It was a warm and rather humid day; warmer than it has been in sometime but it did not undermine the work and classes that were currently taking place in the Northern Moss Astronomy Center. In this vicinity students were being taught strictly astronomy related subjects as well as preparing for space travel. While the students studied and practiced the employees worked day in and day out building and inventing new objects that would be improve the knowledge of space and its travel. After years and years of preparing, a specific space craft was built and the correct crew was picked to inhabit this newly founded machine. The main board of the Center announced the plan of launching this space craft much to the staff and students delight. The crew for the space craft had already been selected, yet the Board announced one student would be able to accompany the crew for launch. However the process for selecting the student was high and many where turned down upon applying. But one student was determined to the one chosen. She had always stayed on top of her classes and procedures. She was one of the youngest in her classes, but she was also one of the most talented. She was born on the evening of a meter shower. She earned her name, Seren, due to the meter shower that night. Since she could remember had a deep love of space and therefore almost felt as if it where her birthright to go up in the stars.


The blonde girl practically danced her way up the halls and staircases her excitement obviously flowing out of her. Rounding one last corner she stopped herself and patted her blue jacket and put her long hair back into place. She took in one big gulp of air and pushed it out her body before knocking calmly against the dark wooden door. She brought her arm back down to her side and casually looked from side to side as she waited for any sort of reply. She brought her hand up to knock again, but immediately threw it down when the door opened. A man who was no foreigner to middle age. He looked down at her and a questioning frown followed suit.

She smiled and lightly leaned her head to the right, "Hello Director. I was hoping I could speak to you?" She asked more so than demanded, even though in her mind this was a demand.

The older man inhaled slowly, "I suppose you can, Ms. Fay." He stepped aside allowing her to enter his office. She gladly accepted his offer and entered. He swiftly closed the door behind her and walked around her taking a seat behind his desk. "Please Ms. Fay, have a seat."

She smiled again and took a seat in the wooden chair in front of his desk.

"Now what is it you wanted to speak with me about?"

"Well it's about the launch that is taking place tomorrow. I submitted my application and your colleagues have gotten back to me about it and I just wanted to see if there was any update." She confessed.

"Indeed, Ms. Fay, there is an update." He leaned back in his chair.

"Really? Oh that's great to hear I-"

He cut her off, "The Board has decided Jenny Wogen will be going on the launch."

Her mouth went agape and a swarm of sheer astonishment and confusion filled her belly. "Jenny Wogen? Excuse me Director but I hardly think she is qualified-"

"The Board disagrees. Jenny Wogen is a fit choice."

"Please reconsider! All my life I've wanted to go into space and this might be my only chance!" Desperation filled her voice.

He leaned forward, his elbows resting on the desk with his hands folded. "I'm sorry Seren, but that is the Board's choice. You're only a first year here compared to Jenny who is third year."


"Now I believe it best for you to go. I have to call in Ms. Wogen to discuss tomorrow's events."

Seren had to stop herself from glaring. She felt that last remark was salt thrown into the wound. Grudgingly she got up from the chair and approached the door. She stopped as her hand gripped the cool metal. She bit her lip so she wouldn't turn around and start to scream. She forcefully opened the door and left.


Seren sat in her room unhappy trying to distract herself by watching some television. She rolled her eyes and bit the inside of her cheek as the terrible excuse for a comedy performed. Frustrated she turned of the television and whipped the remote down on the chair. She walked up to the window and helplessly gazed up at the clear night sky. She spent her entire time here wishing ad praying she would be able to see the stars and her one chance was now taken from her. But Seren was determined.


Seren waited against the wall as the main crew boarded the plane in the distance. She saw out of the corner of her eye Jenny Wogen walking. She had her full gear on with her helmet in hand. Quickly, yet subtly, Seren walked her way.

"Hey Jenny wait up!" She called after giving her a smile. Jenny stopped and turned to Seren.

"Seren? What are you doing here?" Jenny asked lifting a brow.

"Just wanted to congratulate you and wish you a good time."

Jenny put a lose strand that escaped her bun behind her ear, "That's nice I suppose. I know this trip meant a lot to you so I assumed, if confrontation happened, it would be awkward."

"Assumptions can be a terrible thing." Seren replied crossing her arms and leaning to the side. Seren looked towards the ground and exhaled.

