A/N: This is my very first fan fiction ever, so please be honest with any reviews. I have wondered for years about Beckett's confessed wild child years, but they have never been addressed on the show. What would have happened if Kate had met Rick during this time and how would it have affected them later on. This is truly AU, so don't flame me on my take on those years. Hope you find it a good read

He walked out of the attorney's office in a daze not sure what exactly his future held now.

He knew that she was not as faithful as he wanted but always clung to the belief that she would settle down once they had a child. Before she got pregnant, the life had been fast and hard, late, late nights at parties and movie premieres and most of the time nearly blind drunk once they got home. Then the world all changed when the little white plastic strip read "Yes".

Now what do they do?

He knew immediately that he would take the honorable path and marry her for the sake of the child and his own sanity. He was, despite his tabloid persona, an old fashioned man with the corresponding associated values about family. However, his wife did not agree with the path he had chosen. So that fateful night when he had come home from the publishing company to find his two year old daughter in tears in her bed as his wife lustfully rode her new director on their own bed in their own room, he had had enough. Rearing up with righteous indignation, he sent her packing, hoping to never see her again.

So, in the matter of the dissolution of the marriage of Richard Castle and Meredith Castle, the judge had found for the defendant and granted the divorce, awarding full and sole custody of their minor daughter to the ex-husband.

Thus, Richard Castle finds himself meandering down the sidewalk with nowhere to go and all day to get there. He has no wife, girlfriend or any true friends to speak of that he can spend time with, especially on this afternoon. Eventually, he is headed home to his daughter, all he has left in the world save his live-in mother, a very large loft and an even bigger bank account. None of which offers him warmth or comfort in the aftermath of his encounters in the courtroom.

About the same time, a young beautiful girl is living the time of her life, being the center of attention at all her high school parties and is truly relishing her freedom and her wild child years.

She is planning a career along the same path as her mother, law school at Stanford and then on to be the first female Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. But now, she is savoring the carefree life that beauty and poise along with the benefits of a semi-wealthy family life afforded by the two lawyer careers of her parents can bring her.

She doesn't have a worry in the world.

She is blessed with the genetics of both her mother and father, tall, possessing the hauntingly stunning looks of a leggy supermodel, long brunette hair that naturally hangs in soft curls around her face, a figure that is the envy of all her girlfriends and elicits the leers and lusty remarks of the guys, along with the intelligence of a lawyer or other professional.

All the boys around her want and desire her, and she relishes the attention it brings. She carries her slim body erect and proud, her breasts, small but not too much, are firm and full with the advantage of not having lost the war with gravity yet. Her rear end is full and firm sitting atop her long legs, ever the enticement in the skinny jeans that she always wears.

Because of this appearance she portrays, she has been approached by an agency scout to work the summer months as a catalog model in Los Angeles. Not liking the offer but not to deter her from the life she wants, her parents reluctantly agree to allow her to work the summer in L.A. she thinks this is just the opportunity she needs to spread her wings as she wants and to experience the wilder side of her personality. She will be living in the land of fast cars and beautiful women, joining them and giving them all a run for their money. She can compete with any and all of the models that will be working for the agency and she knows it. She can't wait to get to the West Coast and begin to thoroughly profit from her looks, her attitude and her freedom.

Kate Beckett will take California by storm.

His life is a continuum of daily Dad chores, joys and activities. He truly delights in the liberty to enjoy daily life with his daughter since his chosen profession is a murder mystery writer allows him to do just that.

His publisher has saddled him with the moniker of Master of the Macabre. It fits him well since he has gained both wealth from his writing and notoriety as The Ledger's Page Six playboy, appearing nearly every week with a new, usually blond, starlet or society girl on his arm. Most of this is pure hype heaped on him by his publishing company and his agent since the badboy image and publicity keeps him in the public's attention and helps to sell his books.

His true character is the one where he spends his time cooking for his daughter, playing in the park with her as weather permits or reveling in a game of laser tag when it doesn't. He delights in the movie marathon evenings he has with Alexis, now five, usually a Disney or other child film of her choosing. He knows all the characters and all the dialogue, since his daughter is the one good thing he has in his life, the one good thing he has ever done with his life. Whatever it takes to keep her happy and grounded, he will do.

