokemon moved for several moments, the official approached and closely inspected them.

"Both Sylveon and Haxorus are unable to battle, this battle is a draw! Ash and Lance, please bring out your next Pokemon!"

"What a fantastic battle folks! We just witnessed a rare double-knockout! Both Haxorus and Sylveon fought until the bitter end! Despite Lance's valiant efforts, it looks like he's in some serious trouble. He's down to his final three Pokemon, while Ash still has five left! Will Lance be able to pull off an amazing comeback!? Let's watch and find out!"

"I couldn't have asked for a better performance..." Ash said in a caring tone, returning Sylveon to her Pokeball and staring at it for a few moments. "You really outdid yourself."

"That was fantastic Haxorus, you were amazing." Lance said with a small smile as he returned the Axe Jaw Pokemon to her ball. Grabbing another Pokeball, Lance enlarged it and tossed it out onto the battlefield. "Flygon, let's do our best!" In a large cloud of dust, the Mystic Pokemon burst into the air above the battlefield. "We take to the skies once again Ash! Will you be able to keep up!?"

"Alright Lance, let's keep this battle going!" Ash said with a smirk, clipping Sylveon's Pokeball onto his belt and grabbing another. Enlarging the ball, Ash tossed it out onto the field. "Glalie, I choose you!" With a blast of frigid air, the Face Pokemon appeared levitating in front of Ash. "Let's see if you can handle the cold, Lance!"

"Flygon vs. Glalie, let the battle begin!"

"Oh, I think we'll be just fine." Lance said as he made a sweeping gesture towards Glalie. "Flygon, use Flamethrower!" Inhaling deeply, Flygon unleashed a stream of scorching flames from its mouth.

"Glalie, dodge and use Hail!" After quickly darting to the left to avoid the fire, Glalie fired a small ball of ice up into the air. Once it was high above the battlefield, the ball of ice exploded, raining shards of ice down. While Flygon flinched in pain as it was pelted by the falling ice, Glalie's body shimmered slightly as it absorbed the frozen water.

"I see what your plan is Ash...your Glalie's ability is Ice Body...you want to do residual damage, while also healing any injuries you may have sustained." Lance thought as he stroked his chin. "Alright, Flygon let's try getting in close and using Fire Punch!" The Mystic Pokemon dove towards Glalie, its fist lighting up with intense orange flames.

"Glalie, dodge and hit Flygon with Ice Fang!" When the Mystic Pokemon was only a few feet away, Glalie suddenly darted to its side. As Flygon flew past, Glalie opened its mouth and sunk its teeth into the Mystic Pokemon's side. Flygon howled in pain as Glalie's fangs sank in deeper, frost forming around the bite area.

"Flygon, shake Glalie off and use Fire Blast!" Instantly, Flygon began to fly erratically, doing its best to get free from Glalie. After a sudden bank to the left, Glalie finally let go, falling towards the battlefield below. Now soaring above the center of the field, Flygon inhaled deeply, before firing a massive wall of fire.

"Glalie, use Bulldoze to create some cover!" Slamming itself into the ground, Glalie formed a protective wall of dirt. Fire Blast hit the wall and mostly protected Glalie, but it was still hit by a small amount of the intense flames. However, this damage was short-lived because Glalie's body began to shimmer again as it absorbed more ice, while Flygon hissed in pain as it was pelted by the Hail.

"Ugh, this isn't looking good...Glalie has a massive type advantage...and both Glalie and Flygon are tied in speed...I don't think there's any scenario where I can beat Glalie and still have Flygon be able to battle..." Lance thought as he tightly balled his fists in frustration. "We're not going down without a fight! Flygon, use Superpower!" Flying a bit higher, Flygon suddenly dived down to gain speed, before launching towards Glalie. The Mystic Pokemon's entire body was faintly glowing with white energy.

"Glalie, finish this with Blizzard!" Instead of dodging this time, Glalie held its ground and opened its mouth, unleashing a wall of snow and ice. Flygon flew headfirst into the Blizzard, momentarily leaving everyone's sight. However, Flygon suddenly appeared, crashing into the ground several feet away from Glalie. The Mystic Pokemon's entire body was covered in frost and it was shivering uncontrollably.