"Listen Seren I have to get on board." Jenny mumbled.

"Oh! So sorry for keeping you Jenny." Seren apologized still looking at the ground. She closed her eyes before opening them. Her face turned to stone and she uncrossed her arms and looked back to Jenny. "And I'm sorry for this."

Before Jenny could respond Seren pulled out what seemed to be a simple spray bottle and showered Jenny with mist. Jenny coughed two or three times before trying to stagger away only to fall down. Seren's stone face melted away and was replaced by a shivering weakling. Seren discarded the can and stared at the older girl rendered unconscious on the cold floor. Seren took a sharp inhale of air before before starting to quiver.

"Jesus what have I done?" She asked herself. Seren shook her head violently trying to reason with herself. Coming up with the same excuse. She was meant to go. But Seren knew what she did was unjustified and it scared her she actually went through with it.

"Calm down Seren…"She spoke to herself. "She'll be out long enough for the launch and back. Or at least I think so. Jesus I don't know." Seren put her face in her hands letting her head hang. "She won't remember much. Jesus…Fuck!" She cursed before calming herself down, "I've already done it. I can't turn back now."

Seren removed her hands from her face. She knew she didn't have much time before people would start to get suspicious of Jenny tardiness. Seren slightly lifted Jenny up and dragged her to a lab room which wouldn't find any use until the launch came back. She quickly discarded Jenny of her uniform suit leaving her in just a dark maroon jump suit. Seren discarded her own clothes revealing a black practice jump suit from her training classes. She swiftly put on the heavy white suit and snatched the helmet from next to Jenny. She peeped out the door to make sure no one was around and opened the door. She stopped herself and looked to Jenny one last time. She closed her eyes tightly and let out a grunt as she shut the door behind her.

With her hair already in a tight bun she put on the helmet and flipped on the solar shield making it impossible for anyone to know her identity. She quickly walked, not wanting to cause attention by running, to where the boarding was occurring. She didn't need to worry about how to operate the suit, seeing as how she studied them extensively, yet she had to admit the suit was a bit big for her and it was more designed for someone of more muscular built, which Seren was not. But she didn't worry the launch wasn't even very long. It was just designed to orbit around some clusters and plus she was just the student, the main crew wouldn't pay much attention to her.

"There you are Ms. Wogen. Geez, you almost had us running late. I hope you're ready." A staff member Seren did not recognize said impatiently.

Seren knew if she spoke she would give away her identity because neither Seren nor Jenny sounded anything alike. She threw a thumbs up, which was harder than she expected and it seemed to work as the staff member dragged her towards the craft. She knew the staff member was still talking to her, but she ignored him and gazed at the large space craft. She had never seen anything so advanced so technologically avant-garde.

"What are you waiting for Ms. Wogen?! Get in!" The staff member pushed snapping Seren's gaze away. She put her arms up and softly moved her hands back and forth signaling she was sorry. She could feel her breath form in her throat, but it was almost as if she had forgotten how to release it. She took one step and smiled gently to herself before continuing, allowing the breath in her body to break free. As soon as she fully entered the craft the door behind her shut. She felt a release of weight from her body and her breathing accelerated, but not out of her control.

"Wogen time to get strapped in for take off." A male said as he approached her. Seren knew he was one of crew for the launch and didn't hesitate to follow his order. She followed behind him but would occasionally lag behind as she stared at the interior of the craft. They turned the corner and the remaining crew were already strapped in. A woman and another man both of who where flipping on switches starting up the craft. There were two empty seat left. Seren knew who the seats where for but waited until the male crew member led her over there. She sat down quickly and strapped herself in the way she had always been taught. The male crew member looked to her, "You know you don't have to where your helmet just yet right?"

Seren brushed him of by flicking her wrist at him which earned her a chuckle from him, "Suit yourself." He turned his attention to the front, "This is Velter speaking we are engaged for take off. Do we have permission."

A clear and simple answer transmitted, "Permission granted."

The male crew member, Velter as he called himself, nodded his head. "You heard them, take off in 3..."

Seren closed her eyes slowly as she heard Velter count down.


She gripped her seat tight.