She also keeps him in line since she is probably as much of an adult as he is at times, schooling him on her bedtimes and eating habits; "Dad, I am not eating whipped cream from the can". She is precocious in some terms, having already learned her father's passion for literature and many other forms of the arts.

Rick is a child in an adult's body sometimes and therefore he is the perfect companion for his daughter. However, he is one hundred percent the protective parent should the need arise. Don't mess with my daughter or risk the wrath of the 6 foot 2 inch tall mass of unwavering, unrelenting parental force. Don't Mess With My Family he menacingly projects should the need arise.

Bottom line, he takes care of business. However, along with the comfortable easy going family man is a mann with a hope and desire to find someone, somewhere to genuinely care about, to trust and to eventually love with all his heart. That woman would have to first and foremost be faithful to him as he would be to her, to cherish his daughter just as he does, to love him for who he is and not for his bank account. He needs to be able to fully bestow his love on someone that appreciates him for the man behind the mask and not for the fame he basks in due to his success as a writer. He wants a good woman who is good to him and for him.

Now in L.A., she immediately takes the modeling world by storm. She struts the studio with the power and authority of one who has been there for years and not just weeks, not at all daunted by the cattiness and backstabbing of the "lesser" models. She exudes the self-confidence and authority of one who is at the top of her profession and carries herself with the posture and bearing afforded the rank of only the select few. She immediately garners the top wage and best assignments given only to the elite of her chosen field.

However, she soon finds that modeling is a grueling profession and demands long hours and little control of her destiny. She realizes that she is often treated as just a piece of meat or a walking clothes rack, prodded and pulled, poked and pushed, many times in nearly no clothes, with no reason other than the whim of the designer or photographer.

She loves the job, but her wilder side is still craving the release of the lifestyle of the rich and famous. She finds that hard to do when she is only eighteen and working daily for a living as a model. She needs to find something else that can fill this longing in her being, scratch the itch she felt during her imaginings of L.A. during her time back in New York before migrating to California.

She has the entire summer to enjoy on her own and working only as a model is not her vision of that summer before going off to college at Stanford. Yes she got into this prestigious law school. With this in mind, she starts questioning the other models about the lifestyle and nightlife that L.A. can offer her.

What is it she can do to get out and experience the style and revelry that comes along with the Hollywood image of the West Coast? She wants to live the life of recklessness and relish the fruits of her youth before the rigors of college life weigh her down.

If there is one thing that Kate Beckett does, it is once she makes up her mind to tackle something, she does it completely and with absolute determination.

She talks to her best friend, a model with more experience but fewer fealties than that bestowed on Kate at this time. Her friend suggests that she go with her and some of the other models to the top clubs around, those only celebrities can get into. Kate immediately agrees and that Friday goes to her apartment after her modeling session are over to prepare for her night out with the girls.

How to dress?

She wants to have fun, be out on the town and enjoy herself with abandon. She dresses for the part, donning a short tight club dress that is deep red, almost burgundy and covered with small sequins that will glitter in the spotlights of the dance floor. It is slit up the left side of the skirt, leaving most of the long expanse of her thigh exposed.

Her legs are one of her best assets and she knows to go with her strengths. The skirt is only about six inches or so below the curve of her hips and shows her expansive thighs to the best benefit. The top is low cut in the back and has a deep v cut in the front, exposing enough cleavage to be truly enticing, but still covering sufficiently to keep the mystery of her breathtaking figure alive. Of course, the cut leaves no choice of wearing a bra, not that she needs it to start with.

Under the dress, she opts to go without panties or a thong, delighting in the sensation of naughtiness and mischief the lack of this restriction affords. She is, in all senses of the word, truly magnificent.

She applies her makeup to compliment her high prominent cheekbones and smoky hazel-green eyes to perfection, highlighting the flecks of brown and gold. Her lips are a dusty rose and are tempting in any light or place. Set to tackle any world or universe, Kate is on the prowl, ready for whatever the evening has to offer up for her pleasure.

Now was her time to begin to roar. She is a fantasy on two legs, a specter of a life no man can dream to experience but all desire to try. She personifies the unattainable that her status as a top model demands. She embodies that perfection that comes only with the confidence and assurance that one is truly at the pinnacle of the cosmos in which she revolves.

She is truly a Wild Child tonight.