Seren could hear nothing expect the dull ringing of her eardrums. Her eyelids unsheathed her chocolate eyes and they darted quickly in the sockets before stabilizing. A blazing light was her first welcome and her inability to cover her eyes with her hand was the second. She angled her neck and noticed her hands and feet where restrained in some sort of metal casing. Her back was arched uncomfortably in a hard chair. Her surrounding were small and enclosed containing nothing but metal stained walls and the binding chair she was in. Everything came back in a wave. The falling metal, the man, pain and the cold. All of those were gone now expect the cold, it stung her like needles to the skin. She gasped as she recalled everything and began to scramble to try and break free.

Her breathing increased as her efforts were proving fruitless. Her mind filled with thoughts of panic and distress.

"No…no no no!" She hissed to herself as she angrily struggled.

A scream of frustration was crawling its way up her throat but was stopped when the sliding of metal was heard. She jumped against her restraints and realized the noise came from behind her. She froze and strained her eyes to try and catch a glimpse of what caused it. Her lips quivered as heels tapped against the floor towards her.

"Hello Ms. Fay." A familiar voice spoke. Seren grit her teeth as the sneering face of the Director met her eyes. Seren felt her stomach collapse in itself as she realized she had been caught.

"You don't seem surprised to see me here, which leads me to believe you know what this is about." He commented.

"And what would that be?" Seren asked gruffly.

He furrowed his brow in amusement, "Come now Ms. Fay don't be coy."

Seren distraughtly frowned, "How did you find me."

The Director took a deep breath before speaking again. "You and I, Ms. Fay, are a lot a like. We both will do whatever it takes to get whatever it is we want."

"That doesn't answer my question." Seren remarked passively.

He sighed and slightly rolled his eyes, "Did you really think you could keep away forever?"

She could try. "You still aren't answering the question, Director."

"Nah well, no harm in telling you I suppose. Tracking you proved difficult, as you must have figured, so I had to use other methods. Sending out agent after agent all over the country and then finally I may have had a lead. People took notice of your hair, which you really should have done something about that if you wanted to hide."

Seren glared but the Director kept speaking, "But still we found nothing, but then you brought yourself to us. You see that man you saved is an agent, a lesser agent but an agent no less, he was overseeing construction of a building we would be part of something that wasn't in our concerns but you played hero but sadly you didn't quite get the hero's ending."

"Surprising you were able to accomplish this all by yourself. All these talks of agents didn't know the school could do stuff like that." Seren scoffed.

"No need to play dumb Ms. Fay. I know that our previous agent was the one that kept you from us. Now he might not have been with you when you were brought here but we know you are with him and frankly we'd like him back."

She felt a part of the tension sink knowing they did not have James with them. He was safe for time being.

"Hm? I don't know what you are talking about." Seren steady voice covered up her nauseous stomach and her terrifying rapid heart beat.

"We have reason to believe you have been with him. Your muscle mass has increased since we last met-"

Seren quickly interjected, "And? I figured I needed to protect myself."

"And you learned to do that on your own?"

"I read a lot." Seren retorted.

The Director smirked, "Oh? Well you see Ms. Fay I know you've been with him because traces of his DNA have been found on your body."

Seren swore her heart stopped.

"You look quite pale Ms. Fay is everything all right?" He mocked.

Seren glared and grit her teeth. She tried lunging at him but the restraints held her firmly.

"Now now no need to get testy. I'm just trying to get you to stop dancing around my questions. Ah but you must have many questions too. We were looking for you before he got messed up into this."

Seren narrowed her eyes, "Then why? Because of what I did? You want revenge for me ruining your little experiment?"

"Revenge?" He almost laughed, "No but you did steal from me. You see, that 'experiment' was meant for harnessing pure weaponized energy illuminating from a cluster. That energy could be used for weapons and defenses. We had it all planned out, every variable every detail except for you. You were the error that mutated and deformed it all. Your body got caught in the blast and absorbed it or that is the best we can conclude."

He paused for a long time before speaking again, "It was quite the…miracle you survived." He seemed to smirk to himself about something and Seren couldn't figure it out which left an unsettle mark in her nerves. The way he spoke made her feel uneasy.

"So you're going to extract it from me." Seren spoke unnervingly.

"Oh we already tried that, but it seems the energy has completely bonded to your system, to your genetics. If you live the energy is bound to you, if you die it dies too."

"Well that leaves us at a stalemate doesn't it." Seren spoke.

"It could but it doesn't have to."

Seren raised a brow, "What do you mean?"

He sighed with a small smirk traced across his face, "We don't really need to be enemies do we Ms. Fay?"