Her eyes flashed open as the craft took off at astonishing speed. Her body was pressed into her chair and she heard the craft roar as it rose. Sounds whipped past her ears, all of which where different. The sounds invaded her mind and completely filled her head her eyes widened as the sounds roared and roared in her brain. Then abruptly, it all stopped and it was complete silence. It almost seemed as time had stopped with the noise as Seren slowly shifted her eyes around.

"Gravity is on." The female crew member shattered the silence.

"Oxygen levels stable and shield full functioning. The craft is safe for free roam." The second male crew member said.

"Alright, let's get to work." Velter said unstrapping himself and the other crew members followed. Seren waited and sat quietly as the crew members left. She heard the final crew member leave and turn her head as much as she could just to make sure. She waited a bit more to see if one of them would return, but none did. She hastily unstrapped herself and stood up. She put her hands to her body hoping this was real and not all just a taunting dream. A silent laugh escaped her lips as she came to realization this was all real. She hastily got out of the main control room, not wanting to disturb anything even if that meant not opening the view, and went up the craft. She knew the crew had gone to the lower levels and wanted to avoid contact with them even though they would serve as a great conversation. She went as fast as she could concerning the suit was big on her, but so far no one seemed to notice. She crept through the corridors of the craft inspecting every inch of the incredible invention. She finally found herself in the viewing room. Her eyes lit up like diamonds and she rushed into the room. However all of the viewing stationed where closed. She hesitated. She did not want to disturb anything on the ship, but she doubted the crew would notice the viewing room changed opposed to the main controls. She steadily brought her hands to the control panel.

"Control panels online." A computerized voice spoke up.

Seren swallowed the lump of unwillingness in her throat, "Open up viewing station."

"Viewing stations authorized. Opening station." The closed windows released and rose up allowing the extraterrestrial view to bloom. Seren breath left her body as she laid her eyes on the most beautiful thing that could ever exist. The swarm of colors and lights danced perfectly with each other in a way Seren would have never imagined possible. Any regret she had about what she had done to get here was burned away as Seren gazed into the multicolored infinity. She felt a wave a bliss pass through her. A quick whip of an unusual aura snapped in the corner of her eye causing her break her trance and turn her head. She couldn't see anything out of the viewing station. She happened to turn her head further to see a small door, almost hidden away at the back of room. She squinted her eyes before slowly approaching it. As she did a scanner popped up on and scanned her almost causing her to fall out of surprise.

"Scanning approved." The computerized voice said before Seren heard the clicks of locks unhinging. She slowly pushed the door open but almost fell out of the doorway at what she saw. Before bore a large window like bridge which was filled with the view of what seemed to be a large star. But this star was being surrounded by some sort of aura, the same one Seren saw for just a split second. The aura was mixture of colors most prominent was the yellow, light purple, pink, and silver specks. The aura swarmed the sun but seemed to lash out randomly and dangerously close to the bottom half of the ship. She carefully took off her helmet and held it by her side. This wasn't right. The launch said nothing about such a thing. It was only supposed to view a few clusters not whatever this was.

"Computer…what are these coordinates?" Seren asked breathlessly.

"+3* 45′ 34.2″." The computer answered.

"What?" Seren had never heard of these coordinates in the launching briefing. "What is the purpose of this?" She whispered.

"Coordinates +3* 45′ 34.2″ indicate the transferring of omega power." The computer responded which surprised Seren.

Seren thought for a moment before speaking again, "Computer mission brief coordinates +3* 45′ 34.2″."

"Mission coordinates +3* 45′ 34.2″ include the transferring of omega power." The computer repeated.

Seren rolled her eyes, "What else."

"Transferred power will be held in lower deck of ship where the burst is going to occur."

"Burst? What burst?" Seren asked.

"The cloud surrounding the star will rupture in five minutes and mission intends to store the power until return."

Seren breathing increased and she frustratingly and desperately asked, "Rupture? Store it? No this is wrong this was only supposed to be a…" Seren put a hand on the side of her face not knowing exactly what to do.

"Please repeat. Unable to find suitable answer."

Seren exhaled and brought her hand down, "After returning what of the er cloud then?"

"Power will be transferred into desired weapons." The computer answered after a long pause.

Seren almost didn't believe what she just heard. "Weapons? What weapons!"

"Weapons designed to use power from the obtained source."