Holding up his hands to pause the battle, the official approached Flygon. Crouching down next to the downed Pokemon for several moments, the official soon stood back up and walked towards the center of the battlefield.

"Flygon is unable to battle, the winner is Glalie! Lance, please bring out your next Pokemon!"

"Another one down! Flygon just couldn't handle Glalie's chilling attacks! Things aren't looking for Lance now, Ash has a huge advantage! Kanto's champion really seems to be struggling!"

"It's true, I'm having a hard time against Ash..." Lance thought as he silently returned Flygon, grabbing another ball off his belt. "I've only got two Pokemon left, I need to go all out from here on out!" Enlarging the Pokeball, Lance cocked his arm back and hurled it into the air. "Dragonite, it's time to battle!" With a mighty roared, the Dragon Pokemon appeared soaring over the battlefield.

"Dragonite vs. Glalie, let the battle begin!"

"His prized Dragonite isn't his last Pokemon..." Ash thought, his eyes narrowing slightly. "That means he has a stronger Pokemon in reserve...I need to be prepared for whatever it might be." The Hail continued to rain down, pelting Dragonite and healing Glalie. "Alright, start things off strong Glalie, use Ice Beam!" Opening its mouth, a small sphere of ice energy formed in front of Glalie, before it fired a powerful beam at Dragonite.

"Dodge and use Brick Break!" Circling around the Ice Beam, the Dragon Pokemon quickly closed the distance, its fist glowing bright white. Before Ash could issue another command, Dragonite struck Glalie, sending the Face Pokemon soaring backward. "Keep up the pressure, use Fire Spin!" Opening its mouth wide, Dragonite unleashed a swirling stream of flames, which encased Glalie. The Face Pokemon hissed in pain as it was continually burned by the flames.

"Glalie, endure it and use Avalanche!" Wincing in pain, Glalie aimed towards the sky and fired a large ball of snow. After reaching its maximum height, the ball of snow exploded and rained down on the battlefield, crashing down onto Dragonite. The Dragon Pokemon grunted as it was bombarded by snow and ice before it slammed into the ground. Both Glalie and Dragonite groaned in pain as they were hit by Hail and Fire Spin respectively. "Keep it up Glalie, use Icicle Spear!" Opening its mouth once again, Glalie began to fire several shards of ice at the Dragon Pokemon.

"Dragonite, get up and use Fire Blast!" Digging itself out of the snow, Dragonite released a might roar, before breathing out a wall of intense flames. The fire completely engulfed and melted Glalie's attack, continuing to barrel towards the Face Pokemon. Glalie tried to dodge the incoming attack, but it was stopped when it was hit by Fire Spin once again. Now unable to move, Glalie roared in pain as its body was engulfed in scorching flames. Once the flames died down, Glalie collapsed to the ground, steam radiating off its body.

Stopping the battle once again, the official made his way over towards Glalie. Inspecting the Face Pokemon closely, it didn't take the official long to call the battle's outcome. Stepping away from Glalie, the official raised his arm into the air.

"Glalie is unable to battle, the winner is Dragonite! Ash, please bring out your next Pokemon!"

"Oh my folks, Ash's second Pokemon has been knocked out! Is Lance finally starting to get some steam!? Is it time for him to make a glorious comeback!? Let's see what Pokemon Ash brings out next!"

"You were fantastic Glalie, you did your best." Ash said with a small smile, returning his unconscious Pokemon. Shrinking the Pokeball, Ash clipped it to his belt and grabbed another one. "That was awesome, Lance! Your Dragonite is just as strong as everyone says! You've brought out your dragons, now it's time for mine." Enlarging the Pokeball in his hand, Ash tossed it out onto the battlefield. "Garchomp, I choose you!" With an ear-shattering roar, the Mach Pokemon burst onto the battlefield, sending out a small shockwave.

"Dragonite vs. Garchomp, let the battle begin!"

"My, what a fearsome Pokemon..." Lance muttered as he stroked his chin, closely analyzing Garchomp. "It was incredible in its battle against Cynthia's Garchomp."

