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Chapter 5: And the Years go by

A blurred figure was running through the forest, barely making a sound as his feet hit the ground. The moonlight slipped through the tree leaves revealing a man with shoulder length silver hair. The man wore black pants and a dark grey opened jacket with the sleeves torn off.

The man came to a sudden stop and took a few sniffs into the air before growling as his face twisted in frustration.

"Damn it…" he muttered before continuing on his path.

Why was the man running?

The answer was rather simple.

He was a stray devil.

What that meant was that he was considered a criminal within the underworld and would be killed on sight. Hoping to avoid that fate he escaped into the human world but it looked like that wasn't going to be enough.

"Must we continue this game of tag?" a bored voice from his side asked surprising him. Wide eyes he turned and saw a young man casually running by his side.

He had spiky blonde hair and blue eyes. He wore and orange and black jacket over a dark blue shirt and a pair of black jeans.

"Mizuki… for leading a coup within the peerage of your king and killing him you are sentenced to death." The blonde said glancing at the glaring man now named Mizuki.

"And what if I resist?" he jeered as he went to kick the blonde who merely stepped out of range from the blow.

"If you resist? Well that would just make my night a little more difficult but it won't change things. Your time on earth ends tonight." The blonde shrugged.

"A cocky one aren't you?" Mizuki sneered as he lunged towards the blonde but again his pursuer sidestepped out of the way.

"Maybe." The blond idly commented as he blocked one of Mizuki's punches before driving his fist into the stomach of the silver haired man."

"Gah!" he grunted in pain before he went flying until he crashed into a nearby tree. Recovering himself Mizuki released a growl as he leapt towards the blonde only to stumble back when the blonde's foot slammed into his jaw.

"Now now you said you were going to resist. At least try and make this challenging." The blonde scolded.

"Damn bast-ack!" Mizuki was interrupted as his opponent's knee drove into his gut before a right hook connected with his face.

"Name calling? Really? That's just plain rude." The blonde scolded in a tone that was seriously pissing Mizuki off.

'Damn punk thinks he's some kind of big shot. Smug little prick…I knew someone was following me and now it's time to pounce.' Mizuki thought with a smirk.

"Oi you think you're something huh? Well it looks like your arrogance it about to cost you?" he taunted causing the blonde to raise a brow.

"You haven't been able to land a hit on me yet but I'll bite. How is my arrogance going to cost me?" he asked tilting his head to the side his calm tone causing Mizuki to grit his teeth in frustration.

What did it take to get a rise out of this guy?

"You knew the reason I become a stray was by leading a coup. You know I have allies and yet you come here by yourself? Well it's about to cost you. NOW! ATTACK!" he shouted.

*chirp chirp chirp*

"Was something supposed to happen?" the blonde asked with a raised brow.

"The hell?" Mizuki muttered to himself. Where were his allies? He knew he was being hunted so he sent them off to hide and wait for the signal to take this guy out.

"Perhaps I wasn't the one who was arrogant?" the blonde suggested.

"What did you do?" Mizuki asked glaring hatefully at his opponent who simply shrugged his shoulders.

"The answers simple really." The blonde said as he stuffed his hands in his pockets his lips twitched into a mocking smile. "But I think I'll answer your question with a question of my own."

Mizuki waited for him to continue but his eyes widened when the blonde suddenly vanished before his eyes. Before he could search the area he heard a voice from behind whisper in his ear.

"What made you think I showed up on my own?"

And that was all he heard before something grabbed the back of his head and slammed him into the ground.

Raijin and Fujin, also known as the Legendary Stupid brothers, were in a predicament. Like they're ring leader they were stray devils. Earlier tonight Mizuki felt the presence of another devil who was most likely out to hunt them. So following their boss' orders they split up from him and waited for his signal to attack whoever was after them.

The orders were rather simple but like earlier stated there was a predicament and it was standing right in front of them preventing them from completing their orders.

The first obstacle was a young woman with a voluptuous figure, like black hair with split bangs and hazel eyes with cat like pupils. She wore a black kimono that opened at the shoulder showing off her impressive cleavage, a yellow obi, a set of golden beads and an ornately detailed headband. However the trait that stood out most were the black cat ears and two tails that sung about lazily.