"No! I mean what are the weapons! Where are they?! What is going on!"

"Please repeat. Unable to find suitable answer."

"I asked-!"

"Hey Jenny its time to-" A familiar voice called from behind Seren causing her to whip around with a worry and surprise written on her face. It was Velter. The two stared at each other in disbelief. Seren breaths were short and rapid. She moved her eyes around quickly before trying to dart her way out. Velter grabbed onto her neck and slammed her down to he floor. Seren let out a pained yelp as her body collided with the ground. He pinned himself on top of her and roughly grabbed her face. "Who the fuck are you?!" He demanded. Seren just stared terrified. He brought his fist into her cheek which caused her to yelp again. "I'm not going to ask you again!"

"S-S-S…Seren..Fa..Fay." She barely made out. He let go of her but not before roughly smashing the back of her head against the floor. Her vision blurred and she could hear sharp ringing echoing around her.

"This is Velter there's a problem." She heard him say. She ground and moved her head from side to side sluggishly. She clumsily sat up supporting herself by placing her hands down on the floor.

"Agent Wogen is not here. A girl named Seren Fay is here instead."

Seren's hearing fully returned and her vision stabilized.

"Why is she there?!" A voice replied through his mic. Seren knew that voice.

"Dir..Director…!" Seren shouted causing Velter to turn around.

"Director! Something is wrong these people they're going to transfer some sort of energy into weapons! Director! Can you hear me?!" Seren pleaded.

"She knows." Velter said into his mic.

"I see." The Director replied, "Kill her and make sure there is nothing left to bury." Seren grew wide-eyed at the demand. The Director had just ordered her death. Seren felt sick and her stomach threatened to show that.

"Orders accepted. Velter out." Velter turned back to her and before Seren could scramble to her feet he pulled her up by her hair causing it to come lose. "Did you kill Agent Wogen?!" He demanded to know.

"Agent Wogen? She is part of this?" Seren asked mainly to herself.

"Answer the question you bitch!"

Seren flinched, "No no! I'm not a killer! She's fine! She's still at the Center!"

Velter narrowed his eyes at her before speaking, "Nothing left to bury."

Seren gasped and her face morphed into pure fear, "No!"

"Timing until burst one minute." The computer announced.

Seren screamed and struggled as Velter dragged her by her hair until they reached a chamber to which he opened. He stood her up and harshly punched her in the gut and used his other hand to throw her into the chamber. Seren fell to the chamber floor gasping for air as her lungs strained and her body shook. He closed the chamber doors.

"Remember when I said you didn't have to where the helmet just yet?"

Seren just looked at him confused.

"Now would be a good time to have that helmet." He said before slamming his hand down on a button and in an instant Seren knew what he meant. The chamber doors behind her swung open and she was thrown out of the craft. She felt her body begin to break apart from the inside and her veins begin to burst.

Velter turned around to leave and return the the lower chambers.

"Error. Burst location lost." The computer spoke.

"What?" Velter questioned stopping.

"Tracing updated destination of burst. Tracing…Tracing…Tracing…Destination found."

"Where?" Velter asked squinting.

"Destination upper deck of craft. Specific destination: Viewing Station."

Velter's face quickly filled with panic. "Oh shi-" Velter was cut off by a large roar that irrupted from the star. The aura around it lashed out in multiple directions before all at once fleeing in the direction of the upper chambers.

Seren fell further and further and her body wore away form the inside more and more. She felt her eyes begin to swell and was sure they would burst. She was going to die. She knew it. She was surprised he hadn't already. Every regret came back and she wished she could take it all back. God she wished..Seren was cut from her thoughts when she felt an unbelievable pain enter right under the left bosom. The pain of space tearing away at her body evaporated as the newly found pain swarmed her entire body and seemed to burn her and strangely pull her back together. She felt the surge of pain engulf her; spreading out from her chest. She opened her mouth to scream, but the pain only entered. She felt anything against her skin burn away as the intense pain suffocated her entire body inside and out. Seren couldn't take it anymore. She wondered if she was in hell and this was her punishment. What it was she wanted it to be over she wanted herself to be over. She felt the pain settle flare out on the ends of her hair before settling completely inside her body. Seren was finally able to open her light brown eyes and try to make sense of what was going on around her. It seemed unreal and slow, so slow. She felt time had slowed down and the silence was deafening. She opened her eyes wide because pain engulfed them too and she let out a scream that was almost inhuman.

