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Apples of Chaos: Chapter 1


Slim's scars ached. His knuckles, huge with arthritis, as well as his back and shoulders throbbed in the chill of a rainy day in North Blue. His bones throbbed in the damp and chill. He wore a long-sleeved blue shirt with a silver diamond pattern across his broad chest. The material was thick, of wool from the grand line, and would keep out the biting of the wind should need to go outside. Black leggings of canvas and a thick wool cap completed his outfit. His gray-brown hair frizzed the damp, and a cigarette dangled from the corner of his mouth as he looked into blaze writhing within the fireplace. The children of his orphanage were abed at this hour of night, so he had the luxury of relaxation for once. His sleepy gaze watched the dancing flames as his mind travelled back to his golden years, back to the days of his youth and the sea.

He'd been born in East Blue, in a sleepy little village that was notable only for its exporting of fine ciders. His mother had been a laborer on one of the apple farms, and his father had been a botanist of some small renown who had stopped on the island to investigate just what made the apples there so special. They had met during a festival, and danced the night away until the music stopped, when they left dance between the bedcovers. They'd married, and nine months later he'd been born. He had grown up happy, and loved as he helped his mother in the orchard. However, he had been filled with a burning desire to move, and not stop.

And so, he'd joined the marines as soon as was of age, truly wanting to defend the innocent of the evils of the world, but the for the most part he'd just wanted to see the world and have adventures. Basic training had been harsh, and he had found that he had something of a talent for swords. He'd rose in the ranks to become a leftenant. He had then been assigned under the then Captain Garp. He had not been a fool, though: he knew that thee World Government was far from perfect, but he believed that it was the best tool for him to help the world, to impact it in some positive way. Slim had found his way to help the world under Garp, a man he would follow without question and still know that he was helping someone, somewhere. He'd never accepted any promotions beyond leftenant after he met Garp, so he could continue to serve under him. He had thrived under Garp's tutelage for five years just in time for when the Era of the Greats began, the Golden Age of Piracy. He'd watched the rise of giant's like Whitebeard and Gold Roger under Garp.

He'd been with Garp during relentless campaign to catch the man who would one day become the Pirate King. Roger's crew and Garp's had clashed many a time. He'd met and fought a young Shanks and Buggy. In fact, once Roger became Pirate King and Garp an admiral, he'd fought Roger himself. He'd been soundly defeated of course, but the man had told him that he respected Slim's resolve. During the battle in which his Vice-Admiral had finally captured Roger, Silver's Rayleigh, known as the Dark King and the Pirate King's first mate, had cut through the tendons in his dominant arm. He had survived, but he would never be able to hold a sword again or stay in the service as anything but a glorified secretary, or so the doctors had said.

That had been seven years ago, and it had been six years since he had started the orphanage. He'd done so primarily to continue his dream of making a difference and bettering the world, but also because he'd wanted to help the children. He'd purchased the old, dilapidated mansion, and remodeled it with the money left from his retirement fund as well as the reward he'd been given for being part of the crew that captured the Pirate King. There had been many hard times, too many really, but through it all he'd had a bone deep sense of satisfaction over his work and about his life. He was proud to say that three of his kids had gone on to join the marines after they came to be of age.

As he was contemplating the past and seeing the memories dancing in the flickering flames, he suddenly heard a fierce pounding on the front door. Getting up, slowly and carefully, old bones protesting the action, he made his way through the building and over to the front door. Opening it, all he saw was a baby in a basket, asleep, and with letter laid gently on top of her. The paper was high quality stuff, and the ink was rich green only found in South Blue, and elsewhere was very expensive. It was short, and strong, with tear marks blurring some of the letters, and read:

"Her name is RIngo, Uzumaki Ringo. She was born on the Winter Solstice. I love her so much, but cannot keep her. She was born out of wedlock, and father would kill a bastard child, especially as her father was part fishman. Please, keep my baby safe."

The baby girl's – Ringo's – hair was blond and red, transitioning beautifully, and strangely like a Macintosh apple. Apparently, the girl's mother wasn't very imaginative when it came to the naming of children.