The second obstacle was another young woman but this one had long silver hair that was shining beneath the moonlight. She wore a simple grey turtleneck and a black mid-thigh skirt. She also wore grey thigh high socks and black loafers. Like the black haired girl this one had some traits that stood out such as her crimson red eyes with slits for pupils and there was also a fang jutting from her lips as she smirked at the brothers before her.

"Brother what we do? Pretty girls no let us pass." Fujin asked as he scratched the back of his head.

"Don't know brother but boss said we gotta help him or we no get dinner." Raijin answered with a frightened expression.

"No dinner?" Fujin repeated looking just as scared as his brother.

"Dinner is the last of your worries nya." The black haired girl with the cat like features taunted with a smirk.

"Fujin and Raijin, for aiding in the murder of your king you were declared stray devils. Now please stand still so we can kill you quickly." The silver haired girl said.

"It seems like we have company Meizu." A man with shoulder-length, wild dark-brown hair and dark eyes. He wore a rebreather that covered the lower half of his face and a large, clawed, gauntlet on his right arm He also had on a camouflage suit with bandages around his waist, dark-colored, knee-length sandals and a ragged black cape.

"So it would seem Gozu." A man who looked identical to Meizu stated. The only real difference was that his gauntlet was worn on his left arm.

Like Raijin and Fujin these two were a part of the coup that Mizuki lead and were about to go after whoever was chasing Mizuki but they were led away by the individual before them.

She was a beautiful young girl with long blonde hair that was tied in a ponytail with two bangs framing her face. She wore a green shirt, white jacket, dark blue jeans and brown boots. Her green eyes were full of mirth as she smiled at the two before her with one hand resting on the handle of the rapier that hung on her hip.

"You're Meizu and Gozu right?" she asked in an upbeat voice.

"So what if we are?" Meizu asked eyes narrowed at the girl in front of him.

"Well~ if you are then I'm afraid I have some bad news." She informed them.

"And what would that be?" Gozu asked as he shifted in place watching her carefully.

"Tonight's the night you're going to die~." She answered with a smile.

"Die? You have some nerve you bitch?" Oboro snarled his voice slightly distorted from his rebreather. Oboro was a young man with spiky black hair and dark eyes. He wore a yellow jumpsuit stitched up along the middle. He also had a sash tied around his face with two holes cut out for his eyes.

"That's some big talk from one girl." Kagari added. Kagari looked a lot like Oboro but with brown hair. He wore the same exact jumpsuit and the sash around his face had no holes cut into it.

"It's three against one lady. We're a little late on our orders so if you leave now we'll forget about this ridiculous conversation." Mubi offered. Like the other two before him he wore the same jumpsuit and rebreather. His black hair was low trimmed and the cloth around his face had a hole cut out on the left eye only.

Oboro, Kagari and Mubi were stray devils. They had helped Mizuki kill their king and were now on the run. When Mizuki felt the presence of someone following them they followed his orders and hid themselves until they were given the signal to attack.

However before they received that signal they were cut off by some girl they've never met before who had told them she was here to kill them.

The girl was beautiful, no doubt about that. Her hair, that was as white as snow, was partially tied up in the back in a long bun and fell behind her shoulders while a strand fell between her ice blue eyes, and parted on the left side of her head by a blue, star-shaped hair clip. She wore a white kimono with large sleeves and a long hem with a pale yellow-green obi wrapped around her waist which was attached to a large, pale purple bow on her back.

"Three on one you say? I don't see how that is relevant. Because in the end all of you will cease to exist." She explained in soft voice her eyes were cold as she stared them down.

"That's some big talk." Oboro growled.

"Not really." She countered still looking at them with a calmness that unnerved the three of them. "It is simply fact."

"Alright, I've had enough of this bitch." Kagari stated. Although his eyes were covered you could practically feel the glare he was throwing her way. "I say we kill her."

"Agreed." Came Oboro's immediate response.

"Whatever, let's just get this over with. We're already behind time." Mubi said.

"I do not mean to brag but you do not stand a chance against me. My king has done his research on your group and you three have no real talent in combat." She stated causing their anger to rise.

"What was that?" Oboro hissed in outrage.

