Authors note: Welcome to the finale. Chip and his friends are caught by Fat Cat and face certain death; their chances of escape are slim. Could this be the end…or can a mysterious benefactor step in and save them, well, whoever it is they'd best hurry quickly. Thanks to all those who hung around to the finale of this two part story, now here we go, one last time…Rescue Rangers Away!

CH.7: A cheese gamble pt3

Fat Cat sat in a velvety red chair overlooking the certain demise of his famed nuisances the Rescue Rangers. They had been a thorn in his paw for quite some time, now he would be rid of them once and for all. Hung over a boiling bowl of lava he stroked his whiskers in glee. "Well well…who would've thought your days would come to an end over cheese."

"Fat Cat you are a monster! Those people need that cheese to survive…you won't get away with this!" Gadget struggled but no matter how she did so…it only tightened around her slim waist.

"Such strong words…from a dead mouse. Your group has finally bitten off more than you can chew…and no amount of brave words will summon the help you desire. No, I am afraid this is it, and now according to our deal I will need the location of the cheese you stole from me-."

"Fat chance of that happening, I'd rather give up my sense of smell again then sink that low and deprive those families of their survival-."

"Well Monterey, did not know you had it in you to go back on your word, and here I thought you would be like your friends and do so. There might be hope for you yet…reconsider and I might let you go-."

Monterey shook his head fervently and cast a glare at him. "Hate to break your deluded head but I am a Rescue Ranger, and always will be."

Fat Cat let out a sigh and motioned at Mepps to work the lever. "This will be the final time we see each other, I hope you enjoy your next life…wherever that maybe."

"Stop!" Foxglove swooped in and flapped her wings at Mepps. "I won't let you harm my friends!"

"Yay it is Foxglove, she will save us for sure!" Dale kicked about glad to see his girl bat.

"Mole restrain the bat and throw her in the pit, I grow tired of her constant talking." He motioned behind him and then Mole came in placing a bag over the bat.

"I am sorry…but the boss told me to do so." Mole began to inch her to the edge of the pit and found her fight still there. "Uh boss…she is making this…hard…"

"Must I do everything by myself?" Fat Cat heaved a sigh and as he rose from his seat he bonked Mole over the head then grabbed onto the bag.

"Hey you let my girlfriend go!" Dale continued to kick about and ended up kicking Chip's ankle.

"Watch it dunder head…that hurt. Besides…what can we do…we're tied up." Chip hated looking defeat in the eye, but, it did look like this was their last mission. Turning to his right he reached over and grabbed hold of Gadget's hand.

Gadget felt warmth in her hand and turned seeing Chip's hand. Blushing she found his eyes on hers and smiled. "Golly Chip…you're here…you are actually here."

"Yeah, sorry it had to be here instead of, well you know, out there. If we get out of this though…I promise to never leave your side again, Ranger honor." He tried to kiss her but found the restraint of the chain keeping him in place.

"Thanks Chip…and I promise to be a little more receptive to your feelings. I know I was always oblivious, but, no more…from here on I will be the best girlfriend there is…um…that is if you will have me as your girlfriend."

"Say yes," Monterey and Dale said in unison.

Chip heaved a sigh but understand their intentions. "Yes Gadget, I will have you as a girlfriend," he squeezed her hand and then looked up to see Fat Cat holding onto a struggling Foxglove.

"How touching, you waited till your impending doom to get together…oh well…I guess one can't be choosy on these things. Anyway I am sure no one will miss her if I throw her, so, bon voyage."

"Foxglove!" Dale screamed watching as the bag was thrown past them. He stared hard but he couldn't see her with all the steam around. His heart felt like it was about to break off from his body and casting a glare up at Fat Cat he kicked harder. "Fat Cat…if I get out of this-."

"Oh please, spare your threats, from such a voice like yours it would have to be much bigger to mean anything." Fat Cat was about to leave when he heard a weird sound. Turning around he saw a flying machine and in the pilot seat was a wisened old mouse. "No…it can't be-."

"Oh but it is Fat Cat…meow." He activated a control and reaching up he snapped the chain letting the rangers fall into his machine.

"Uncle…what are you doing here?" Gadget hugged him and then went to tackle Chip with plenty of kisses she dreamt of.

"I couldn't let Chip here have all the fun, besides, Fat Cat and I have history. Now Fat Cat, you know going after family is an offense only measured by the act followed next, your imprisonment in jail-."

"Jail, nah, I think I will continue thriving in my petty ways. See you next time Rangers!" He then raced out of there.

"Chip…what is he talking about?" She pulled her lips off him for a moment to contemplate what it was her Uncle said.

"Well you see…um…I'll tell you later." Chip hopped off the machine and raced after Fat Cat. No way was he going to let him escape, not after surviving the fire and water. Finding him waiting for him he adjusted his hat. "End of the line Fat Cat!"

"You may have beaten my crew…but…you won't get me!" Fat Cat charged and as he swung at the chipmunk he saw him dodge the attack and scamper out of range.

"For all the crimes you have committed, for all the injustice, jail is your only sentence. Nimnul is down for the count, same goes for you." Chip tried to find something to tie him down with…but…nothing was coming to mind. His hesitation seemed to catch Fat Cat's mind for he swiped at him knocking him into a slot machine.

