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Chapter 3: Ice Queen

A 12 year old Sairaorg was walking down the halls of Beelzebub's mansion. It has been about 3 years since he first entered this home and a lot has changed since then. For one thing he was taller and more muscular. Ever since his first meeting with Naruto the two of them formed a strong rivalry and the both of them worked hard to try and out do the other. While Sairaorg was stronger physically Naruto had more talent with magic and his ability to make unexpected plans on the spot was astounding.

Not mention their greatest strength.

They were both too damn stubborn to stay down so more often than not their spars would end in a draw when they were both knocked unconscious.

But it wasn't just his physical appearance that changed. It was the air around him to. Instead of walking around with a blank look he was walking through the halls with a large grin on his face. Not only has he found a strong rival in the blonde but he found a great friend. When the two of them weren't training they could be scene just hanging around acting like the young boys they were. Also things were looking better for both him and his mother. Just a few months ago Sairaorg challenged his younger half-brother to a battle where the winner would become heir of the clan. Despite not inheriting the Power of Destruction Sairaorg proved he was still strong after defeating his brother and earning back his birthright.

Standing by his side was a young girl around the same age as Sairaorg. She had long blonde hair tied in a ponytail and green eyes. Her name was Kuisha Abaddon and she was Sairaorg's first and so far only member of his peerage.

The two meet a few weeks ago when Sairaorg decided go for some private training. That was when he saw some devils picking on the blonde haired girl. Apparently they were each from different families of the remaining 34 pillars not only that but they were some of the more arrogant members and they felt they needed to remind Kuisha, an extra demon, who the superior ones were. Something they soon found out after Sairaorg introduced them to his fists.

After thanking him the help her, the two of them got to talking and after learning she was considered a failure to her family and was kicked out Sairaorg felt he could relate and invited her to stay with him and a few day later she became her queen.

"You seem to be in high spirits Sairaorg-sama." She commented and it was true. From what she's seen her king was a very positive person but his mood seemed to have gone brighter when they entered the house.

"I suppose so. It's been about a month or so since I've last seen Naruto." Sairaorg explained as if that was the answer. And it pretty much was. He was excited to see his friend.

Not only that but he could brag about being the first of the two find someone to join their peerage.

"You speak fondly of this Naruto." Kuisha observed curiously.

"At first I wanted nothing to do with him but I will admit that was when I was in the brooding stage of my life." He started and Kuisha nodded along. She had heard about her king's past but she found it hard to believe that such a cheerful person was capable of brooding. "The two of us got in a fight. It ended in a draw. After the fight I felt so much better and I wanted a rematch. He was the first person my age that was able to fight back. Soon after we became rivals and then we became friends."

"I see. I will admit I am curious about meeting him." The blonde haired girl admitted.

"I'm sure you two will get along." Sairaorg said as they turned the corner when…


"What was that?!" Kuisha asked urgently as she stood in front of her king protectively her hands glowing with her demonic magic. However she blinked in confusion when she heard Sairaorg laugh and walk past her as if explosion were a normal occurrence in this home.

If only she knew.

The two walked until they reached a door and they could see some smoke coming through the spaces. Without knocking Sairaorg grabbed the knob and turned waving away any smoke before he inhaled it.

"Oi, Naruto! Are you free or are you too busy trying to blow yourself up!" Sairaorg shouted looking around the room.

"Screw you *cough cough* I'm not trying to blow myself up!" a voice shouted as the smoke cleared.

Kuisha looked at the disheveled blonde before him covered in soot and oil. His blue eyes were looking at Sairaorg with annoyance as his hands ran through his sun kissed blonde hair.

"Shouldn't you be speaking to your elders with more respect?" Sairaorg asked with mock innocence causing Naruto to scowl.

"Innocence? You're only a few months older!" he said.

"Maybe but that doesn't really change the fact that I'm 12 and you're eleven." The black haired boy countered.

"Please, my birthday is in a couple of days then we'll both be 12." Naruto scoffed.

"Actually you'll be 12 and I'll be 12 and a few months old." Came Sairaorg's smooth reply.

"Whatever jiji." Naruto mocked rolling his eyes before noticing the other presence in his room. "Who's she?"

"This is Kuisha Abaddon, my queen." Sairaorg introduced.

"Greetings Astaroth-sama. It is an honor to meet you." Kuisha said with a bow. When she looked back up she saw Naruto gaping at them. "Is something the matther Astaroth-sama?"