"Garchomp, show them your speed, use Dragon Claw!" Barring its fangs, the Mach Pokemon crouched down before it rocketed towards Dragonite. In an instant, Garchomp closed the distance, suddenly appearing in front of the Dragon Pokemon. With its claw glowing with light blue energy, Garchomp slashed at Dragonite, sending the Dragon Pokemon crashing into the ground. "Now use, Dragon Rush!" Leaping high into the air, Garchomp roared once again as its body was encased in vibrant blue energy. With a deafening shockwave, Garchomp dove towards Dragnoite at an incredible speed.

"Dragonite, dodge and hit Garchomp with Dragon Pulse!" The Dragon Pokemon groaned in pain as it picked itself up off the ground. Shaking its head, Dragonite tried to recompose itself. But before Dragonite get back onto its feet, it was slammed back into the ground with incredible force by Garchomp. A large cloud of dust and debris was kicked up, obscuring both of the dueling dragons. When the smoke finally cleared, Garchomp was seen standing over Dragonite, resting his foot triumphantly on the Dragon Pokemon's back. The official didn't even need to inspect Dragonite to call the battle.

"Dragonite is unable to battle, the winner is Garchomp! Lance, please bring out your final Pokemon!"

"Oh no, ladies and gentlemen! Lance is down to his final Pokemon! Things are looking grim for Kanto's champion, but this battle isn't over yet! Will Kanto have a new champion!? Will Lance pull off the comeback of the century!? Let's watch and find out!"

"You were fantastic Dragonite, but it's time for you to get some rest..." Lance said in a caring tone as he returned the Dragon Pokemon, clipping the Pokeball onto his belt. Grabbing his final Pokeball, Lance enlarged it and tossed it out onto the battlefield. "It's do or die time for me now, Ash. Charizard, show them your power!" In a burst of fire, the Flame Pokemon appeared, spreading its large wings.

"A Charizard...that's unexpected..." Ash thought, quirking an eyebrow in intrigue. "I thought Lance specialized in dragon-type Pokemon...unless..."

"Charizard vs. Garchomp, let the battle begin!"

"Time for you to see Charizard's true strength..." Lance said with a smirk as he pulled down his sleeve, revealing a mega ring around his wrist.

"There it is..." Ash thought with a grin, watching as Lance's Charizard was engulfed in blinding pink light. When the light died down, Charizard had transformed into Mega Charizard X, now becoming a dragon-type. "Now this will be an interesting fight."

"Charizard, use Dragon Breath!" Cheeks now bulging with intense blue flames, Charizard unleashed the stream of fire towards Garchomp.

"Garchomp, counter it with Dragon Pulse!" Briefly rearing its head back, the Mach Pokemon soon unleashed a beam of green and purple energy from its mouth. Dragon Breath and Dragon Pulse collided in the center of the battlefield, both attacks fighting for dominance. However, Lance was surprised when Garchomp suddenly began to advance forward, pushing Dragon Pulse closer and closer towards Charizard. The Flame Pokemon attempted to follow suit but was unable to move forward without disrupting its own attack. Slowly, Charizard's attack was pushed further and further back, until Dragon Pulse overwhelmed Dragon Breath. Charizard roared in pain as it was struck by the super-effective move, the force behind the attack sending it skidding several feet backward. But Charizard was quick to recover, looking only slightly fazed by the powerful attack.

"Charizard, take to the sky and use Twister!" Letting out a fierce roar to pump itself up, Charizard soon spread its wings and prepared to fly high above the battlefield.

"Not gonna happen! Garchomp, use Sand Tomb!" Garchomp snarled as it slammed its claws into the field with incredible strength, sending a wave of dirt towards Charizard. Just as the Flame Pokemon was about to take off, it was buried underneath a mound of earth. "Now use Draco Meteor!" Dashing forward, Garchomp buried its head into the pile of dirt Charizard was buried in. A split second later, a massive explosion rocked the battlefield, causing dirt and debris to rain down across the stadium. Leaping backward, Garchomp landed back in front of Ash, unfazed by the point-blank blast. When the dust and debris cleared, Charizard was still standing but was now battered and bruised. "Damn, that is one tough Pokemon."