"You've got to be-"

"Hush Ms. Fay. I know you better than you think. In your time of hiding I've done my research on you. You and I both know you aren't the hero type. In fact your not one of those romanticized types at all. You are determined and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve what you desire. That is an admiral quality one that many of us here at Hydra have, and please don't pretend not to know what Hydra is it will just give both of us a head ache. You don't belong in everyday life where everything is controlled. You could be one of the controllers. The ones who decide."

Seren slowly shook her head, "You expect me to what? Join you? After all the pain you caused James? And if I refuse you'll do to me what you did to him?"

"Oh please I'm not barbaric. I wouldn't do what they did to him. You are much to smart for that. Besides, is the only reason for your hatred because of him? We did what we had to do. It is no different than those who made their own super soldier. They forgot about him and he sat frozen in some god forsaken ice, where we never forgot."

"You took away his freedom his life-"

"We gave him a more substantial one!" He raised his voice. One with purpose and meaning. Don't let all that hero propaganda get to you, we do the same things they do but are willing to actually get it done. With you and him both in our operation progress will sky rocket." He calmed himself, "We wouldn't keep you two apart there would be no hiding. You two could continue what you have."

Seren shook her head, "No…I don't believe you! I have no reason to! You'll hurt him again you'll make him forget…" She looked away.

"I was not a part of the Winter Soldier program and I did not agree with such barbaric methods. If you side with us and bring him here there will be no more running no more hiding. You two could be together in the arms of Hydra."

Her breathing quivered and shook, "I…can't trust you. Even if I did do this how could I know you would keep your word?"

"Seren," His voice softened, "There is no reason for me not to keep my word. Your joining would be a strength to Hydra and there is no reason for you two to be kept apart. It does not provide any negatives for Hydra."

"No, If you had him here, you would need to wipe him he would forget. It wouldn't be real." Seren almost sobbed.

"No that's not true. Our advances do not require reprogramming him. We would need to do something but everything you have would still be there. We need him to realize Hydra is superior and he is part of that superior purpose. It won't hurt him he won't forget, he will understand. What is the point of trying to be a hero when people will hate you anyway? You are much like me Seren, you do whatever it takes to get what you want. If you want James, then you know this is right."

She closed her eyes tightly and kept her head to the side. Her breaths were ghostly silent and she felt the storm in her mind and body rise and push against her skin. His words were making their way inside her veins. Her throat felt like cotton and her head felt occupied by something that wasn't herself. Everything began to burn and itch as everything the storm got louder fiercer. It all screamed and clawed at her only getting louder and the silence in the room went on. The slowly opened her eyes and the storm raged on behind them. She glared them slightly and turned to the Director. She felt her fist heat up curl up tightly under her restraints.


James sat on the side of the bed, now fully dressed. He tapped his fingers together impatiently. He hadn't been up for long and slept way to long for his own comfort. Still upon his waking he expected Seren to be back and organizing the newly purchased items. But she wasn't, she wasn't in their rundown shack. James rolled his shoulders and neck but the tension in his body was not leaving and only worsened over time. He moved his arms behind him, switching positions trying to shake the unsettling feeling rising in his stomach. But that wouldn't go away either. She had been gone too long or that is what he thinks. He couldn't tell how long but it still did not sit with him right. He should have gone with her. No she's fine. These thought battled each other until he pushed himself off the bed in frustration and charged out the door. He paced in the grass more times than he should have before letting out a grunt of frustration and stopping himself. He sighed and hung his head with his hands on his hips. Hearing the crushing of twigs and grass approaching him caught his guard and he perked up like a lion waiting for the kill. In the distance he began to see Seren running towards him and as she got closer he could see the sheer terror on her face. His expressed changed quickly into concern as the ran towards her.

Their bodies collided softly and she grabbed onto him tightly. Her breaths rapid and fast. She looked torn apart and sweaty. James pulled her so he could see her face, "Seren! What's wrong? What happened to you!" He gripped her tightly and waited for an answer but all that emitted from her were whimpers and gasps.

"They…I-!" She tried to speak.

"Who? What happened!"

She looked up to him, "They found us. We need to go! We have to get out!"

James felt like a snake had crawled down his throat. "What?" He questioned in disbelief.

"Please we need to get out of here!" She pleaded with him embracing him tightly. He felt her quivering under him and wrapped his arms around her.

"Ok don't worry it will be fine." He tried to convince himself as he comported Seren.

Seren's breathing slowly steadied until it was stuttered inhales and exhales. Her quivering did not stop or loosen up. She brought her lips to his ear and hot breath met it. "Hail Hydra…" As soon as those damning words left her ear men surrounded them and the could feel the wind being manipulated by the blades of a helicopter. Seren was pulled away from him and in an instant all he could see what dark.

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