"You have a queen? Since when?" Naruto asked flabbergasted.

"A few weeks ago." Sairaorg said shrugging like it was no big deal but he was mentally grinning at his reaction.

"Damn it! How did it come to this? How did you get someone to join your peerage before me?" Naruto asked as he fell to his hands and knees pounding the floor with a fist.

"Because I am better then you?" Sairaorg suggested with an innocent look but Naruto shot to his feet and pointed a finger at him.

"Blasphemous!" He shouted.

"Now that I think of it Rias has a queen too right?" Sairaorg asked pouring salt to the wounds.

"So?" Naruto asked turning away.

"We had two years on her and yet you still don't have a single member?" he mocked.

"So it took you two years to get a member too!" Naruto shot back glaring at him in annoyance.

"Perhaps but I said I would not form my peerage until I reclaimed my place as clan heir. I needed those two years to train in order to do so. What is your excuse?"

"It's not that bad is it? Sona-chan hasn't gotten a member yet!" Naruto tried to defend himself.

"She's 9. She won't get her set of Evil Piece until next month on her birthday." Sairoarg deadpanned causing Naruto to fall down as an aura of depression hovered over him.

On the side Kuisha watched the whole thing with a sweat drop.

'This is how the son of Beelzebub-sama acts?' she thought before turning towards her laughing king. 'I have not seen Sairaorg-sama act like this before.'

"It doesn't matter! So what if you got a head start? I'll still kick your ass!" Naruto shouted as he jumped on his feet and glared at Sairaorg who returned it with a smirk.

"Um…are you two going to fight?" Kuisha asked nervously.

The two boys stared at her, blinked, stared at each other, blinked then looked back at her with a thoughtful look.

"Hmm. No I don't think so. What about you Naruto?"

"Me neither. Maybe tomorrow but I'm fine right now."

There casual admittance that they would fight later made the queen sweat drop.

"Anyway it's nice to meet ya Kuisha! Welcome to the family!" Naruto greeted holding his arm towards her.

Blinking in conclusion Kuisha attentively took his hand in her own and shook.

"If you don't mind my asking, what do you mean by 'family' Astaroth-sama." She asked when he released his hold on her hand.

"None of that 'sama' stuff. Just call me Naruto, I hate using formalities. Sairaorg and I are brothers in every way but blood and since you joined his peerage that means you joined our little family." Naruto explained.

"I see…then I thank you for welcoming me Aster-ah I mean Naruto." Kuisha said with a small smile. She was not expecting this from the son of a Satan but Sairaorg was right. Naruto was a very interesting devil.

"Alright so both you and Rias have a queen already. I really have let myself fall behind but not anymore. By the time of my birthday I will find the first member of my peerage!" Naruto declared as he pumped his fist into the air.

(Few days later, Naruto's birthday)

"Damn it! Why is it so hard to find peerage members?!" an irate Naruto shouted as he walked along a dirt road.

He promised Sairaorg that he would find his queen it proved to be a much more difficult task then he originally thought.

"Why couldn't I have been as luck as Rias-chan and have my future queen summon me?" he whined as he began walking up a hill.

He had met Rias' queen, a young girl named Akeno. Turns out she accidently summoned one of the Gremory Clan devils who saved her life. She was brought to their home and became best friends with Rias and soon her queen.

But he resigned in his luck that something like that would not happen and he began his research. He looked up different types of yokai to learn about unique abilities and characteristics that they possessed. Then he went on different human blogs to find out any interesting rumors in the human realm. Most humans were ignorant about the supernatural world and passed them off as simple myths and superstitions.

And more often than not these myths involved the supernatural.

So while he was doing his research he found a particularly interesting story. Apparently there was a small village that was untouched by modern civilization. While not impossible it was rare for there to be villages but they were often ignored since the people there lived in the past. But there was a note saying that it was located in a tropical environment. The strange thing was that about 10 years ago the temperatures began to plummet out of nowhere. No one knew why and then a few years later the impossible happened. The village had never seen snow before but a few years ago it became a common sight. It came to the point that snowstorms were a common occurrence.

But since this was so far away from civilization most people thought of this as a myth about a vengeful ice spirit unleashing their wrath on the village.

