It started on a regular day…

Rex was getting his nanites checked by his doctor. "Doc, please, no shots."

The girl was in an orange shirt with a lab coat, boots, and brownish hair in a bun.

"I'm sorry but I need to check." She took a needle and slowly injected it in his arm.

"Owww." Rex whimpered in pain.

She took her samples and entered it in the computer. She looked at the screens.

"Holiday!" A man in green rushed in.

"I'm a little busy, Six."

Six, the green ninja looked at Rex. "It's very important… It's happened."

She looked up and ran out the doors.

"What…What happened?" Rex got up and attempted to follow when Six blocked his path. "Six, what's going on?"

Six shook his head and blocked Rex's next few attempts at escape. "You're not ready." Six commented.

"For what?" The teenage boy hit Six in frustration. Rex threw another punch when Six would not move. "Really?"

But this time Six grabbed his fist and pushed him back. Rex came back and formed his smack hands. Six drew out his magna blades and blocked his punch. "I told you; you're not ready."

Holiday ran down the hall. Thud

A noise came from the room in front of her. As she neared it, the door opened.

"URRR." A wolf-like EVO, a bug-like EVO, and a green- furred EVO came out.

"Oh my…" Rebecca pulled out a tranquilizer and shot all three. A couple more started coming out. She ran back to the lab. When she got in, she locked the doors and turned around to see Rex and Six dueling.

Rex realizing that she was there, stopped and asked her. "What's happening?"

She was silent. In fact Doctor Holiday had no idea what to say except for, "It's … the Apocalypse."