Velter was in disbelief at what was happening. It all happened in the matter of an instant. He then saw the burst rush towards him. "Velter to crew code red! I repeat co-" Velter was silenced by the burst slamming into the craft tearing it apart and him with it.

The two fellow crew members rushed up the stairs only to be slammed by the same force that disintegrated Velter. Their shrieks were as quick as a wink and the burst continued to rip apart the craft until the pieces all scattered out and burned out of existence. Seren felt it all come rushing back as she was swiftly pushed away and her conscious slipped away with her.


The lose sand gently blew as the wind picked up. The wind wisped and echoed a sad song through out the desert land. Some of the free sand was grounded as it tumbled its way down the desert. Some of the sand clung to the seemingly lifeless and nude body of a girl, but she was indeed alive for her chest slowly rose and fell. Some of the sand stuck itself on her eyes lids causing her to twitch slightly before she revealed her chocolate diamonds. She slowly sat up and took in her surroundings. She struggled to come to her feet but was able to gain her ground. She turned her head from side to side a few time trying to figure out where she was. Some of her hair whipped pasted her face causing her to grab it. Upon examination she noticed her hair started out blond but slowly fade to a shade of red. Confused she let it slip away from her hand. She took a step forward but stopped upon hearing a clicking noise come from behind her. She immediately turned around, with her hand up in defense, to see an older plump woman with short gray hair wearing an oddly fitting sun dress with a jacket over it.

"Just stay where you are now? You hear? You speak English?" The older woman spoke with a heavy accent.

"Yes I speak English. Please put the gun down."

"Where are you from? Do you come in peace?" She older woman pressed further.

"Um." She looked up at the sky before looking back the older woman. "I mean you no harm."

The older woman hesitated before putting lowering the gun, "Oh my 'lanta…A real life alien!" The older woman approached her sluggishly. "You are a bonefied starchild you are! I knew something was up when I saw that crazy flash. Took me nearly over two weeks to find where it hit. Hey what are those markn's from on your chest? The older woman said pointing.

She looked down and touched right under her left breast was scarring like patterns. "I…I'm not sure."

"Nah well come on come on! I'll take you back to my place get you dressed. Don't think it be the best idea to be out here in your birthday suit." The older woman joked tossing her the jacket.

She caught it and put it on. It didn't cover everything, but covered enough.


The car ride was awkwardly quiet until the older woman spoke up again, "So starchild where is your space ship? How'd you get here?"

"I…don't know. I only remember waking up."

"You must have that am-whatyoucallit. Your memory is all jumbled up." The older woman came to the conclusion. "But don't worry once we get back to my place you can sleep on it. If your kind even does sleep."

She didn't reply and turned her attention to looking out the window.


The older woman let her sleep in the small guest bed, to which she was grateful for. She slept mostly in complete darkness until random flashes of events started rushing behind her closed eyes. She saw what looked like to be herself as a little girl and then suddenly it would flash to something more reason. These flashes came slow in her dreams but as the night raged on the flashes ran wild and completely filled her head. She saw the stars the multicolor. She saw the craft, the people on it. She saw a blinding light which lead to the pain and then she heard a shriek. Her eyes shot open and she took in a large silent gasp for air.

"Seren…My name is Seren Fay." She finally said.

"Oh you're up." The older woman said entering the room without a knock.

"I…I remember! I remember who I am!" Seren said rushing out of bed and gently grabbing hold of the older woman. "My name is Seren Fay. I was on a space craft when everything went to hell! I thought I died I really did! But I didn't because I'm here!

The older woman shifted her eyes from side to side, "So can you tell me where your space ship is?"

Seren sighed, "No. I don't even know where here is!"


"Ugh. I know its Earth, but where on Earth?"

"You, my starchild, are in the desert of Arizona."

"Arizona!? But how? I- never mind. Listen thank you so much for taking me in and for the er clothes." Seren paused taking note off he loose sundress she wore. "But I need to get back. I need to tell everyone what went on!"

"You're leaving? But I only just called that police. It took me awhile to get a good signal, but they are on there way."

