"Oh. It looks like deactivated nanites." Caesar commented.


Somehow holiday and Caesar had forgotten about the other Z-Evo. Luckily the men were holding it back but soon they were to be over powered.

Caesar started to scratch his arms." Man, fur is really itchy!" Holiday looked confused. She looked back at the spider Z-Evo and shoot a sedative into its arm. It immediately collapsed to the ground and went unconscious.

Suddenly the providence alarms went off and the side of the petting zoo exploded, as a huge metal evo walked through the wall. He was only feet from the ceiling.

"Crap. You guys let Rex get bit?!" Caesar would never think about it but now he actually was caring, that or that fur was irritating the heck out of him.

"Well..." Holiday was stopped as a green wolf Z-Evo barged through the glass and ran straight for holiday. She had no time to pull out her sedative. Here he came... She thought. Suddenly a snapping noise was heard as she saw that Caesar had pushed the wolf aside with his antlers.

The green wolf charged at Caesar. As he tried to bite down on his body. Caesar guarded himself with his tail and the wolf bit down into metal. Caesar swung his tail towards the wall, making the wolf slam against it. But considering this wolf was six, it wasn't that easy to get rid of him. He got up unsteady and jumped on Caesars back and bit into his back.

Caesar clenched his teeth as he started to morph back into a Z-Evo. "Quickly, Holiday. Use some of Rex's nani-." Caesar was completely consumed by the virus now. Unable to help the troubled Doctor. He roared and charged.

Holiday had no time to get another needle. She shoved her hands into the nanites and instantly they formed around her hands like gauntlets.

The Z-Evo, now only about a foot away, was stopped and morphed back to Caesar as Holiday had placed her hand on his chest. Caesar had no antlers or tail this time. He was completely normal. The Z- Evo wolf looked confused at the two and ran out the hole he had previously made, back into the petting zoo.

Holiday looked to see Z-Evo Rex was heading towards where she and Caesar were.

She ran out the hole in the glass that six made, jumped into a tree. (As to not fall to her death.) She climbed down the tree and ran up to Z-Evo Rex's foot. She tried to do the same thing she had done to cure Caesar but, to no avail it didn't work. The Z-Evo looked down to look at her. He tried to grab her but with no success. Holiday thought up a plan and tried to cure his hand. That didn't work either. Rex lifted her up and tried to grab her with the other hand but now she was running.

She ran up his arm, past his shoulder, and finally stopping when she reached his head. She put her hands on the back of his head. Blue lines spread all over as the Robot started to get smaller and morph back into Rex. Holiday hadn't thought about this part, now she was falling. Rex had a split second to realize this and immediately built his smackhands, catching Holiday.

"Wow, Doc, what were you doing all the way up there?"

Holiday was about to answer when a couple of green crystals shot past there heads, just barely missing." Looks like that's gonna have to wait." Holiday said as Skalamander walked out of the bushes. Eyes glowing yellow.

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