"Don't worry, young one. I will raise you with love and keep you safe."


Trafalgar Law was seven when he first met the girl that would irrevocably change his fate, and make him far more dangerous a pirate. The sky was cloudy, the clouds themselves were shifty and gray, and moving slowly on a slight breeze, and seemed to reflect his rather moose mood. Law's mother had been ill for over the last three moths, and seeing her slowly fade away and knowing – knowing without a shadow of a doubt – that there was absolutely nothing he could do about it, had filled him with a burning desire to never, ever let that happen to anyone ever again. So he had up and apprenticed himself to the local doctor, who went the name Audrio Grantz. No one really knew if Grantz was his real name, but there were rumors that he used to be a ship's doctor on a pirate vessel.

It didn't really matter to him, because Law knew that man knew his stuff. It had only been two weeks into his apprenticeship, and he was already floored by the vastness of all that he had to learn to be able to heal. The human body was so very complex, and it seemed that anything within it could go wrong, had, and it was docot's job to fight against each and every one of these possibilities; to keep those around them as happy and as healthy as could be. He had already memorized all the major organs and muscles, and Grantz had told him that they would go more in depth into al of that later. Currently, he was supposed to be memorizing all of the bones in the human body. Dr. Grantz had even brought him a real live(ish) skeleton to study – which was creepy, but at the same time, it was the coolest thing he had ever seen. All the big bones had their names inscribed on them, and for the small and more complex ones, he had both the skeleton itself and some rather large and annotated diagrams that he kept on his wall in his bedroom at home.

However, he was beginning to think that there was something to the rumours that the old man used to be a pirate. Last night the old man had taken out a pair of bokuto – wooden practice swords – filled with lead, and had said he would start teaching him how to defend himself. Law had never seen the old man like that before – so serious and firm. Usually he was light and joking, but not then.

"Boy," he had said, "I'm going to be teaching you the way of the sword. I want you to take this seriously, just as serious as you are taking learning to be a doctor. You'll find as you get older, that sometimes you will have to keep yourself, your patients, or your loved ones safe. When this circumstance arises, I want you to be able to defend yourself. Be aware, however, that going down this path is something that you cannot go back on. Once you start down the Crimson Road, there is no turning back. Do you understand me, young Trafalgar?"

He hadn't really understood, but got that this was serious, so he nodded, and said, "Yes sir." He found that liked learning the art of the sword, and that the exercise cleared his mind and helped him think better and feel better. He was coming back from practice that day, covered in sweat and muscles burning, when a small bundle of red and yellow energy plowed straight into him.

"Oh my gods, I am so sorry. Are you okay? Who are you anyway? My name is Uzumaki Ringo, what's yours?"

This all came from the bundle's – a girl, Law realized – mouth in a tumble and nearly as fast as a speeding bullet. She seemed about his age and was a little overwhelming to him in all of her liveliness.

"Trafalgar Law. Why do you want to know?"

"Cool name," she chirped. He didn't even know people could talk in such a chipper fashion. "Will you be my friend? Everyone at the orphanage is way older than me or so young they cannot talk?"

He felt a chill go down his back, the orphanage was where he might have possibly ended up had his mother died earlier and he hadn't ended up in an apprenticeship. He felt a bit of sympathy in him for her, but said, "Sorry, I'm training to be a doctor or practicing swordsmanship in the dojo-" here he waved the bokuto in emphasis, "-and I don't have much free time."

She screwed up her face a bit, and then said, "Well then, I have always wanted to use a sword. Ask your teacher if he's willing to teach another, and if he's reluctant, tell him I can pay him with some of my allowance."

He raised an eyebrow at that, but nodded. "Fine, I'll ask him tomorrow. Meet at this time at the park along the shoreline."

"Okay. See you then," she proclaimed, voice brimming with sunshine an happiness.

The next day they met, and Law informed her, "He said yes, but you are going to pay him fifty beli a week and help out in the doctor's office where he works."

The smile she gave him then made him feel that it was totally worth all the trouble he had gone through to get the Doctor to agree.