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The Underworld, to most humans would be described as a terrifying place where the vilest creatures reside in. And in some cases that would be true for there were many dangerous and evil creatures lurking around.

However to the residents of the Underworld it was their home and just like any place, human world include, it had its good and bad.

But for two underworld residents in particular this was an extra special day, a day that would mark the beginning of a new chapter in their life.

"GAH! IT HURTS -TTEBANE!" a woman with long red hair shouted with her eyes shut tightly and her beautiful face contorted in pain.

Standing by her side was a handsome man with cropped blonde hair and lightly tanned skin. His blue eyes looked over his wife worriedly as he held her hand hoping to offer her any form of comfort.

"I know it hurts Kushina but you can pull through it." The man said soothingly but when he saw his wife open her eyes he had to hold back a shiver of fear. Two pools of violet were glaring at him and it took all of his self control and pride as a man to deny the frightened whimper that begged to escape from his lips.


Her husband hung his head down low at her harsh worlds as a rain cloud of depression hovered over him. If it wasn't for her vice-like grip on his hand he would have gone searching for a nice quiet corner to sulk in.

"Now now dear that's just the pain talking. I know you don't mean th-ACK!" he was interrupted as Kushina increased the pressure on his hand up to the point where they heard bones snapping.


This time Ajuka released his whimper of pain man pride be damned. He didn't care that he was one of the strongest devils, or beings, in world. His wife was scary as hell when she was angry so he made sure to stay on her good side but it seemed like today it was pointless to try but he didn't care. Ajuka may have been on the receiving end of Kushina's sharp tongue but he would bare it because once it was over the end results would be more then worth it.

" Kushina-sama you are almost done. Just one final push." The doctor instructed and Kushina gave him a tired nod.

"O-Okay…one final push…" the redhead muttered as she braced herself. "…one…two…three…GAH!"

Ajuka winced not only from his crushed hand but from the sound of her pained screams. But soon the screams were replaced with ragged breaths and she relaxed her grip on his hand. Ajuka was about to ask if she was okay but that's when it happened.

A sudden cry filled the room and he froze. His eyes widened as his body stiffened. Ever so slowly he looked over his shoulder and found the source of the noise.

"Beelzebub-sama I present to you your son." The doctor said with a smile as he walked towards the Satan carrying a small bundle wrapped in a blue blanket.

Ajuka nodded slowly, still silent, as he raised his arms to accept the baby. He slowly moved the blanket so he could get a better look and if he wasn't mute before he would have been struck speechless.

To him his son was nothing less than perfection. He could make out a few tufts of blonde hair like his own and judging by the way he kept squirming he could tell his son would be a regular ball of energy.

"Ajuka-kun…stop hogging and let me see him." Kushina said groggily but she was smiling as she watched her husband interact with their son.

That seemed to have snapped the Satan out of his daze. Turning towards his wife he carefully handed her their son before muttering a soft "Sorry."

"It's fine." Came Kushina's soft reply as she gently held her son. "Oh look at him. Just a few minutes old and I can tell that he's going to grow up to be as handsome as his father."

Ajuka smiled as he watched his hold the baby eyes full of love. The sight of his wife and son was defiantly the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.

And that's when it finally hit him.

His wife and son.

His son.

He was a father.

Oh sure he knew months ahead that he would be a father but this was different. Yes when he first learned his wife was pregnant he imagined what it would be like to be a father but to actually watch as his son rested in his mother's arms, to actually hear the cries and other noises he made, to actually hold his child in his arms.

It was like nothing he's ever imagined.

Unknowingly tears began to form in his eyes.

He was called many things in his life. Beelzebub, Satan Blue, Genius of the Underworld, Super Devil, a war hero and now he could add father to the list.

In his opinion the last title was by far the best.

"Are you alright Ajuka-kun?" Kushina asked turning her gaze away from her son towards her silent husband.

"I'm fine." Ajuka muttered softly as he took another look at his newborn son and a radiant smile spread on his face. "In fact I'm better then fine. I'm a father."

Kushina couldn't help but chuckle at the awed tone her husband spoke as he said that last sentence. "He's beautiful isn't he?"

She didn't receive a vocal answer but she saw him nod.

"So what are we going to name him?" Ajuka asked.

Kushina hummed a bit before her eyes lit up. "I I know! How about Naruto?"

Ajuka turned to his wife with a raised brow. "Kushina I know you love ramen but are you seriously going to name our son after a ramen topping?"

"Baka that's not want I meant. It also means maelstrom." Kushina huffed rolling her eyes in annoyance.

Ajuka was quite as he thought about it before his lips twitched into a smile. "Maelstrom huh? Yes, that works a strong name for a strong boy."

"See? I told you. Naruto Astaroth." She said testing out their son's full name.

As if knowing they were talking about him the baby, now known as Naruto, opened his eyes to reveal two pools of blue reminiscent of his fathers. Naruto scanned the room but when his eyes landed on his parents he broke into a fit of giggles as he clapped his hands.

