Hello there readers! This is only my second story so please, no flames. Constructive criticism is OK, however. Well please enjoy the story. I do NOT own Pokemon...no matter how much I wish. First Pokemon story

He was running for his life.

He knew if he stopped he would be killed.

He felt the air getting a bit hotter. Instinctively, he tilted his head to the side. A stream of fire blasted where his head was a second ago.

"Flamethrower! That attack would have killed me on the spot if i didn't move!" Trying to keep his ears out for more attacks, he thought back to how this began.


A teenager, around 16 years old, was seen standing near a house. His name was Ryu. He was a normal, healthy teenager for his age. However, he didn't have any parents. They were killed by a attack from a horde of wild Growlithe. Ryu was wearing a Dark, outdoor hat with a red feather on it. He had short, brown hair that hugged his head. He had blue eyes that some people said where like Sapphires. For a shirt, he wore a black jacket with a orange stripe going up the arms and zipper area. At the bottom of the jacket and sleeves, the stripe wrapped around the jacket. The zipper it self was a orange color like the stripe. He wore black, cargo pants that his mom gave to him before she was killed. He also had on black, military like, boots. His favorite color was black, if you couldn't figure that out for your self. At the time he was looking for something to do. He decided to go into the forest to try to train a little bit. He always liked to train. It helped him feel better, not to mention stronger, after what happened to his parents. Running into the forest, his mind was else where.

"Ok, first thing I'm going to do is work on my strength. My stamina is already really good. I can already run for a good 30 minutes without adrenaline. Hopefully I will be able to-" He was cut off from his thinking when he tripped on something. His face slamming into the ground, he groaned.

"Ok...wasn't expecting that." He sat up and looked back at what he tripped on. His face instantly paling. He tripped on a egg, and its mother, a Charizard, was looking at him, EXTREMELY ticked.

"Oh...uh...hi there...I didn't me to-" He rolled out of the way when the Charizard lunged at him with Dragon Claw. Seeing the dragon-looking Pokemon rushed him again, he ran.

Flashback end:

He dodged another attack, also aimed at his head, and kept running. He knew he just had to keep going a little bit more because the Charizard would turn around for her egg eventually...he hoped. Running as fast as he could, he kept looking over his shoulder to see if she left him alone, every time finding her there. The next time, however, when he looked back he saw that she was gone. Sighing in relief he started to slow down. He didn't slow down fast enough. He felt his foot never touch something solid and he fell over a steep hill. Screaming, he hopped he would survive the roll. He hit the ground and then everything went black.

A couple hours later

"Ohhhhh...I need to pay more attention." He moaned as he gripped his head. Slowly standing, he looked around. He saw a smaller hill leading back up and he smiled. He was about to move up there when he heard something scream in pain. Stopping, he looked around again, he never was a person who would leave something in pain. Finding a cave, he walked towards it, knowing that was the only place the sound could be coming from. It wasn't a big cave. Matter of fact it was not even big enough to call it a cave. More like just a hole in the side of the...cliff? When did that get there? Shaking his head, he walked over to the small indent. As he got closer he could tell that it was only about 3 feet in the cliff. When he got to it his eyes widened in shock. laying there, was a Pokemon. He ran over to it. He saw that it had been impaled by a really sharp rock that probably came from the roof of the "cave." When he got up to it,, his eyes widened even more. The Pokemon was a Mew! He stood there gaping at it till another scream brought him back to reality. Shaking his head, he went towards the fallen Mew. It finally noticed he was there and whimpered.

"No, don't talk. It will only drain your energy." He said while looking at its face. Looking at the rock, he grimaced. It was impaled in the Mew's stomach. He shook his head and grabbed the rock. He looked at the Mew's face with a sad face.

"I'm sorry Mew but this will hurt." He whispered before ripping the rock out of its body, a bunch of blood following it. The Mew screamed in pain as he threw it aside. He then grabbed a ,conveniently placed, Oran berry and some rags. He wrapped the wound with the rag and gave the Mew the Oran berry. It smiled before shaking its head. He looked confused at it.

"T-Thank you but...it's to late for me..."

His eyes widened when he heard the Mew in his head. He shook his head violently.

"No! I can save you Mew! Just eat the berry and I can go get help!" He yelled. The Mew just smiled again before holding out a shaking paw. He immediately grabbed it.

"I-I really appreciated...what you're doing for me...but there is only one...thing you can do to...help."

"What is it Mew? I'll do anything I can to help!"

"T-Thank you but...if you do this...you will...never...see your family...again." It was getting harder and harder for Mew to stay alive but she had to do this. Other wise the world was doomed.

"I don't have a family. They died a year ago. I'll do it Mew."

"Ok...but...promise me...you won't...use...what I'm about...to give...you in...a bad...way."

"I promise...wait what do you me-" He cut himself off as he screamed when he felt the most searing pain he had ever felt. The next second he blacked out.