"Have I offended you?" she asked tilting her head. "If so I apologize it was not my intention, I was merely stating facts. Your three specialize in illusions to stall your opponents and wait for them to tire out or for your allies to finish them off. That type of tactic will not work on me."

"That's it! Time to die!" Oboro growled as he made a hand sign followed by his two allies.

The white haired girl watch evenly as an army of clones emerged from the ground. She raised a brow at the army far from impressed. She couldn't feel any heat coming from them so it was obvious that they were simple illusions.

Sighing she shook her head a bit. Did she not just warn them that this sort of tactic would not affect her?

Oh well, it would seem she would have to show them how serious she was about them having no chance against her.

"So now that you know that back up isn't showing up are you still going to resist." The blonde teen asked as he caught Mizuki's kick before swinging his around before slamming him onto the ground beneath him.

"I doubt that your friends can handle my boys. They'll be here in a matter of seconds." Mizuki said getting back up as he tried a sweep kick only for his opponent to jump out of its way.

"Seems you're a stubborn one." The blonde commented before pointing a finger towards Mizuki.

"Cero." He said before firing a blast of golden demonic energy from the tip of his finger.

Mizuki's eyes widened before he jumped out of the way. He had no intention of getting hit by that attack. He closed his eyes briefly as a dust storm kicked up from the explosion. When his eyes opened he only saw the first for a second before it crashed into his nose.

"Closing your eyes during battle…rookie mistake." The blonde commented.

"Screw you!" Mizuki shouted as he clutched his nose. Damn, it was definitely broken. "You'll pay for that."

"So you say." His opponent drawled as Mizuki charged.

He unleashed a blur of kicks and punches but no matter what he did he couldn't land a hit on his damned opponent.

"You know when I was given this mission I expected more from you." The blonde stated as he ducked a punch and hit Mizuki with an uppercut. Mizuki staggered back but his opponent grabbed his wrist spun around and threw him over his shoulder.

"Damn it! Stop mocking me!" Mizuki shouted as he got back on his feet. This blonde was seriously pissing him off. Not only could he not get a hit but the way he talked, so casually like he was no threat whatsoever.

"Mocking you? How am I mocking you? I'm just speaking the truth." The blonde in orange said sounding confused at Mizuki's accusation.

"Stop talking to me like that!" Mizuki growled out as his teeth grew fangs and his muscles bulged.

"You know…I'm starting to wonder how someone with your level of strength was able to kill your king." He continued. If he noticed Mizuki's anger then he was doing a good job of ignoring it.

"Wait till I get my hands on you, I'm going to cave your skull in." Mizuki swore as his nails grew into claws and his ears became pointed.

"You know most stray devils go solo but you worked hard to maintain your group and I think I know why…it's because you're too weak to do anything by yourself.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Mizuki said his patience officially gone. Orange fur grew on his skin as well as black stripes.

"Oh so you were originally a tiger yokai before you were reincarnated?" the blonde asked with a raised brow and a somewhat interested look.

"I never had to reveal this form before but for you I'll make an exception." Mizuki said with a malicious grin.

"Well then…don't I feel special." The blonde said in a sarcastic tone and Mizuki's anger returned full force.

"STOP ACTING SO NONCHALANT YOU BASTARD!" he said as he charged. He started with a forward charge but he suddenly vanished with his new speed boost. The blonde merely blinked before a shadow from before engulfed him. Looking over his shoulder he saw a Mizuki with a savage grin with his hands clenched together raised over his head.

"Bye Bye." He said as he brought down his hands creating a large dust explosion from the impact.

"Don't think I'm done yet." He said as he leapt into the air. His claws glowed with demonic energy and he began to make multiple slashing motions creating an onslaught of crescent shape blades bombarding the spot where he left his opponent.

"Die die die die die!" he chanted under his breath his eyes filled with dark glee. Stopping his attack he landed back on the ground, threw his head back and laughed.

"Ha ha ha ha! I told you I would kill you!" he said unable to contain his joy.

Joy that was promptly destroyed when he heard a familiar and unwelcomed voice.

"You know, you jump to conclusions too soon." he heard from behind. Slowly turning his head with an expression of disbelief. Sitting on the branch completely unscratched was his blonde opponent.

"How…?" he muttered unable to comprehend what he was seeing. "How are you uninjured?"