"What? No! I need to get out of here. I'm sorry." Seren pushed her way past the older woman and heading out the front door.

"But they'll be here soon you can't go!" Tried to grab onto Seren.

"No! I need to go!" Seren shouted and, without notice, as she was out of the door, took off high in the sky leaving behind a small trail of dust behind.

Seren flew in the air at lightening speed the air whipping past her. "OhmyGodOhmyGod!" She yelled. She looked behind her to see part of her legs were surrounded by a yellow and pink light. She let out an scream and the light disappeared and she began to fall. "No No! This isn't any better!"

She turned back to look at her legs. "Come on! Turn back on!" She shut her eyes tightly before they shot open and she suddenly stopped falling. She looked around to see herself floating idly in the air. "This is can't happening!" She exclaimed in both fear and excitement. She carefully lowered herself to the ground.

"Did that just even happen?" She swung her arm only for the blast of light to come shooting out of it. She screamed and fell down to her side.

"Ok…Now that did just happen." She looked at her hands before extending both of them. She concentrated and beams of light shot out of both hands. She stopped and looked to see the damage done. She laughed in amazement at the impressive holes she had created. She promptly grabbed her hair and examined it. It was still blonde slowly blending down into red. "How did I…" She remembered being thrown out into space and how she suddenly felt the pain surge through her body.

"That pain…it was the blast. The blast must have been on course for the upper deck. And I…" She put a hand under her left breast and felt the scars. A playful smirk came to her face and she launched herself into the air spinning around as she flew. She let out a loud cheer as she got even higher. She straightened out and began throwing the light from her hands towards the ground.

"This is awesome!" She calmed down and continued, "I have to get back home and let everyone know what happened!" She zoomed off leaving only a small trail of dancing light behind.


"Goddammit! Everything lost! Gone to waste because of one stupid girl!" The Director slammed this hands down. He knocked over computers and other devices in his rage.

"Sir with all due respect, calm down."

He stopped and turned towards the daring man who dare tell him such. "Calm down? You foolish worm! Don't you see what was lost! Three of our best agents and the energy that would fueled our weapons! The weapons that were designed to create ultimate order in this world! And now, we have nothing! Nothing remaining from that mission to salvage! Nothing!" He ranted furiously grabbing hold of the younger man.

"Anomaly detected." The computer went off.

The Director snapped his head towards the machine and dropped the young man. "What?" He approached the computer. "This can't be right. It says that the energy source is maintained and on Earth. Computer locate this anomaly."

"Tracking via satellite sources. Anomaly found. Would you like the video from satellite?"

"Yes you idiot!" The Director spit through his teeth.

The computer played the grainy video revealing a girl flying furiously through the sky.

The Director widened his eyes in disbelief, "Seren? She's alive?" He leaned in closer, "And is the anomaly?! How can that even be possible-" He calmed himself down and took a deep breath in, "No matter. If the energy could be stored I suppose it could store itself with a human. Either way," He turned from the computer, "We will have our weapon."

He stepped down, "Computer keep tracking the anomaly. And all of you," He turned his attention towards the squad of men, "Capture that girl all costs and bring her back to base."

"Yes sir!" They answered in unison.

"Hail Hydra!" The Director shouted.

"Hail Hydra!" Repeated the men.


Seren quietly landed in the alley next to her house. She quickly ran up the houses same steps and knocked on the door. "Mom! Dad! It's me Seren!" She waited for a reply but nothing came back. She frowned but shook it off. She bent down and lifted up the second brick revealing the spear key she had always kept there.

"Hey you!" A younger voice called out to her cause her to turn. A boy was passing by on his bike.

"What do you want kid?"

"No one's gonna answer that door, duh." He replied putting emphasis on the 'duh'.

"Why's that?"

"Geez don't you watch TV?" He sped away after he spoke.

