Not to beat a dead administrator- I mean, horse- but I had been planning this story since Will's incarceration at the Baltimore Hospital for the Criminally Insane. I put it on hold after they killed Chilton, but then figured, why not? So, I finished it, it's a very short story, and here it is. I always did want to see Hannibal take Chilton to task. I am aware Hannibal either kills (books) or gets him killed (show) but hey, a little fan service first. This isn't meant to be taken seriously in any way. I also wanted to do Chilton's POV, it's always fun to write in the first person for arrogant characters, probably because they're so far from my own personality. I considered going all the way with the slash, but I cannot see Hannibal sleeping with Chilton for any reason, in any situation. For me, those two "kisses of torment" were just the right touches for this story. They kind of fit into Chilton's darkly comic tragic life, always being so close and yet never succeeding at anything but getting himself into trouble.

Funny thing to note is that I had written the line about Chilton not being creative enough to have a design before his death episode, where Will basically tells him he doesn't have murder in him (not as a compliment, given Will's tone and expression). I understand Chilton in the sense that he, like so many of us horror fans, does have a perverse fascination with monsters. The thing is, most people are reasonable enough to leave those fantasies to their minds. Chilton ... didn't. I think he gravely mistook his position in the world for being more powerful and definitely darker than it was. So, I have some sympathy for him, even though he is spitefully cruel. In the books, I think he had the same spark of attraction to powerful people, wanting to claim them: his attraction to Clarice I've attributed to him somehow sensing her strong spirit, and maybe even subconsciously the danger in her. Naturally, none of the people he so jealously admires would give him the time of day, and so the cycle goes on (until it doesn't).

As for Hannibal, he hates Chilton. They had their whole "we keep each other's secrets" balance of power going on, but I did wonder what would have happened if Chilton had tipped the balance in his own favor by using his possession of Will against Hannibal. Had he gone too far, I have no doubt that Hannibal would have simply killed him earlier than he did, but here I had Hannibal deal with the minor annoyance of Chilton in a simpler way. Chilton is weak, and Hannibal at the time decided it would be easier to tame him than to get rid of him and leave Will in the hands of a possibly stronger administrator. Basically, Frederick was still a pawn in play, and Hannibal brought him under his control by making him slightly aware of his precarious position. Not that Chilton quite realized yet how much of a pawn he was, that would come later.

One last note: I did hint at a Dexter crossover with the story Chilton tells Will at the end. His unnamed lover that nearly drowned him in the half-frozen lake was written with Rudy Cooper AKA Brian Moser AKA "The Ice Truck Killer" in mind. Why? I have no idea, it simply felt right. I always did want to cross ITK into the Hannibal series, as a prequel. I could see him crossing paths with both Hannibal and Chilton, on separate occasions. A much younger Brian Moser, without the finely honed skills of an established serial killer, more out of control and struggling with his demons. Will I do it? Maybe, maybe not, I'm not writing so much these days. It is an interesting though, to me anyway. I loved ITK in the first season of Dexter, perfect performance and one of the series' best plots. Both Hannibal and Dexter are so dark, so focused on the mental workings of serial killers, it's perfect for crossover. So there's a plot bunny for you ;)