And so here he was. The moment Naruto reached the top of the hill it was liked he walked into one of those walk in refrigerators that butchers use to store meat. Looking at the ground he saw a light layer of frost that became deeper the closer it reached the village.

"Looks like there might be some truth to this myth." Naruto muttered as he walked towards the village.

"Hello! Is anybody here?" Naruto shouted as he walked through the freezing village. The only answer he received was the sound of snow getting crushed beneath his steps. Frowning he stuffed his hands in his pockets and continued to search for someone who could hopefully give him some answers.

After a few more minutes of walking in silence Naruto scratched his head wondering why he hadn't seen a single person. Was this village abandoned? Well he guessed that made since if they were hit by a bunch of random snowstorms.

"Looks like I have to search on my own." Naruto said as he stopped walking and crossed his arms. "So…if I was some kind of mythological being creating random blizzards where would I be?"

A sudden gust of cold wind blowing past him was his only answer.

"Okay, that wasn't ominous or anything." Naruto sighed as he continued to walk before his eyes widened and he snapped his fingers with a grin.

"Oh man how stupid can you be?" he said to himself smacking his head. Raising his arm he pulled the sleeve of his jacket up revealing something that resembled a watch. But instead of numbers and a hand the only thing there was a red arrow. "Okay time for your field test."

He pushed a small button on the side of the watch and looked as the red arrow lit up before spinning in a circle. After a few seconds of spinning the arrow stopped pointing towards Naruto's upper left and began to blink.

"That way huh?" Naruto said with a pleased smile. This was one of his earlier inventions and while simple it was very useful. It was a yoki detector. The arrow would lead you to the strongest source of yoki in the surrounding area and since this place was so barren this source of yoki was probably what he was looking for.

After walking he soon found himself at a park and the arrow was pointing straight ahead. He looked up and saw someone sitting on a swing. It was a young girl who appeared to be his age.

He took a look at her and was surprised he actually saw her, she almost blended with the snow perfectly. She had pale skin and long hair that was white as the snow around them. He couldn't see her eyes since she was looking down and her hair hid her eyes. She wore a short sleeved white shirt, black pants and worn out brown boots.

"What do you want?" She asked her gentle voice carried by the winter wind.

Naruto could have told her that he was here looking for the source of the ice and snow. He could have told her he was searching for members to join his peerage, she possessed yoki according to his detector she had had to have had some knowledge about the Evil Pieces. He could have told her he was curious about where everyone around this village was.

"Aren't you cold?" he asked with a tilt of his head.

But he didn't.

Because right now he forgot about his original purpose and was too busy looking at a girl his age wearing light clothing in such cold weather.

The girl looked up and blue met blue, but while his eyes resembled sapphires hers resembled ice.

"Cold?" she asked curiously like she was unaware of what that was.

"Um…yeah?" Naruto asked unsurely. The girl was silent as she pondered this before speaking.

"I don't get cold."

"Really?" Naruto asked with a raised brow. Was she and ice type yokai?

"I do not get cold…because I am the cold." She explained further.

"You are the cold?" Naruto repeated in confusion. What did that mean?

"What do you want?" she repeated her first question ignoring his confusion.

"Oh right. Uh… My name is Naruto Astaroth and I heard the stories about the sudden blizzards hitting this place and I wanted to see for myself." Naruto explained. "I was hoping I could find the cause of it while I was here."

"I see." She said before pausing. "In that case you have found it."

"I have?" Naruto blinked before pointing at her. "So it was you."

He was only answered with silence.

"So…why did you decide to give this village the gift of winter?"

She remained silent but he noticed her slightly flinch.

"Where is everyone?"


"So you're here by yourself then?"

Flinch. Silence.

"You must be strong if you were able to change the natural weather of this place for so long."

Flinch. Silence.

"Well I have a question for you." Naruto started but sighed when he was greeted once more with silence. "I wanted to know if you would consider joining my peerage. I could really use someone with your gift."

That got a response from her but it was one he wasn't expecting.

"Gift." Her voice held a tint of venom. "You think this is a gift?"

"Um…sure." Naruto tried uncertainly.


Her voice was no longer gentle but as cold as the frost around them.

"Huh?" Naruto asked taken back by her sudden change in tone.

"You've come after me because of my powers." She her voice was like a whisper in the wind but he still heard her. "But just like the others who have tried to take me…you will fail!"

The sudden shout was followed with a sudden burst of wind so fierce that Naruto had to shield his face as he took a few steps back.

