She loved it when people watched. Must be one reason she loved dancing nude in L.A. so long ago, dancing nude for the man who became her lover, then became her one and done. She danced for others also back then, giving her a sense of power and control like nothing else ever has, more so than even cuffing a murderer after a violent take-down. It is a thing of beauty when she dances, when she is seen in all her glory, when she gives up the proprieties of modern society and just exists in that one state of Nirvana. To say she is a closet exhibitionist would be a great understatement. Maybe this is due to the level of decorum her job always seems to demand. She has to be the penultimate in respectability and decorum when she is Kate Beckett, Homicide Detective. However, when she is away from the office and the demands and responsibilities of the detective profession, she can let her hair down and be Kate Beckett, wild child personified.

She can be Emerald.

Emerald does not have to dance in a club to excel at her avocation. She can dance in the solitude of her own home, in the isolation of the woods at her father's cabin or in the presence of her one and done husband, Rick Castle. But she is never as happy as when she and Rick know she is dancing for an audience, whether seen or not.

Kate often comes home late at night and needs to relax and drop all the pretense and horror of the day's work dealing with the scum and dredges of humanity. She and Rick quietly down a glass of wine and he knows, by the quiet despair written in the wrinkles and lines of her brow, that she needs to escape from the staid requirements of the day and be that carefree 19 year old Emerald, if just for one night again.

He silently rises from the couch and walks to the CD player, selecting her specially selected long-play version of Ravel's Bolero. The very song playing when he watched her dance for the first time in L.A. He didn't know her from Eve then, but once she took the stage, he knew he had found his ever-after. She wove herself instantly into the fabric of his very being, weaving a web of love and passion so tight he was never to escape.

He started the London's Symphony's movement of Bolero and moved quietly back to his seat. He watched Kate transform from the haggard detective to a beautiful nineteen year old in the space of the first stanza of the song. She slowly rose and started to sway to the tune, losing herself in the sensuality of the haunting melody. She moved to the large bay window overlooking the city, knowing she could be easily seen by anyone happening to be looking out the windows of the many rooms in the buildings opposite to their loft. This made the eroticism of her dance only more intoxicating.

She turned and beckoned for Rick to join her at the window as she danced, slowly removing her clothing as she watched the windows across the way. She needed to be observed as she danced, to feel the control of her audience as she did in California so long ago. She was once again the incomparable Emerald, the Myth, the call of the Sirens, Astghik, the Goddess of Love and Fertility. She was all women, packaged in a fantastically wanton 5 ft 9 inch tower of pulchritude.

She was in her element, mastering all who would view her as she danced. She floated to the magical notes of Bolero, swaying and bending to the music in a dance of pure emotional femininity. She was the embodiment of lust and desire, slipping away from the mundane drudgery of homicide and emerging in the light of the realm of desire and sensuality. She has abandoned the reality of life, has broken the chains of responsibility and has leapt to the pinnacle of freedom.

Emerald is now nearly nude in her search for liberation and domination of the audience; she tacitly seeks Rick's aid in losing her final encumbrance of the daily demands. Rick acquiesces and silently and patiently slides her panties down her stately exquisite legs. She now stands in only her heels and her Emerald and Diamond necklace, which she had retrieved as soon as Bolero had started on the player. She was once again the untouchable, forbidden Emerald, standing as tall and proud as a featured dancer in the Follies in Paris. She was truly magnificent and watched the windows from her vantage point, seeing now that many had people behind them, each and every one reveling in their voyeurism, empowering Emerald in her quest for release.

Emerald continued to dance in the window, basking in the adoration being bestowed upon her by those faceless few so lucky as to have a front row seat for her performance. She moved with the grace and fluidity of the masters of old burlesque, thrilling all who perused her. She rejoiced in the elation she felt, knowing she had the power and control over her audience as she displayed her erotic charms in the window for all to watch.

She had reached her Nirvana, had attained her release from the day's burdens and now desired to bestow her sorcery upon her mate. She glided over to Rick as on the mists of the swamps, ethereal in her beauty. She cast her beguiling net over him with such exquisite gentleness; Rick was lost before he knew he was in her sights. Such was the magic and enchantment of Emerald and her dance. She was as the Pied Piper; entrancing all who saw her, leading them away from the cares of the dull existence of their mundane lives.

She turned back to the window, facing it directly and stood, once again tall and proud and raised her arms to shoulder height, basking in the accolades from her silent audience. She saw the applause being heaped upon her, not hearing but still appreciating.

Emerald turned once more to Rick, quietly took his hand and led him past his desk to their bedroom. Once there, she completed her performance and then lay down beside him on their bed. He had removed his clothes while she had danced in the bedroom and now he met her under the duvet, bestowing his withheld praise until this moment.

Emerald was released from the trials and tribulations of her life, if just for a short while. She now was snuggled in the safe arms of her husband, fending off the cares and anguish of her life and job. She had been freed to simply exist in the peace and glory of her shared bliss of the harmony of her existence with Rick.

She had once again become . . .