She walks alone, that beauty fair

The gentle moonlight on her hair,

Her path is shown by daisies white

She blends into the milky night.

She's walked this path for decades now

To fulfill that long, forgotten vow.

The sound of the sea seems distant here

And in the darkness, a silent tear

Fell from those blue eyes, those eyes that had seen

So much pain, yet seemed so serene.

She dreamed of the night they had walked that way,

Those woods he had loved, the fields and the bay.

And like a dreamer, she walked it again

As she neared her journey's end.

She sat down softly by the mossy stone –

The only memory of the days that were gone.

She sat remembering their youthful dreams

Life hadn't been the rosy walk it seems.

And as she dreamed, the hours flew by

When dawn was near, with a soft sigh

She gave the place one last, loving look

And disappeared along the brook.

Soon her footsteps died away,

As the light streamed in of the dawning day

And by his grave, her roses could be seen,

All that remained of what could have been.