"Oi, what's the big deal?"he sputtered.

"What? I thought you wanted me because of my power? I'm just giving you a taste of it!" she said as she swung her arm. The next thing Naruto knew was that he was slammed into a nearby tree after getting hit by a powerful gust of wind and snow.

Naruto winced and glared at the girl only for his eyes to widen when he saw the white haired girl raise both arms. Ice began to form around her and took the form of spikes.

Pointy spikes he added mildly as he jumped away gulping a bit when he saw the frozen weapons impeded in the tree he was leaning against seconds ago.

"Hey no need to launch sharp pointy objects at me! Can't we talk about this?" Naruto asked hopefully.

"We could." The girl allowed causing Naruto to smile. But that smile was wiped off when she continued. "But that doesn't mean we will!"

"Damn it!" Naruto cursed as he rolled out of the way of the incoming frozen projectiles.

"I'm pretty sure Sairaorg and Rias didn't have it this rough when they had Kuisha and Akeno join them." Naruto said as he watched the girl in front of him warily.

"Mou, where is he?" Rias complained.

"Must you be so childish Rias?" a young girl with short blak hair wearing glasses asked.

"Of course! I'm only 10. Mou, Sona-chan you're younger than me so you should be more childish too!" Rias said with a pout.

"Ara ara, it seems like Rias-chan is as lively as ever." Another younger girl said. She had long black hair tied into a ponytail and purple eyes.

"I just want to see Naruto-nii. It's been forever since I've last seen him." Rias defended.

"He visited you a few months ago on your birthday Rias." Sona countered with a raised brow looking far more mature then someone her age should be.

"So this is where everyone is." They heard someone say. Turning Rias smiled as she greeted her older cousin.

"Sairaorg! You're here!" Rias said with a smile running to hug him.

"Rias, it's good to see you again." He said with a smile as he returned her hug.

When he first met her he didn't know how to act. On one hand he knew she was not responsible for his father's behavior towards him but on the other he was still a child and he couldn't help but feel jealous that she was the one who inherited the Power of Destruction while he did not.

But as time went but he realized that just like how it wasn't his fault that he didn't inherit the power it wasn't her fault that she did. And Naruto had been right about her. She was a very sweet girl.

"Hello Sairaorg, I take it that this is your queen you've been speaking about." Sona said looking at the blonde girl next to him.

"Yes this is Kuisha." He introduced.

"A pleasure to meet you." The blonde queen said with a bow.

"Ara, how nice. Another queen to talk to." Akeno said with a smile.

"Ne Sairaorg is Naruto-nii with you?" Rias asked as he looked around the older boy in hope of seeing the blonde Astaroth.

"I'm afraid not. I haven't seen him since he went on his peerage hunt." He answered causing the younger girls to look at him in confusion.

"Peerage hunt? What do you mean?" Sona asked curiously.

"Seems he's a bit down since bother Rias and I have a member of peerage while he doesn't. So he told me he would find someone to join before his birthday. Chances are he's still out searching." He explained. "But don't worry, chances are he's either found someone or he's just goofing around having fun."

"I am so not having fun!" Naruto shouted as he bobbed and weaved around to avoid any incoming ice attacks.

"Good, you're not supposed to." The girl said in a calm tone as she fired another flurry of ice spears.

"Why do you have to be so mean Snowflake-chan?" Naruto asked as he ducked away from another ice spike.

The onslaught of ice and snow suddenly stopped and Naruto took this moment to look at the girl who stared at him with a raised brow.

"Snowflake-chan?" she asked with a hint of curiosity.

"Well…I don't really know your name and your hair is as white as snow so I thought it would fit." Naruto shrugged.

There was a moment of silence.

"I see."

And the blizzard continued once more.

"If you didn't like the name you could have just said so!" Naruto said with a wince as an ice spike grazed his shoulder.

"Screw this. You want a fight I'll give you one!" Naruto shouted raising his arm and three chains shot out of each hand. He began to swing them around crushing the ice before it reached this.

Seeing this, the white haired girl paused and looked at him with a frown.

"I see. Like me you also possess a curse." She stated causing Naruto to look at her with a frown.

"Curse? What are you talking about? This is just the chain magic I inherited from my mother." Naruto stated and it was true. It took him some time to learn how to use his mother's chain magic and he was proud of it. No way was he going to let someone call it a curse.