"Easy…you missed."

"What?" he muttered, unable to see how he could have missed.

"I don't understand what's so hard to understand. I am unharmed because you missed." He said as he jumped off the branch and landed on the ground creating a small dust could at his feet.

"Who the hell are you?" Mizuki finally muttered as he was starting to feel nervous. No matter what he tried nothing hit this guy. He was starting to realize that this was no ordinary kid.

"Ah I suppose I've forgotten to introduce myself. Let's fix that now." The blonde said as he offered a mock bow before grinning. "The name's Naruto Astaroth."

"Mizuki's eyes widened at that name.

His opponent before him was none other than…

"T-The son of Beelzebub?" he said.

Naruto Astaroth was a well-known name in the underworld. The only child of Ajuka Beelzebub he was a rising star among the younger devils. However about 5 years ago he left the underworld in order to find others to join his peerage.

"Yeah, I was on my way home but I was given the request to eliminate you and since I was around the area…" Naruto trailed off.

"I-It doesn't matter who you are…" Mizuki said trying to steel his nerves. "Once my men get here you're done."

"Like I said who says I came here alone? My peerage is out there taking out your goons." Naruto said dismissively.

"Please." Mizuki scoffed finally regaining his composure. "You may be the brat of a Satan but I bet your all talk."

"…have you already forgotten how ineffective you've been? You haven't landed a single hit." Naruto deadpanned. "Now then…I think it's time to finish this."

Mizuki swallowed his nervousness as the wind around them began to shift. A golden aura surrounded Naruto and the increase in strength he felt was unnerving him.

"Just wait till my men get here Astaroth, I'm sure your peerage stands no chance against my group." Mizuki tried again. If things kept going at this rate then his only chance of survival was for his men to get here so they could use numbers to their advantage.

"You think so?" Naruto asked his voice laced with amusement. "Well I'm sorry to tell you this but your boys have no chance against my group."

"Ouch!" Fuijin shouted as he was kicked in the jaw by the silver haired girl.

"Brother!" Raijin shouted in concern before glaring at the girl. "Why you being mean?!"

"I already told you. We're here to kill you." She simply stated. "By the way, you might want to look behind you."

"Why?" Raijin asked with a frown before turning around in time to receive a knee to the face. "Ow!"

"I'm not done yet nya." The black haired girl said as she landed on the ground and did a quick spin to hit him with a heel kick to the gut causing him to stagger back. Seeing that he was still open she followed with three quick punches to his ribs and finished with a kick to the side of the head.

"Bad kitty! Stop hurt brother!" Fuijin shouted as he charged at the cat like girl only to get cut off by his silver haired opponent.

"Sorry big boy but you're dealing with me." She said unleashing a flurry of devastating kicks.

"The Legendary Stupid Brothers. Well known for their strength and defense but going against the power of a vampire whose strength was increased by the bonus from the rook piece, even they would have a hard time withstanding that nya." The black haired girl said watching as her friend continuously attacked her opponents. Seeing that she had everything under control she turned towards her opponent. "So what should we do with you nya?"

"Mean girls hurt brother…Raijin hurt mean girls!" the enraged brother shouted as he charged.

"Charging recklessly head first nya? I guess it's true, you two are all brawn and no brains." As she raised her arm. A second later an orb of purple energy appeared hovering over the palm of her hand. "Now this might hurt a bit nya."

Raijin watched the lights with wide eyes. He had no idea if it was dangerous or not the only thing he noticed about it was that it was a very pretty light. He watched as the cat like girl dropped the glowing ball before raising her leg and kicking it. He only had enough time to scream in pain as the ball exploded the moment it crashed into his face.

"Oh, still standing nya? Well then…" the cat like girl trailed off with a mischievous smile as she held up both hands. Seconds later two more purple orbs appeared. "Let's see how much you can take before you stay down nya."

Mizuki's signal and orders were completely forgotten as Fujin and Raijin continued to stay on the receiving end of the bombardment. Between the exploding purple bombs and bone crushing kicks dinner was the last thing on their mind.

"For instance, the Legendary Stupid Brothers. Their speed is abysmal even for rooks, their intelligence is minuscule and their fighting style is nonexistent. All they can do is throw a punch. Their only redeeming quality is that they have an abnormally high defense but even that won't last forever." Naruto explained as his fist connected with Mizuki's jaw.

