It's approximately 8 pm. The cold October air bites the skin of the hundreds of high school students that are packed into the stands and scattered in small groups around the track. The marching band stands on the far end of the field and prepares for their halftime performance. What appears to be a very large screen enlarges the images of the teenage football players on the field and the loud voice of the announcer booming through the air. Several rowdy teens clad in green scream random chants, annoying others that are trying to watch the game. The group of about 10 cheerleaders attempts to form a pyramid on the side lines, but they come toppling to the ground like stacked cards.

The brunette cheerleader that had been at the top of what used to be the pyramid stumbled to her feet and turned angrily to the others, "What was that?!"

They all just stared at her as they slowly got to their feet.

"Why can you people never form a freaking pyramid?!" The brunette continued, "It's not that difficult! You klutzes shouldn't even be cheerleaders! You disgust me! Let's try this again! And try not to screw it up this time!"

"Maybe we wouldn't screw it up so much if you wouldn't put the heaviest person on the top." A blonde cheerleader said quietly to herself.

The brunette shot her a death stare and approached her angrily, "What did you just stay?"

The blonde looked up at her confidently, then repeated her words, putting in more attitude this time, "Maybe we wouldn't screw it up so much if you didn't put the heaviest person on top!"

The brunette gasped, and hardly grabbed the blonde by the ponytail and pulled her two inches from her face, "Listen here, slut. You don't talk to me like that. I'm the leader of this squad and I have the power to get rid of whoever I want. So I'd watch your mouth because you've got yourself in deep water, missy."

"Lindsay, enough." A girl with her luscious pink hair tied into a ponytail said as kindly as she could, yet putting power into her words, "We're sorry, but we're trying our best and we'd like it if you wouldn't be so harsh on us."

The brunette -Lindsay- released the blonde and approached the pink haired girl with anger, "You have no room to talk, Lilly. Most of our fails are your fault anyway. You're a klutz just like your dad."

"Don't bring my dad into this." Lilly said harshly. Being harsh was difficult for her, considering she was usually one of the most sweet people on this planet. But she could do it if she had to.

"Oh please." Lindsay said boredly, "I've seen the videos. On stage, acting like he's cool. He's just a clumsy idiot with no talent. Just like you."

Lilly tried her best to keep her cool. She was usually pretty tolerating when it came to Lindsay and her running mouth, but Lilly couldn't help but flare up a bit when she brought it that close to home. She didn't care if people were jerks to her, but if they were jerks to her family, things were for sure gonna get ugly.

"No words, huh?" Lindsay taunted, "Why don't you just go back to your drama club freaks, because you definitely aren't worthy of being a cheerleader."

"Lilly has more talent and pep in one finger than you do in your whole body!" Another cheerleader protested, "She should've been the captain, not you!"

"The most talented girl gets picked as captain." Lindsay said arrogantly, "And coach Michaels picked me, so that means that I have the most talent. Not Lilly."

"Yeah, because you let him get in your pants in return for getting chosen as captain." Another laughed. The others laughed at this comment.

"Shut up!" Lindsay yelled, her cheeks turning a bright red, "That's not true!"

Lilly rolled her eyes and began to walk away.

"Where do you think you're going?!" Lindsay yelled after her.

"Back to my drama club freaks!" Lilly mocked, continuing to walk without turning back. She could hear Lindsay yelling stuff from behind her, but she didn't pay attention. She just kept walking. And boy did that feel good.


In the stands where the rowdy kids in green sat -more like stood- they all chanted and had a good time. The group was led by a teenage boy, probably around 16. He had mixed skin, and no jacket despite the uncomfortably cold temperature. A beanie was placed on his head, and unruly indigo curls stuck out and hung loosely over his forehead. Without even bothering to use a megaphone, he led the chants.

"I believe!" He yelled, and the group in front of him echoed. "I believe that!" He continued, and others echoed him once again. "I believe that we will win!" The others echoed, and he along with the rest continuously chanted that phrase until it died out into cheering.

The loud buzzer went off, signaling half time. The boy smiled and turned to his group, "Okay guys! That's half time! I'll be right back! The bathroom is calling me!"