"Hey wait!" Seren shook her head, "Punk kids…" She unlocked the door and swung it open. "Mom! Dad! I-" She stopped seeing the emptiness of the house. The door closed behind her softly. Seren slowly walked in further, the entrance of the house was always filled with lights and paintings but not those were all gone. Even the ugly rug that lay by the door. She inspected the house further to the exact same thing. Emptiness. Only some furniture was left but most of everything was gone. She slowly looked up the staircase before ascending. The usual decorations that hung on the wall gone too. She stopped at a closes door. It was her room. She opened the door and it creaked like it always had, but that was the only thing that remained in her room. She looked around her empty room remembering where she had placed everything. She turned her attention to her closet. She opened its doors and shifted inside of it. She got on her hands and knees before pushing against the part of the small wall before it gave way revealing a small door. She climbed in it and stood up height wasn't a problem. Everything was still in place here. This place much have been forgotten, but not to Seren. Her older stuff was still in here. She sat down on the dusty and dirty floor. She noticed there was a bag close to her and dragged to next to her. Inside was some wrinkled clothes, pen and paper, a wallet with little cash in it, and a picture. Seren took out the picture carefully and blew some of the dust off. She smiled at seeing the picture of her and her parents. Her mother's big smile and shining blonde hair. Her Father's always so terrible attempt at smiling. She laughed to herself but slowly that laugh turned into a soft whimper she felt the tears push against her eyes. "Where did you go?" She asked softly before putting the picture back in the bag. She had to find out what had happened. Why her parents are gone and the house emptied. She sighed while digging through the bag to find some better suiting clothes.


She walked out of the house quietly and began to make her way down the street. She kept her hood up over a majority of her hair. Seeing someone head her way she rushed up to them. "Excuse me ma'am but could you tell me what happened to that house?" She pointed.

"Oh are you knew in town. Even so you should have heard."

"Heard what?"

"The girl that lived there was enrolled in the Northern Moss Astronomy Center. Well she snuck onto the launching of their big project, which caused the death of everyone on board and the destruction of the project. Her parents were so ashamed and bereaved they packed up one day and skipped town." The woman finished.

"What?" Seren said speechless.

"I know it is hard to believe, but it happened."

"Do you know where the parents went?" Seren asked hiding the pleading tone.

"Sorry but I don't believe anyone does. Now I have to get to work." The woman continued on her way. Seren almost collapsed, but she held her ground. She covered her eyes hoping it would stop the tears from escaping their prison.


Seren kept on walking past the crowds of people unsure of what to next. She just didn't want to stop walking. She wanted to keep going and going until she could figure out what exactly to do. She started to noticed a few guys starting getting closer together. Feeling uncomfortable she picked up her pace and crossed the road. Only for them to follow her. Feeling anxious she was practically jogging but they only got closer. She quickly rounded the corner only for a few more guys to stand a few feet in front of her. She stepped back and tried turning around, only to see the other men behind her.

"Seren Fay you're going to come with us." One of them says.

Feeling trapped she closes her eyes tightly before opening them sharply and taking off into the air. The men below pulled out guns and began shooting at her causing chaos to rip through the streets.

"Don't shoot her with bullets! We cannot have her dead! Force her down to the ground with the air team. Use the secondary method." A voice ordered via an earpiece.

Seren looked behind her to see aircrafts she had never seen before begin to chase her and they were gaining on her. She swung her arm and through a beam hitting on of the aircrafts causing it explode. "Leave me alone!" She shouted angrily. Unexpectedly an aircraft appeared right above her and one on both sides of her. She quickly dove to the ground but turned letting her back face the ground. She shot at the three aircrafts taking two of them out. She turned back around and landed harshly on the ground. She greeted with a rough kick to side and lost any balance she had after that landing. The men surrounded her. She gritted her teeth and began shooting beams at them. She succeeded in hitting one and he immediately turned to ash. She stopped firing and gasped at what she had done. This split second allowed the men to throw some sort of metal rope around her wrist. She struggled but another one gripped onto her other wrist. She let out a grunt and tried to pull her her arms but more and more metal bindings linked themselves onto her body. She let out a scream but one of the bindings wrapped itself around her neck pulling her to the ground. She tried to struggle but her oxygen was being cut off and fast. He bloods rushed to her head and her vision went in and out. She clenched her jaw feeling her body begin to pass out. Without warning some of the bindings became lose and no longer held her down. She heard some gun shots go off. She heard the men struggling with something other than her. The binding on her neck loosened, and she quickly gasped for air. She blinked slowly she thought her body was getting up, but she simply writhed on the ground. She heard the screams of civilians and closing sounds of sirens. Her vision completely blurred and blacking out she saw someone stand above her and reach down before she entered the void.

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