"Okay you may have a point there but there's still Gozu and Meizu!" Mizuki shot back trying to slash Naruto.

"The Demon Brothers right? They were the knights of your peerage. Sorry but I sent my own knight against them and they have no chance." Naruto countered as he kicked the tiger yokai/devil in the ribs.

"1 knight against 2? Those two have excellent teamwork and against a single opponent? Those two will be here in no time." Mizuki said spitting a glob of blood.

"Please, ever hear of quality over quantity? My knight is in a league of her own compared to those two." Naruto said in a matter of fact tone.

Mizuki wouldn't admit it but the confidence he heard from his voice did nothing to ease his nerves.

"GAAAAH!" Meizu howled in pain as he clutched the stub of what used to be his left arm.

"FUCKING BITCH!" Gozu shouted in a similar state as his brother, his right arm now gone.

"Come on Mei-kun, Go-kun. No need for name calling. I told you that you were going to die it's not my fault you keep resisting." Naruto's knight informed.

"Screw Mizuki. Brother it's time to retreat." Gozu said breathing heavily.

"I agree brother. Let's go." Meizu added and the two turned around to escaped but blinked in shock to discover the blonde standing in front of them. Looking over their shoulders to see her previous spot now vacant.

'Fast.' They bother thought.

"You two are so rude." They heard her say. And the thing that bothered them most was the upbeat voice she spoke with. Even when she was evading there attacks or severing their arms she never lost that damned happy voice. "Not only do you try and run away but then you go and turn your back on a lady?"


Gozu could only stare in horror at the sight before him. Right next to him his brother stood frozen in place, the rapier that their opponent wielded was thrust through his throat. Gozu's mind went blank as he watched the life leave Meizu's eyes.

"B-Brother…" he stuttered.

The rapier was pulled away and Meizu fell to the ground. Gozu knew he should pay more attention to his opponent but all he couldn't take his eyes away from the corpse of his brother.

"One down, one to go." He heard her say but he still couldn't take his eyes off his brother's prone form. He knew he was about to die but he didn't care. Say what you will about him but no one could deny that he loved his brother and he had no intention of going on without him.

Besides, it was clear that he was outclassed. Even if he wanted to fight his weapon was gone. Even when it was two on one they still couldn't touch her and she easily severed their arms.

So the only real choice he had was to wait.

Accepting his fate he closed his eyes and waited.

"Come on Mizuki, you can do better than that." Naruto said as he fired multiple Cerosand despite his protesting body Mizuki was able to dodge it.

"Damn you Astaroth!" Mizuki shouted before one of Naruto's Ceroshit him in the shoulder. This was one of his more concentrated shots so it pierced through

"Not the worst thing that someone said to me." Naruto shrugged firing another Cero that hit Mizuki in the knee causing him to fall to the ground.

"Just wait until Oboro and his team get here. They're masters at stalling and evasion. They definitely escaped whoever you sent and are on their way now." Mizuki said clinging to his hope that help would arrive.

A part of him wasn't surprised when Naruto threw his head back and laughed.

"Those guys? I actually feel sorry for them. I doubt they lasted 5 seconds against Snowflake-chan." Naruto said wiping away a few tears of mirth.

"Like I said earlier…you stood no chance against me." The white haired girl sighed as she studied the area around her. The ground was now covered by a layer of ice and standing before her were three ice statues that bore a striking resemblance to her opponents.

The battle, if you could call it one, was hardly a challenge.

The fools thought they could trick her with a simple illusion.

The battle was over before it even started.

When it came to magic ice and snow were her specialties. Unleashing her demonic energy the area around her began to freeze at a rapid pace and her three opponent, whose magic resistance was virtually non-existent, were not spared.

"I guess I should end this." She said to herself waving her arm.

The wind began to pick up and above the statues ice began to form. It was a simple block of ice, nothing extraordinary but as every second passed by it got bigger and bigger. Once she was satisfied with the size she swept her arm in a downward motion and the miniature glacier fell to the ground crushing the statues beneath it.

Seeing that her work was done she turned around and headed for her king. On her way she idly wondered how these guys were able to perform a successful coup.