The others laughed as they disbanded. On his way to the bathroom, the boy decided to go up in the stands and check on his little brother.

"Hey Isaac!" He greeted as he sat himself next to a blonde boy that appeared to be around 13.

"Hey Luke!" Isaac greeting, turning to his brother, "Isn't this game awesome?! We're totally crushing the other team!"

"That we are." Luke agreed, despite the fact that he hadn't been paying attention to the game. He never did. He was always too busy leading the Green Pit to pay attention (That was the name for his group).

"Well, I just wanted to make sure that you were okay. You know that high schoolers don't take too kindly to middle schoolers coming to high school events." Luke said, patting his brother on the back.

"Thanks Luke." Isaac smiled, "I'm happy that mom and dad made us come to this. I'm having so much fun!"

Luke glanced at the empty seat next to Isaac, "But you're by yourself."

"No I'm not." Isaac said happily, "I made a friend. His name is Niall, and he loves sports. He's been explaining everything in the game because I certainly don't understand any of it! He's really cool!"

"I bet." Luke laughed. He liked seeing his brother happy.

Just then, a boy with purple hair, crazy green eyes, and purple rimmed glass scooted past Luke and sat next to Isaac. He handed him a soda and some popcorn.

"Niall! This is my brother Luke! Luke, this is my friend Niall!" Isaac introduced them.

"Hiya!" Niall said, nodding his head at Luke.

"Nice to meet you." Luke said back, then turned to Isaac, "I'm gonna go now. Have fun, little dude."

Isaac smiled and popped a piece of popcorn into his mouth, "I already am."

Luke smiled and headed towards the bathroom. As he rounded the corner, there was a girl sitting on a bench, struggling to pull a ponytail out of her long pink hair. She wore dark jeans, blue Converse shoes, and a green hoodie with the school logo on the front. She quietly yelped as she struggled with her hair.

"Uh, do you need help?" Luke asked awkwardly.

She stopped what she was doing and glanced up at him. She smiled awkwardly, "Um. No. I'm fine. Thanks." She continued to yank at the ponytail with no success.

"Are you sure?" Luke asked, trying not to laugh.

She sighed reluctantly, "Okay. Maybe a little help. If you don't mind."

"How did this happen, anyway?" He asked, placing himself on the bench to her right.

"The ponytail kinda got stuck in my hair." She laughed awkwardly, "There's just something about the way that my mom does ponytails that always gets my hair all tangled."

Luke laughed as he untangled the hair tie from the girl's hair. He couldn't help but marvel at how beautiful her pink locks were. It was really soft, and it smelled good...

As he got lost in his thoughts, the hair band suddenly snapped, sending it flying and smacking him in the eye. He yelped and threw his hand over his now throbbing eye, causing his beanie to fall off.

"Oh my gosh! Are you okay?!" The girl gasped, cupping his face in her hands.

He blinked and looked up at her, suddenly becoming lost in her eyes. They were blue, like his, but hers were different. They were mesmerizing. The most beautiful shade of blue he'd ever seen. He noticed that her long hair now fell around her shoulders, a single strand falling in her eyes as she also stared at him; a memorized expression across her face.

The moment that they realized that they were staring at each other, they pulled away from each other, both awkwardly laughing. Luke hoped that she didn't notice that he was blushing hard core.

"I'm sorry." They both apologized in unison, then laughed at themselves.

"Jinx!" She exclaimed, "You owe me a soda."

"What?!" He laughed, "Why do I owe you a soda?"

"That's the rule of the jinx." She explained, "If you say something at the same time, and the other person says 'jinx' before you do, then you owe them a soda."

Luke laughed and shook his head, "I've never heard that before."

"It's from a long time ago." She waved it away, "My mom taught it to me when I was little."

He nodded and thought about that. He'd never heard such a thing.

She suddenly giggled and he turned towards her, "What?"

She shook her head and continued to giggle, "Nothing. It's just that you have a lot of hair."

His hand moved to the top of his head where his unruly indigo curls sat. He hadn't even realized that his beanie had fallen off. He quickly reached down and grabbed the beanie, placing it back on his head in its rightful spot.

"Sorry." He apologized.

"Don't be sorry!" She exclaimed.

