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It was least to say shocking when Toma Nohara barged into the Hokage office startling Minato and Naruto when they were talking about different flavours of ramen and banning vegetables,

"Toma Nohara is there a reason for this visit?" Naruto asked pissed at the fact he was bonding with his father only to be interupted.

"I want Ryu Hatake to be executed" He announced

"Hell no, No-ones Executing my son bastard" Everyone turned around to see Kakashi was there and pissed at him.

"He attacked me! He's some kind of monster!" he screamed only to be punched in the face by Kakashi,

"He has heard nothing but that word since he was born! last time I check he only kicked you and bit you when you upset his mother!" Oh yes, Kakashi was mad

Toma kept insulting her and making Kakashi even more angrier

Meanwhile Rin was walking down the street on her way home until she was suddenly dragged into an old alleyway by someone who looked like he was Kakashi's age,

"Hello little girl" The mans voice was close to her ears that made a shiver go down her back

"Who are you?" she tried to scram but all that came out was a little squeak

"I'm someone who was paid good money by your daddy to made you feel special" he grinned

That was all she heard as she felt a pain in her neck and fell into darkness

Ryu was walking down the street with Fugaku on the way to the Uchiha estate for one of their sleepovers when Ryu sensed something,

"What is it?" Fugaku asked noticing something was wrong with his friend

"I sensed something that smelled like my mother" with that he walked to the alley she was abducted from,

When he got there he found something and gasped

"What?" Fugaku asked

"This is my mothers bracelet" He was starting to grow worried

"So?" Fugaku was getting confused

"So she never goes anywhere without it since my father gave her it and I can sense someone's chakra here and its unfamiliar, we need to find my Tou-San"

So the boys went to the Hokage tower to Kakashi


It was late and the kidnapper took Rin to an old shed in the forest of death and he and two of the other men men involved in this tied her to a pole that is keeping the building supported up,

It was 2 hours later when Rin woke up to a pain in her neck then she heard a voice that made her flinch

"Hello and welcome to our Shed, we hope you like it, we will all have fun in here tonight" With that he grinned showing of yellow teeth

"She looks good, Maybe even better when shes free of extra baggage" One of the others smirked while looking at her chest area

"Lets see how her lips taste first" With that the first man who spoke before crashed his lips to hers trying to gain access to inside her mouth but when she wouldn't give it he nipped her side causing her to open her mouth to yelp and that's when he took the chance to slide his tongue into her mouth.

Tears started to form in her eyes as he didn't stop but when he stopped she felt like it was all over, Oh how wrong she was,

He got a knife and cut her shirt staps and slid it down towards her feet, when she felt the cold air hit her chest she felt terrified and her tears were finally released,

The third man finally got ready and turned her around and unclipped her bra strap and cut the wires holding it up and let it fall to the floor,

The pain only continued for Rin as the second man came and squeezed her breasts causing her to cry out.

The pain continued until the men took it even farther than before...

With Ryu and Fugaku...

They both burst threw the Hokage office doors surprising everyone in the room but when Kakashi saw Ryu like that he got worried

"Ryu what's wrong?" He asked

"Someone's taken Kaa-San!" He blurted out startling everyone

"We found this in an alley after Ryu sensed something, It had Rin-Sans Chakra on it but also an Unknown Chakra scent" Fugaku handed the Bracelet to Kakashi

"Ok I'll summon Pakkun to help find her" Kakashi was really worried about Rin

"Summoning Jutsu!" Kakashi cried when a poof was heard and a little brown dog appeared

"Yo what's up?" Pakkun asked

"Pakkun I need you to find Rin, You remember her scent" He replied

"Before that you might want to take a blanket" Toma grinned and Kakashi glared when he got a blanket from the couch in the Office

"Sure" Pakkun sniffed the bracelet and caught her Chakra

"Follow me!" He jumped out of the window,

"Ryu go to Fugaku's and tell them something came up I'll go find her don't worry"

"Right" With that everyone headed out to their destinations

When They found where Rin was something definitely seemed off,

They walked closer to the shed when Naruto blurted out

"I hear something...Someone's crying!" With that he knocked the door down and went paler than a ghost covered in white paint,

"What is it?" When Minato walked in he saw it and ran back out and vomited up his lunch

"Why did Sensei vomit..." Kakashi trailed of when he saw Rin his eyes widened and his heart stopped,

There was Rin, His Rin, HIS wife tied to a pole naked with her chest all red and wet while in-between her legs was blood and other fluids that don't appear unless...something bad happened

"Rin!" He ran to her and cut her down and pulled her to his chest while wrapping a blanket around her and lifting her up concerned she flinched thinking the men were back but when she realised it was Kakashi she relaxed and closed her eyes

"We need to get her to the Hospital!" Minato grimaced

"Lets go" Naruto was oddly quiet as they travelled back

'Rin...What happened...Don't worry you'll be fine' Kakashi hoped as they took no breaks and zoomed back to the hospital in Record time.

What happened to Rin? Will she be ok? Will the men who hurt her get caught?

What will Kakashi do when he found out Toma caused her pain?

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