Laying on the ground Mizuki desperately tried to think of a way to escape. BY now it was obvious that no one was coming to help him. He tried to get back up but his body wouldn't respond so here he laid bruised, bloodied and beaten.

"What's wrong Mizuki? No more remarks about back up? No more cursing my name?" Naruto asked with his arms crossed.


"What was that?" Naruto asked with a raised brow.

"Please…" Mizuki whispered his voice hoarse.

"Yes?" Naruto asked wondering what he would say.

"…d-don't…kill…m-me…" Mizuki coughed.

"Ah the desperate plea for mercy." Naurot said tilting his head a bit. "Alright I'll play along. Why should I spare you?"

"t-the others…you can h-have them…just please…s-spare me…" Mizuki said though labored breathes raising his head to look him in the eyes.

If he was expecting any sympathy he sorely disappointed.

Naruto's face was contorted in anger as he glared at the man beneath him.

"You're really are pathetic." He spat out. "You would really sell out your team to save your own ass? Pathetic."

Naruto calmly walked to the down man and held up his hand. He crouched down and his pointer finger was only a few centimes from Mizuki's head. The silver haired tiger's eyes widened in fear when he saw this.

"NO! PLEASE DON'T! PLEASE LET ME GO!" he begged as the familiar golden light appeared at the tip of Naruto's fingers.

"Loyalty is something I greatly value and to see how easily you would sell out your comrades…well let's just say I would be lying if I said a small part of me wouldn't be enjoying this. Cero." He said firing his attack at point blank range.

Naruto stood up as he stared at the now headless corpse. Pointing his finger one more time he fired a much larger cero incinerating the body. Releasing a sigh he scratched the back of his head.

"About time, that guy was a real pain in the ass." He muttered. "You guys done yet!"

It was silent for a minute before he could hear several footsteps. Turning around he saw the people he sent to deal with Mizuki's henchmen.

"You guys done?" he asked calmly.

"Do you even have to ask nya." The cat like girl asked as she hugged him from behind pressing her generous bust against his back earning a slight blush from the only male in the group.

"Oi we're on a job Kuroka-chan." He complained trying to get the girl off. She only laughed a bit before jumping back.

"Moka-chan and I were able to handle the Stupid Brothers nya." The cat like girl informed gesturing to herself and the silver haired girl.

"It was rather easy, the only difficulty we had was there defense. When you said those two can take a hit you weren't kidding." The now named Moka added.

"Demon brothers were dealt with Naru-kun." The blonde swordswoman answered.

"Good job Jeanne, and what about you Snowflake-chan? They give you any trouble?" Naruto asked with a grin already knowing the answer.

"Please, if you have to ask then you are still the same foolish king you were when we first met." The white haired girl scoffed.

"After all these years you still call me that." Naruto sulked overdramatically.

"So are we finished now?" Silvia asked ignoring her king's childish antics causing him to sulk even more. After a minute or so he recovered and nodded his head.

"Yup, I just finished off Mizuki so that's everyone so let's go." He said as a large magic seal appeared beneath them. The seal began to glow and the group began to sink into the ground as if it was water.

Moments later they reappeared in the living room of their current home. Slumping on a nearby couch Naruto stretched his arm the sound of cracking bones giving him a slight grimace.

"We'll relax here one more day and head back home in the Underworld." Naruto said causing the girls to nod.

"Where are En-Kun and Lancer-kun?" Jeanne asked looking around.

"En's probably asleep in his room or something. Lancer's went to the lake to catch up on some fishing." Naruto answered.

"Naruto-sama there's a letter for you." Silvia said handing him an envelope with his name written in intricate cursive.

"Really? Whose it from. Kaa-chan and tou-san already gave me a letter a few days ago." Naruto said with a confused frown as he opened the envelope.

"Maybe it's another request to take down a stray?" Moka suggested.

"Maybe." Naruto muttered as he began to scan the letter's contents. The girls watched as Naruto's eyes hardened as he read the letter.

"What did it say nya?" Kuroka asked wondering why Naruto was so angry now.

"It's an invitation." He said through gritted teeth.

"Invitation?" Jeanne repeated causing him to nod.

"To the wedding of Riser Phenex and Rias Gremory."

End of Chapter

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