"No, I am sorry." He repeated, "It's just that a lot of people make fun of my hair. I get it from my mom, so she doesn't want me to cut it."

"I'm not making fun of you!" She exclaimed, removing the beanie from his head once again. He almost swatted her hand away, but he just let her do it. "I think your hair is cute."

"You think... you think it's cute?" He asked awkwardly, hoping so much that his cheeks didn't look like blushing tomatoes.

"Yeah." She smiled, "My parents have this friend that has these beautiful blonde curls, and every time I tell her that I love them, she says that I can have them."

Luke laughed, "That sounds like something that my mom would say."

They laughed, and awkwardly sat in silence for another moment. Then he realized something.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name." He said.

"Oh! It's Lilly." She introduced herself.

"That's a really pretty name." He complimented, not noticing at all that he was flirting with her.

She blushed, and tucked her hair behind her ear, "Thanks... I don't think I caught your name, either."

"Luke." He introduced himself, "Very bland, but it's my name."

"No, I like it." She smiled, "If anything is bland, it's 'Lilly'."

"I don't know any Lillys." He said, shaking his head, "It's not bland at all."

"Well, you know one now." She said, shooting him a kind smile.

He examined her face for a moment, and couldn't help but notice how familiar she looked. He could've sworn that he'd never seen her before, but she just looked so familiar.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" He asked, still examining her face.

She shrugged, "You might've seen me around school something. If you've watched the cheerleaders you might've recognized me."

"You're a cheerleader?" He asked, "Where's your uniform?"

"I just took it off." She sighed, almost as if this relieved her, "Our captain was being a bitch like always, so I think I quit."

"You think?" Luke asked.

"Yeah." She answered, "I just kinda walked away. I don't know if that counts as quitting, tough."

Luke thought about that for a moment, "The captain is Lindsay Varner, right?"

"That's her." Lilly nodded.

Luke laughed, "She's the bitchiest bitch on this planet."

"Tell me about it." She laughed, "I've had to deal with her for the past almost three years."

"Then why did you stay?" He asked, "If you weren't happy, then why didn't you quit earlier?"

"Because I love cheering." She answered, "I love pepping the team and the crowd. I love representing the school and doing what I do. When I'm out there on the field cheering, I just feel so alive. I feel like that's where I belong. Then Lindsay just comes along and ruins it all."

Luke sighed. He could tell that Lilly really had a deep hate for Lindsay. Like Lindsay had done something to her that Luke or anyone else didn't know about. Something that had hit Lilly in the bad spot. He wanted to ask about it, but he knew that she probably wasn't ready to talk about. Not to anyone.

Lilly sighed and stood, "I guess I should get going. Half time is probably almost over, and I need to check on my little sister. High schoolers don't take too kindly to middle schoolers at high school functions."

Luke nodded and also stood, "Yeah. I said the same thing to my little brother earlier."

Lilly smiled at him then nodded, "It was nice meeting you Luke. I hope we run into each other again sometime."

He smiled and nodded, "You too, Lilly."

"Thanks again for helping me with my hair." She thanked.

"It was no problem." Luke shrugged, "I like helping people."

She smiled, then turned to walk away, but gasped and turned back toward him, "I almost forgot!"

She ran to him and placed his beanie on his head, for she had still been holding it from when she had taken it off, "You have beautiful hair, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise."

She smiled sweetly and turned away, walking away with a sort of skip in her step, until she disappeared around the corner and out of Luke's sight. He stood there for what seemed like forever, pretty sure that his cheeks were painted red. That's when he realized something that he'd never wanted to realize:

Luke had a crush on a girl.

Author's Note: AND SCENE! What do you think? This is one of my new stories that I am starting, and I'm pretty excited! Before you start getting confused: yes. They are the guppies' kids. They aren't just random people! I'd like to give credit to AmberStone12 for creating these lovely children and helping me with the idea for this story! They are also mentioned in her amazing story if you haven't read it- WHICH YOU SHOULD. And if you're wondering, yes, Kyouhei and Rini will be in this story! Just not quite yet. The guppies will also play an important role in this story! I'd like to thank Princess Caveia1234 for also helping with the idea for this story and for being an awesome friend! Adios for now people! Peace!

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