Kakashi and Rin had a happy relationship, They were married, and about to become parents,

It was 6:00pm and Rin was currently at the hospital giving birth to her's and Kakashi's little child, who's life will soon be ruined...

"Oh Crap! What's happening!" Kakashi just couldn't stay still, he was running around the corridor like a 5 year old on sugar hive,

"SIT DOWN NII-SAN! YOUR ATTRACTING ATTENTION TO YOURSELF!" His ever elusive surrogate little brother Naruto, younger by 14 years and new Hokage, snapped annoyed with the looks patients and doctors were giving them,

Just as he was about to respond a Med-nin walked out and little tiny wails were heard,

as soon as the doorway was clear Kakashi practically flew in to see how his new family was coping,

The scene before his eyes was Loving,

His wife, though exhausted was smiling and holding a little bundle of joy in her arms covered in a soft blue cotton blanket,

"Its a boy, Congratulations Hatake-San" The Med-nin stated walking out,

Kakashi walked over there and sat by his wife's side literally in awe at his new born son as he opened his eyes revealing big, round chocolate brown eyes on his little chubby face

"He's beautiful" Kakashi muttered, smiling gently at his little son,

Before Rin could respond though, there was a loud boom outside the hospital, going to see what it was from the window, Kakashi froze when he saw what it was,

"Kabuto's ...CONTROLLING THE SANABI!" To say Kakashi was shocked was an understatement, He could tell that Kabuto only got the Sanabi to obey him by using a forbidden Jutsu,

"Rin we need to go now" He urged,

"Not so fast...Kakashi" Kakashi immediately turned around to see Kabuto holding His son while Rin was tied up, tears making her eyes glossy,


"She can go, she is of no use to me, the child, now he is of a different matter,

but don't worry you will see him later... After the sealing that is" and with that he was gone,

"Crap!" Kakashi's mind was booming as he untied Rin,

When the rope was gone he hugged his wife tight promising he would get his son back,

"He will come back safe I promise" He vowed while kissing her on her cherry soft lips,

She was crying so much she fell asleep in his arms, he carried her to the bed so she could get some rest but then the Sanabi started to disappear,

at that moment Kakashi started to get paler and paler, he had to know what happened to his son so he ran to where the Sanabi had just disappeared from,

It was then he saw his son, his precious son on a slab of concrete with a seal on his stomache and Naruto examining it while picking him up,

With all the air he could gather he shouted out to him

"NARUTO!" he saw Naruto look up and walk to him

"Nii-San...I couldn't stop h-him" he choked on his own unshed tears,

"Naruto...-"Kakashi tried to talk to him but Naruto cut him off

"-I'm sorry Nii-San I couldn't he-help h-him from th-this" He started sobbing knowing the future of the child would be similar to his own, Like Hell, to be put in simple terms,

"Its not your fault, you tried to help him, at least you've checked the seal to make sure he will be safe" Kakashi soothed Naruto's mind

"here he is, he won't have a good future as a child though and he will find it hard to make friends, but as long as he has you and Rin he will be fine, I'll help out too, if you need a babysitter or someone to stop gossip I'm the one to go to" Naruto flashed him his famous toothy grin while Kakashi smiled at him softly

"Thank you Naruto that means alot, oh and me and Rin have chosen a name, Its Ryu, Ryu Hatake I'll let Rin know what happened and what you said, Ja Ne" with that he walked back to the hospital to talk to Rin,

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