"I hope for your sake you stay down this time. We Feline have nine lives, you Chipmunks are simply dead, road kill for the stronger of the specie." Fat Cat advanced then saw the rest of the furball brigade come in. "Oh good, I was beginning to wonder if the rest would fall in line."

"You aren't going to lay a hand on him! We have put up with your crimes long enough, it is time we take you down for good." Gadget whistled and flying in she watched as Foxglove dropped a bag onto his head.

"Now you know how it is to be all tied up." Foxglove dropped down into Dale's arms and kissed him all over.

"You'd kids best get a move on…I just set things in motion that will take this place down…way way down." A low rumble was heard and he hurried them along.

"Wait…what about the last of the cheese?" Monterey asked.

"Don't worry I took care of it all before rescuing Foxglove then you, now get going. I got this covered." Claudius saw Fat Cat take off his bag and as he raced at the Rangers he was secured by a claw.

"Wait…you're coming with us-." Gadget was about to get out but felt Chip's gentle hand on her shoulder.

"My brother, your father, died doing what he was born to do. He flew the sky and never looked back, I worked undercover and Fat Cat was my case. Get her out of here Chip…you did me proud son." He could see Fat Cat struggling and the walls began to creak as lava began spilling through.

"Chip let me go…I have to save him…no!" Gadget was fighting through her tears and felt the Ranger Plane begin to ascend into the air. The walls were beginning to erupt in hot molten lava and the machines all around were beginning to break down.

Chip looked back and saw the mouse who had saved him turning to face the lava. Hitting a button on a remote he held the claw went flying outside into the night where Fat Cat would face the justice so rightly deserved.

"Take care of her Chip…and brother…save a drink for me." As the sirens filled the night he wore a peaceful smile on his face, the end never looked so welcoming.

Chip stood with Gadget at the place where she had chosen to bury Claudius. It was a small burial, still a lot of familiar faces had shown. Placing a hand on her shoulder as she wept into him he stroked her golden locks and listened as the mouse whom he had hit some time ago read from a book. After the lava had overtaken the casino there wasn't much left, though what was found itself inside the grave.

Fat Cat finally faced the jail time he rightly deserved and that left the city clear of two mad criminals who had threatened it for some time. This did not mark the end of the Rescue Rangers, but, it did give them some time to mourn and celebrate.

"I am sorry I didn't tell you Gadget," Chip said softly, "it is just…there never was a right time. I was undercover and if I had let you know I was alive…I wouldn't have been able to help out your Uncle in all of this."

Gadget sighed deeply and clung onto his jacket. "I know, it is just…you got to know him in such a short time when I knew him most of mine…and he never let me in once. I wanted to-."

"Well…I know this isn't much…but I hope this will suffice." He reached into his jacket and pulled out a journal. "Claudius left this behind, I guess he knew he was running out of time and wanted to tell you all about his life, who he was. Don't think ill of him for having deceived you…he had done his best to put behind that part of himself, that life in order to live an honest life."

Gadget accepted the journal and smiled. Leaning up she kissed him softly and rested her head on his chest. "Thank you Chip…I will treasure this always."

Monterey and Zipper stood off to the side as they looked on. "Well Zipper my pal, we did it, we cracked the case of the missing cheese finally. I don't know about you, but, I think it is time we rightly took some vacation time."

"Uh huh," Zipper let out a breath as he was exhausted.

"How about a trip down under; has been a while since we were back home. I bet our stories will trump Jumpin Jack." Monterey could see Chip and Gadget had much catching up to do.

Dale and Foxglove were seated atop a high tree branch overlooking the funeral. Dale had his arm around her and their hands were held tightly. "You know, this has got me thinking, how would you like to join the Rescue Rangers?"

"Are you sure, I mean, I don't want to break the team dynamic or anything," she said uncertainly, her eyes looking at their hands.

"Well, now that I am not leader anymore I won't have too much pressure on me. Which means I can do this…and still have you on the team." He leaned in kissing her sweetly, suddenly losing balance and falling.

"And my first rescue on the team is my boyfriend." She shook her head in amusement and dashed down catching Dale just before he hit the ground.

Hung upside down he looked around seeing everyone staring at him. "Hey, I thought this was a funeral not an upside down fun house."

Nervous laughter filled the crowd and Chip was tempted to knock him on the head. But he saw Gadget cracking a smile and he looked at her. "What is it Gadget?"

"Oh nothing, you know, I think Claudius would want this, no one crying at his funeral but people being lively, cracking a joke. I am now officially the last Hackwrench…and I intend to do what I love just like him and my father. Now…I believe we have some discussing to do inside."

Chip was about to protest but caught her meaning and smiled. Heading past Dale he popped him on the head, but not as hard as usual. It was good to be alive, being dead just wasn't any fun. Turned out in the end…his gamble did pay off.

Authors note: Thank you everyone once again for reading my stories. I realize there aren't many of these to go on which means less traffic, still, I am a fan of this series and hope my contribution is worth something to say the least. With this it marks the end of a two part series and for a while my exit from this, Chip 'N' Dale, who knows, maybe in the future I may come back, but there are other series calling out my name, so, later.