"Charizard, if you can still fight, use Seismic Toss!" Unleashing a brief stream of vibrant blue flames, the Flame Pokemon launched towards Garchomp.

"Garchomp, stand your ground and use Dragon Claw!" Digging its feet into the ground, Garchomp braced itself for Charizard's attack. Just as the Flame Pokemon was about to grab Garchomp, the Mach Pokemon raised one of its claws, now glowing with energy, slamming it down onto Charizard's head. The Flame Pokemon was stopped dead in its tracks as it was slammed headfirst into the ground. Charizard was completely dazed by the sudden attack and was unable to move. "Now finish this with Dragon Tail!"

Letting out a ferocious roar, Garchomp leaped high up into the air, its tail glowing vibrant blue. After performing a quick flip, Garchomp came sailing back towards the ground, slamming its tail onto the back of Charizard's back. The Flame Pokemon roared in pain as its entire body stiffened, before going slack underneath Garchomp. Hopping off the fallen Pokemon, Garchomp made its way back over towards Ash's side. Waving his flags to signal a pause in the battle, the official made his way over towards Charizard's side. After a few moments, the official stepped away from the Flame Pokemon, sparing a brief glance at Lance.

"Charizard is unable to battle, the winner is Garchomp. Since all of Lance's Pokemon have been defeated, the winner of this battle is Ash Ketchum!"

"And that's it, folks! The battle is over and Lance has been defeated! Ash Ketchum is the new champion of the Kanto region! Let's give our new champion a warm welcome!"

Instantly the entire stadium erupted into a deafening flurry of applause and cheers. A massive smile spread across Ash's face, before he screamed for joy, pulling Garchomp in for a tight hug. Sharing in his trainer's excitement, Garchomp affectionately nibbled on his head. Ash couldn't help but burst out laughing when Garchomp suddenly picked him up and began to twirl him around.

"So that's it huh..." Lance muttered quietly as he returned Charizard and clipped the Pokeball onto his belt. Watching Ash bask in the glory of his victory for several moments, a small smile soon spread across Lance's face. "Well, it had to end at some point...I had a great run." With a flourish of his cape, Lance made his way across the battlefield. Seeing that Ash was still celebrating, Lance coughed in his hand to interrupt him. "I must congratulate you, Ash, that was an outstanding battle."

"You were amazing Lance, you aren't a champion for nothing." Ash said with a grin, freeing himself from Garchomp's grasp and shaking Lance's hand. "We'll have to battle again someday."

"Oh, I fully intend to face you again..." Lance with a smirk as he patted Ash on the shoulder. "I'd love to battle one of your legendary Pokemon."

"You name the time and place, and I'll use any Pokemon you'd like." Ash said, before bumping fists with Lance, showing that there were no hard feelings between them. "Well I better get going, I'm sure Mr. Goodshow is looking for me."

"Of course, I'll see you later Ash, and good luck on the final stretch of your journey..." Lance said as he spun around, making his way back towards his locker room.

"Alright, let's get the worst part over with..." Ash thought, quickly making his way over towards a small stage that had been set up near the entrance to his locker room. He could see Mr. Goodshow smiling brightly at him, completely surrounded by reporters and cameramen. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Ash stepped up onto the stage, walking over and shaking hands with Mr. Goodshow.

"You were stellar out there Ash, you're on fire right now!" Mr. Goodshow exclaimed into his microphone before he let out a hearty laugh. "So, I'm sure I already know what your answers gonna be...but what are your plans now?"

"Well..." Ash said, rubbing the back of his head, noticing that the reports and cameras were creeping in, waiting eagerly for his response. Turning around, Ash spotted the champion's viewing box at the top of the stands. A devious grin soon formed on his face, knowing exactly who was likely staring right back at him. Taking the microphone from Mr. Goodshow, Ash pointed directly towards the champion's box. "I've only had one plan since I started this new journey...and that's been to kick Tobias' ass and becoming a Pokemon Master!"

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