Journey of Light/Vision Quest

The story of Hikari

Prologue – from the point of view of Hikari

I was born on route ten, in Kalos, in a litter of three to a Sylveon mother and an Umbreon father. They named me Feylune for they were shocked at the color of my pelt, which was as pale as the moon. It is a tradition among the eeveelutions to name their children after the type of their parents. I was the oldest of the three siblings but I was born cursed with a white pelt and another problem that wasn't discovered until I grew enough to open my eyes. My two younger siblings were a boy and a girl. My brother had been born normal but my sister was my opposite, born as dark as night. My brother is named Starruine and my sister was named Soirmist, her name is now Hope as she was caught by a trainer.

A week after we were born, the day we would open our eyes, I was the first to open them just as I was the first to be born. Though my eyes were open, all I saw was darkness. My parents became cold and told me that there was no way that I would survive because there was a film over my eyes. I was born blind while Starruine and Soirmist had perfect vision. Since we were also able to move and walk at the time my parents forced my younger siblings to leave our den, leaving me alone and cold. I called out to them, but only heard Soirmist question our parents. "Maman? Why are we leaving Feylune?" She asked. Mother didn't respond except to tell Soirmist to move faster.

I crawled out of the den crying out for them, attempting to follow my family by scent, but my cries fell on the deaf ears of my parents. I lost their scents and wondered around lost, confused, hungry, cold, and depressed. In two month's time I had stumbled my way all the way to route two. I was starved nearly to death when I heard the sound of a young human male talking softly over my head. I tilted my head up to "look" at him and his voice became more soothing. My nose twitched smelling food as he placed poffins in front of me. I quickly ate them, wanting to fill my empty stomach. As I felt myself drifting off to sleep, I felt a round object tap me on the head. I had just been caught and gained my new name…. Hikari.

~Author's note~

The story currently has two titles because I can't decide on which fits better right now.

Maman = Mama in French
Their names all have French words in them, if you want to know the translations for the names drop a review and ask.