The Hatake's New Life -

Kakashi and Rin where walking down the street after Ryu was released from hospital,

They can't help but notice the glares sent there way although they notice no one coming near them, which they are thankful for, after all no-one messed with Hatake Kakashi, The Copy-Cat Nin especially about his family,

Just as they passed Ichiraku Ramen's, They saw Naruto walking out with his Wife, Sakura, who was 7 months pregnant carrying a girl, They decided to name her Kushina,after Naruto's Mother,

"Hey yo Nii-San!" Naruto flashed his famous toothy grin

"Yo Naruto not too loud Ryu's asleep and if he wakes up, Rin will not be happy in fact her temper can rival Tsunade's" Kakashi mused trying not to wither under Rin's glare

"So hows the pregnancy?" Rin asked trying to get over Kakashi's teasing

"Just fine, I can't wait until she is born Naruto wants her to become a Ninja so she may be in the same class as Ryu" Sakura smiled

"That would be so COOL!" Naruto beamed

"I long as Ryu has Kushina in his class he won't have to worry about being alone" Rin had a sad smile,

Kakashi noticed and kissed her cheek quickly.

Naruto wolf-whistled and Sakura gave him a knock over the head when Kakashi and Rin blushed a bit,

"Naruto! Show respect!" she seethed

"Hey no hitting the Hokage woman" that earned him another knock to the head


The Hokage was the strongest man in the village, but even he quivers in fear of his pink-haired pregnant wife,

"Well, we should go, Ryu is probably going to wake up soon" Rin mused looking at the Uzumaki-Namikaze couple

"But I wanna watch this show" Kakashi pouted

"Kakashi!" Rin warned

"please!" he whined


"Your mean!"


"And your impatient!"

"Come on!" and with that she dragged him away by the ear causing many colourful curses to be heard and many strange looks to be thrown at them with glares as-well from the villagers who hate Ryu

"Well looks like we know who's in-charge of the Hatake Family" Naruto Joked watching the site and recording it too, It would make great blackmail

"Can we go see Ino and Sasuke? Their son is 4 Months old today and I wanna try some of the cake Sasuke made!" Sakura asked giggling from the sight of Kakashi Hatake, feared all over the Elemental Nations is being Man-Handled by his Wife

"Yea sure but don't eat it all" With that Naruto and Sakura left

I hope you liked the chapter, sorry if some of the words have missing letters, my laptop keys are a bit stiff


Nii-San = Big brother

Hokage = Village leader

Elemental Nations = 5 powerful countrys with own villages

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