"Call it whatever you wish it won't change a thing." She countered.

"Why are you trying to freeze my ass? I just wanted you to join my peerage." Naruto said hoping to resolve this peacefully.

"I refuse to fall for your tricks." She stated frowning.

"Tricks? I'm being straightforward. I want you to join my peerage." Naruto insisted.

"Again your tricks won't work. I once believed people accepted me for my abilities but I won't fall for it again." She repeated her voice getting colder along with the temperature. "The only one who accepted me was my mother. She was the only one who I could trust. Now that she is gone I have no one."

"No one? What about your other family or your friends?" Naruto asked fishing for information. Her calm face finally broke as she showed him a bitter smile.

"Family and friends? On the day of my birth the temperatures around here began to drop. As I got older the village got colder. The villagers think of me as some vengeful spirit who is here to freeze them to death. My good for nothing father left saying that my mother was nothing more than a plaything to him and that he refused to acknowledge a half breed like me whatever that means. My mothers' family blamed me for her death."

Here she paused and Naruto could see the anger in her eyes. But he looked at her curiously. Half breed? Did that mean she was only half yokai or something?

"After her death I was constantly blamed because my cures kept getting out of control. Soon ice covered the land and the people were angrier. But they were also scared. I was killing their land and slowly killing them. It didn't matter that it was an accident. The only thing they saw was a threat, a threat they wanted to get rid of."

The wind around her began to pick up.

"And now you show up out of nowhere saying you want me to join this peerage thing because of my cures? The very thing that has kept me isolated? I don't believe it for a second!" she shouted firing a wave of ice at Naruto who jumped out of the way.

"Oi Snowflake-chan calm down!" she shouted over the freezing winds.

"Earlier you asked why I decided to give this village the gift of winter." She said before scoffing in distain. "Winter is no gift."

"Are you sure? I've always liked winter." Naruto said before hoping back as ice spike sprouted from the ground where he was once standing.

"There is nothing to like about winter. Winter represents death….darkness…suffering…I am winter. The pain I bring is absolute…the misery I bring is absolute…the demise I bring is ABSOLUTE!"

With that final shout she slammed both palms into the ground and snow soon turned into ice. And the ice soon transformed into a field of frozen spikes.

"Well now…this is an unpleasant turn of events." Naruto said in an even tone as the spikes spread towards him. He quickly sprouted his wings and flew to the air not wanting to be skewered.

"What the?" she mumbled her eyes widened a bit when she saw his wings.

"Are you trying to kill me?!" Naruto shouted from his place in the air.

"Yes." Was her simple answer causing Naruto to stumble a bit.

"So blunt." He muttered with a sweat drop.

"So you are like me." She observed causing Naruto to raise a brow.

"Like you? What do you mean?"

What he saw next shocked him.

From out of her back two black wings that resembled his sprouted out.

"You're a devil?" he asked pointing a finger at her as she tilted her head to the side.

"Devil? Is that what we are? I suppose it is fitting from all the harm I bring." She mused before leaping into the air.

"Damn, I was really hoping I could gain the advantage by flying." Naruto grumbled. She was able to create powerful gusts of wind. That was definitely going to mess with his flying.

"Now that I know what I am…please die." She said and ice began to grow on her hands until they resembled claws.

"Sharp and pointy…of course." Naruto deadpanned. He waved his arms around building up his magic.

"Explosion Formula" two magic seals appeared above and below his opponent while three more that were lined up together appeared on each of her side. At the center of the seals was the Astaroth Clan symbol and on the edge of the circles was a variety of letters, numbers and symbols making it resemble a strange formula. Snapping his fingers he watched in satisfaction as the ice wielding devil was consumed by the following explosion.

He frowned though when he saw the smoke cleared and instead of the girl he saw a block of ice. It began to crack and break showing the girl was unharmed.

"You made a shield of ice huh? You're just making me wanting you to join my peerage more and more." Naruto said with a small smile before pointing his finger until his hand resembled a gun.

"Demon Bullet" he said as a ball of demonic energy formed at the end of his finger before being fired towards her. The bullet was black by a shield of ice that appeared between the attack and the target.

"Tch. I'm not done yet Snowflake-chan." Naruto clicked his teeth in annoyance before multiple chains shot out of his body and headed straight towards her. Seeing this, the ice using devil was about to dodge when Naruto noticed something.