"Guess he likes it." Ajuka said listening to his son's laughter before the sound of knocking brought his attention towards the door.

The door opened and a young man with long red hair peeked in. "Hope we're not interrupting."

"Come on in Sirzechs." Ajuka said as his childhood friends and fellow Satan entered the room followed by a silver haired woman wearing a maid outfit. The woman's stoic face softened as she watched baby Naruto laughing gleefully as Kushina waved her fingers in front of him. "Allow me to introduce my son, Naruto Astaroth."

"You're son is beautiful. Congratulations Beelzebub-sama, Kushina-sama." The woman said causing Kushina to pout.

"Mou, I told you before Grayfia-chan. There's no need for the 'sama'. I thought we were friends." Kushina whined.

"Be that as it may it would still be improper to address you without the proper respect." Grayfia explained.

"It's no use Kushina-chan, Grayfia-chan is always so stiff and stuffy that I've stopped trying to get her to lighten up." Sirzechs said with a smile before yelping in pain as Grayfia pinched his cheek and pulled it.

"So I am stiff and stuffy because I have manners? Not all of us can be as childish and irresponsible as you." She said stoically.

"Ow! That hurts!" Sirzechs whined as he freed himself from his wife's hold.

"Then you should learn to think before you speak." The silver haired woman said unapologetically.

Ajuka rolled his eyes at the familiar scene but smiled a bit as he heard his son's laughter. It appeared that Naruto enjoyed the antics of Lucifer and his queen.

"So you like watching Grayfia disciplining Sirzechs huh?" he asked waving a finger in front of Naruto only for the baby to grab it in his own tiny grip. "Well get used to it because it happens often."

"If you two are done." Kushina said gaining their attention. "Ajuka-kun and I wanted to ask you something."

"What is it?" Sirzechs asked curiously as he watched his best friends reach for his son.

"Do you need anything Kushina-sama?" Grayfia asked more than willing to help her exhausted friend who shook her head.

"Kushina-chan and I talked about it and we wanted to ask if you would be Naruto's godparents." Ajuka said shocking the couple, even Grayfia couldn't hide her surprise.

"What? You want us to be his godparents?" Sirzechs asked before a silly grin grew on his face. "Did you hear that Grayfia-chan? I'm a godfather! You're always saying how irresponsible I am but our closest friends have entrusted me with being their first child's godfather!"

"Actually we wanted Grayfia to be the godmother but since you two are married we figured we might as well have just named you godfather. We trust that she will be able to reign in whatever bad habits you might try and pass on to him." Ajuka explain offhandedly smirking a bit when he saw Sirzechs drop to his knees in depression.

"Does everyone think so lowly of me?" the redheaded Satan muttered to himself.

Grayfia rolled her eyes at her husband's immaturity but couldn't help but feel touched that she was chosen as Naruto's godmother. She made a mental vow that she would be the best godmother for this child.

"I would be honored." She said bowing to them in thanks.

Ajuka nodded in thanks before gazing back at his son who seemed to have exerted all his energy. His chest filled with warmth as his son slowly closed his eyes and snuggled into his father's chest basking in the worth he provided. Ajuka adjusted his arms to help Naruto get more comfortable as he spoke in a soft quiet voice so only his son could hear.

"My son you have just been born but I can already tell you will accomplish many things and I know you will one day surpass me."

End of Prologue

Author Notes:

I know this was rather short but this was just an opener the rest of the chapter will get longer. Now before you start asking a bunch of questions here are some basic facts for the story.

Harem: Yes this will be a harem fic.

Rias &Asia: these two will not be in Naruto's harem no matter what. In my opinion the relations ship between these two and Issei were too important for his character development so I won't be messing with it. Plus if I'm being honest I think that the Naruto/Rias pairing has been overdone in this crossover.

Ajuka & Kushina: Naruto is their son. We all know that Ajuka is one of the four Satans. Kushina though is an extra demon like Grayfia. She met Ajuka years ago and joined his peerage as his queen and later on they got married.

Ajuka Peerage: The only known member of his peerage is Falak the king snake of the dead. Because he is their king's son I figured they would be involved in Naruto's life so I have made up a peerage out of characters from other anime. So far the only other member revealed is Kushina and she is a queen.

Naruto Peerage: Naruto's peerage will be made up from characters from Naruto, Highschool DxD and other anime. I figured it would be better to take characters from the anime and integrate their back story into the Highschool DxD world instead of making up OC that would have either a boring background or turn into a Mary Sue. Now then, any females who are in Naruto's peerage will most likely be part of his harem. Now I have selected most of the members the only thing left is a knight, a rook, a bishop and two pawns.

Really the only thing stopping me from finalizing the peerage is if I should take the Riser route and make it an all female peerage. Any opinions about his peerage are more than welcomed.

Alright I think that's everything I wanted to say for now.