Her body suddenly went tense and her eyes widened as panic filled them. She threw her head back and released a scream of pain.

"AAAHHH!" her screamed filled the air as the winds picked up until they were in the middle of a blizzard that was much stronger then what she previously created. Naruto watched in fascination as his chains stopped moving before freezing and crumbled into shards of ice. Struggling to keep his place in the air he saw that small patched of ice formed on his body in various spots. Just as he was about to fly away to leave the range of the blizzard it suddenly stopped. He looked to see the girl breathing heavily.

"So that's why you think it's a curse? You're able to use ice magic but you don't have proper control of it." Naruto observed. "And it was because of that that you ended up hurting the villagers."

"Shut up." She hissed with a glare as she regained her breath.

"It's not your fault. You said you were a half breed and your father left right? So that means you lived surrounded by humans with no one to help you control your powers." Naruto said.

"I said shut up." She repeated as she created two ice spears before launching them towards him.

"I get that you're scared of your powers." Naruto started as he ducked away from the spears. "But you don't have to stay here alone. Come with me. I can introduce you to people who can help you control your power. In fact my godmother is one of the strongest ice using devils in the underworld."

The girl paused and it looked like she was considering it before shaking her head and charged at him her hands covered with ice in the shape of claw. Naruto cursed as he flew to avoid it but she was hot on his trail. The two began an aerial dance with Naruto trying to avoid being cut to shreds and the girl dodging any bullets he fired.

"Come on! You can't tell me that you aren't interested in the opportunity of controlling your powers? What about your mother? Would she want you to waste your life living in this frozen village alone?" Naruto shouted as his cheek was cut by one of her claws.

"Empty promises. Empty promises that I won't fall for!" she said going for another sweep but Naruto leaned back to dodge it. "I do not care if you are interest in my curse! I won't let you take advantage of me!"

"I'm not trying to take advantage! I just want to help!" Naruto tried as he descended to the ground with her following.

"Lies! You want me to join this peerage of yours! You even admitted earlier that you are interested in my powers! It is because of that that you are here in the first place!" she hissed summoning a block of ice. Unleashing a battle cry she launched it hoping to crush the blonde.

Seeing this Naruto clapped both his hands so they resembled a gun and fire a larger bullet.

"It's always the same! It's always my powers that ruin my life and I'm sick of it!" she shouted and Naruto was surprised to see some tears forming at the corner of her eyes.

"First my powers make it so cold that my mother gets sick slowly killing her, my father leaves me because I'm some disgusting half breed, my mother's family hates me for killing her, the villagers want me dead for freezing their land. Earlier you asked me where everyone was, well I killed them all! They attack me and when I panicked I accidently froze them to death. Now you, some random devil comes here looking for me because he wants me to join this peerage thing and use me for my powers." She took a deep breath to calm herself down. She was so out of it that she said things she didn't mean to.

Naruto looked at her with wide eyes as she got that off her chest before frowning. Now that he thought about it, from her point of view it did seem like her powers dictated her life.

Wow…no wonder she thinks her powers are a curse.

"You're right." He said softly and his sudden agreement actually shocker her enough to pause in her attacks. The winds died out and the area was filled with silence.

"What?" she asked incredulously. This whole fight he was persistent in him join this peerage of his and now he's agreeing with her.

"The original purpose for me being here was to find the source of the resent snowstorms which turns out to be you. Once I found out I wanted you to join my peerage because I knew you were strong. So you're right, I'm basically here for your powers." He admitted softly. "But not anymore."

"What do you mean?" she asked suspiciously.

"I still want to help you but if you don't want to join my peerage then that's fine." Naruto said smiling at the surprised girl. "But still, just because you won't be joining my peerage doesn't mean we can't be friends."

"Friends?" she repeated with wide eyes.

"Yup! What do you say Snowflake-chan? Let's become friends and then I can introduce you to my godmother. She can definitely help you with your ice power." Naruto offered his grin widening and eyes honest.

"B-But my curse! I am just like winter! I only bring harm to other!" she shot back losing her composure.

"Oh right, earlier you said you bring pain, misery and demise to others. Well let me tell you something Snowflake-chan, I am a firm believer of no pain no gain. You didn't bring misery to me because I love fighting strong opponents and you were definitely a strong opponent. And that thing about meeting my demise? I won't be meeting my end anytime soon. After all I still have to surpass my father and become a Satan!" Naruto said with a confident grin.

"Now come on. Earlier so said you were alone for so long. I don't know about you but I would hate that so let's be friends! Let me help you by ending your solitude." Naruto said his grin shifting into a soft hopeful smile.


"Beside I don't know about you but I don't think about all those negative thoughts about winter. Personally I love it. Seeing a clear field covered in a blanket of white snow is a really beautiful sight." Naruto continued.

The girl was looking at him in disbelief. This wasn't supposed to happen. When people found out about her powers they were supposed to react negatively not offer her friendship. She had no idea how to react. She looked in his eyes and saw that he really had no more desire of her joining this peerage of his. There was just he just wanted to help her and be friends. She had not received that kind of look or kindness in a long time.

Not since her mother.

And it felt nice.

Really nice.

"Exactly what is a peerage?" she asked after a moment of silence.

"Huh?" Naruto asked tilting his head.

"The reason we fought was because you wanted me to join your peerage. I have no idea what that is and if we are to be friends then I should at least know why we fought in the first place." She hastily explained.

"Oh, well you see we devils have something called Evil Pieces which is basically a set of chess piece that every top-class devils receive. After the Great War the devil population diminished so my father, Ajuka Beelzebub, created the Evil Pieces to reincarnate other beings into devils. Each piece offers a different power. I would be king since it's my peerage and anyone else would be reincarnated as a devil and join my peerage as my servant." Naruto explained.

"So you want me to be a slave." She asked with a frown. He wanted her to be his slave? That did not sound appealing at all. And here she thought she could actually have a friend.

"Eh that's just the technical term. I'm not very fond of it either. I perform the term comrade if I'm being honest." Naruto admitted hoping he didn't offend her or anything.

"I see. And you wanted me to join your peerage because of my powers." She stated but raised a brow when he shook his head.

"That's only partially true." Naruto said causing her to frown in confusion.

"Partially? What do you mean?"

"It was your powers that attracted me but it was your potential that sealed the deal." Naruto explained with a grin.

"My potential? What do you mean?" she asked with a confused expression.

"Exactly what it sounds like Snowflake-chan. I can tell that you don't have full control of your powers. Now I don't mean to sound arrogant but I'm pretty strong for a devil in my age group and despite the fact that you haven't completely mastered your powers you still put up a good fight." Naruto said before continuing in a softer tone.

"I get that when it comes to your powers you've only focused on the negative but if you're able to control it you would see the positives that come with it. Let me help you Snowflake-chan. Let me show you that your curse is actually a gift. Let me be you friend."

The ice wielding devil just stared at him digesting what she had heard.

Could it be true?

Could she trust this boy she had just met?

If she was being honest with herself then she would admit that she wanted to trust him. She wanted to so bad.

She was tired.

Tired of losing control of her powers.

Tired of unintentionally hurting others.

Tired of always being on guard.

But most of all she was tired of being alone.

"You're serious." She whispered ducking her head so he wouldn't see her eyes.

"Very." Naruto said in a quiet but serious tone.

Slowly the girl walked towards Naruto who just watched her. When she was in arms length of him she looked up and her eyes were a bit moist.

"This isn't a trick right?" she asked hopefully.

"I swear on the honor of my clan that this is no trick. I wish to be friends with you and I wish to help you." Naruto reassured.

She looked at him carefully before nodding. She may have not known much about devil culture but she knew that swearing on the honor of your clan was equivalent to a binding contract. To make an oath on your clan name and then breaking it would bring shame to him and his family.

He did not seem like some cruel horrible being like legends typically depict devils as. He was offering her help something that no one else has done before. She looked into his eyes one more time and saw no deceit. Sighing to herself she made her decision. Whether it was for better or worse…she'll just have to wait and see.

"What piece am I going to be?" she asked after making her decision.

"What?" Naruto blinked in confusion.

"The Evil Pieces. Which piece am I going to be." She asked

"Oh…well based on our fight I'd say you would work best as a queen. You're definitely strong enough." Naruto answered after he gave it some thought.

"I see, so how are we doing this?" she asked curiously.

"Doing what?" Naruto asked.

"Turning me into your queen." She simply answered.

"Oh, well I would just take out the queen piece and it would have to be touching you. Then I wou-wait a minute." Naruto paused his explanation and looked at her with wide eyes. "What do you mean turning you into my queen?"

"I thought that was your original purpose. Have you changed your mind?"

"No but the whole fight started because you didn't want to join my peerage! Now all of a sudden you want to join it? Man I knew girls were confusing but come on! This makes no sense?" Naruto said rubbing his head in thought.

Wasn't she just trying to kill him a minute ago after he asked her to join?

Yeah, girls were definitely confusing.

She merely stared at him before her lips twitched into a small smile.

"Ah, it seems like my new king is quite foolish." She said shaking her head a bit.

"Foolish? How am I foolish?" Naruto asked with a frown.

"I have never been accepted by the humans here. Other then my mother I was seen as a demon...well my father saw me more as trash than a demon. Sprouting these wings did not help me with my image either. But now I know that I am a devil, or at least half devil. My whole life I have had many question but no answers. And then you show up and have given them to me." She explained as Naruto listened attentively. "What am I? Why am I cursed? Why won't anyone help me? Why must I be alone? I have asked myself these questions for years and you have answered them."

"I did?" he asked. As far as he could tell all he did was try and get her to join his peerage, fight her and then offer her help and friendship.

"You have showed me that I am a devil, or at least half devil. You have told me that my curse is only a curse if I think of it as such. What's more is that you have offered me a chance to control my powers, something no one has done before. I have never been offered help until today. And I am alone…because I chose to be alone." She admitted quietly. "I am alone because I have allowed the fear of my powers to control me."

She looked into his eyes and Naruto saw determination in them. "I am done letting that fear control me. Earlier you asked me if my mother would want me to live alone like this and I know she would not. If you are offering me help and companionship, two things that I have craved for so long, then it is only fair that I help my new friend as well."

Naruto could only gape at her as a full blown grin spread on her face and her usual cold eyes were now filled with warmth.

"And my new friend has been looking for people to join his peerage." She finished.

*chirp chirp chirp*

"Eh?" was the only intelligent thing Naruto could think of.

"Again it seems like me king is more foolish then I thought." She sighed dramatically.

"So…what you're trying to say is…" Naruto started but she finished it.

"I will join your peerage if you help me with my powers." She knew it wasn't the smartest move she could have made. She still didn't know much about him but this seemed like a win-win situation for them both.

He would gain an ally and she would no longer be alone.

Naruto just stared at her incredulously before speaking in a slow disbelieving voice. "You're serious."

"Of course I am. This would benefit us both. As long as you keep your end of the deal I shall serve under you. So what do you say?" she asked amused by his flabbergasted expression.

Naruto just looked at her blankly before throwing his head back and laughing.

"Man Snowflake-chan, the minute I decide to give up on the idea of you joining you do this. Something tells me you're definitely going to keep me on my toes." Naruto said as he dug into his pocket. She watched as he pulled out a case. Opening it he pulled out a chess piece.

A queen.

"Alright this is your last chance. Know that either way I'll help you control you're powers and we'll still be friends. So one more time, are you sure about this?" he asked as he stared at her searching for any doubt.

He found none.

Well damn.

She was serious.

"I have already thought about it and my decision stands." She stated confidently.

"Alright then, let's get do this." He said as the queen piece was engulfed by gold light. He was about to speaking before he blinked as a thought hit him. Smiling sheepishly he looked at the girl who was watching the queen piece curiously.

"Um…this might be a bad time to ask this but…what's your name?" he asked with an awkward smile realizing he never asked her.

The girl looks at her blankly before smiling a bit. She covered her mouth with her hand and released a slight chuckle.

"I forgot I never introduced myself. To think this whole time you've been recruiting and you don't even know my name. To think that earlier today I was all alone and now I am following such a foolish king. I guess that old saying is true. You never know what tomorrow will bring." She stated.

"Once again you called me a foolish king. I really hope this doesn't become your catchphrase or something." Naruto deadpanned.

"Well my name is not Snowflake-chan like you've been calling me. It's Silvia." She corrected.

"Silvia?" Naruto repeated testing the name. It was a nice name.

"Yes Silvia, Silvia Lucifuge."

End of Chapter

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Power of Creation: the complete opposite of the Power of Destruction. With this magic Naruto is able to use his demonic energy to make different symbols and calculations to create different formulas with various effects depending on the formula and how much yoki Naruto uses will create different effects. Kankara Formula is an advance technique from this branch of magic. I guess the easiest way to explain it would be like comparing it to fuinjutsu.

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