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Outside Mauville City Pokemon Center

POV: Ryu

"So how exactly are we going to get to Alamora anyway?" Ryu asked Luna as he floated next to her. Luna looked over at him.

"Well. Birch sent me a message after we left about how to get there. There is a boat past the forest that will take us to the new region. They don't have an airport yet. It was just recently founded." Luna explained. Ryu nodded as Pika asked her own question.

"Alright then! One thing though...if this place is brand new, would they be able to give us a challenge?" Luna nodded her head.

"The region already has a Champion, Elite Four, and Gym Leaders. Each are on par with the rest of the world. Though the gym leaders are going to use their best team against us, obviously. We are League winners." Luna explained, looking at a map that showed the paths out of the forest. She pointed to one and nodded, memorizing the path.

"That is the path we want. Alright. Let's go." Luna said, putting the map away. Pika nodded on Luna's shoulder, looking around and thinking about their upcoming adventure. Ryu floated on top of Luna's backpack, closing his eyes as he took a quick nap, saving his energy.

Ryu's dream A/N From now on, any dream is going to be completely in italics.

Ryu slowly opened his eyes as he stretched and looked around. His eyes widened as he realized that he wasn't with Luna and Pika but was in a pitch black, empty place with the only light in a 3 foot radius around him. Eventually, the area turned into a forest….that was on fire! Ryu looked around, eyes widened still and tried to put out the fire. That is when he realized that he couldn't move and that he was only able to observe what was going on. He then saw his body floating forward, and felt a grin forming on his face. Soon, a pure black Riolu walked in his line of sight, turning his head and grinning at the shadow mew. Ryu heard himself speak, that grin still on his face.

"How did the mission go? Besides the obvious." Ryu heard himself say before laughing evilly. The Riolu laughed with him.

"It went well, my friend. Those pitiful pokemon that thought they could 'save you' and 'help you' have been rounded up and are waiting for you. I decided that their execution would be much better with you doing it." the riolu said, chuckling. Ryu felt himself laughing again.

"Thank you, my friend! I have been looking forward to this." Ryu watched his body follow the riolu off in the direction that he came from, glancing around and the burning forest with joy in his dark eyes. After 10 minutes of walking and discussing their master's plans, they arrived at their destination. In front of them, were very beaten up, bloody, and depressed Pokemon. When the duo floated into the area, the 6 pokemon's eyes widened as they looked at the mew. They proceeded to try to 'talk' him out of what he was doing.

"Ryu! It's us! Your friends!" A pikachu said, the voice VERY family to the actual Ryu, not the dream one. The true Ryu's mental eyes widened as he realized who he was looking at. It was his team. The riolu grinned and waved his arms like he was showing off a prize.

"They are all yours, my friend." Ryu's old friends gasped and their eyes widened, starting to shake in fear. Some of them were even crying. One in particular was crying and still trying to help him.

"Please Ryu! Don't do this!" the mew looked at the one speaking and grinned widely, the Pokemon going quiet and trying to scoot away from him, fear in its eyes. Ryu floated slowly towards that Pokemon, a shadow claw forming on right paw. The true Ryu starting yelling in his mind, for he knew who he was walking towards. The dream Ryu finally got to that Pokemon, who was shaking like crazy in his iron grasp. He brought one of the claws to the Pokemon's throat, the other 5 yelling for him to stop and to please not do it. Ryu just stared into the Pokemon's fear filled eyes, still grinning.

"Good bye….Winter." With that, the dream Ryu pulled his paw to the right rapidly, slitting open the Lucario's throat, her eyes showing pain, fear, and sadness as the life slowly left her eyes, the blood from her throat splattering on dream Ryu's face, a sadistic grin still there. The true Ryu screamed into his mind, the area going black again.

With Luna

' NOOOOOOOOO!' Ryu screamed, his eyes snapping open and he sat up rapidly, sweat pouring down his body. His extremely loud shout attracted the attention of Luna, Pika, and the rest of the team, the shout so loud it went through the Pokeball. His friends looked at him in concern as Luna went up to him.

"Are you alright?!" Luna asked, looking at the shaking mew who was looking around rapidly. Ryu looked at Luna with wide eyes, and hugged her, shaking still. Luna looked down at him before slowly returning the hug, whispering comforting words into his ear. After a bit of time, he calmed down enough to stop shaking and pulled himself out of the hug. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, breathing in and out slowly. He opened his eyes and nodded at una slowly, having calmed down enough to not freak out. She nodded at him and went back to the others, glancing over her shoulder once to make sure he was fine and saw him silently floating next to her, staring off into the distance. She was worried about him but if he said he was fine, she wouldn't push it. That could be a bit more damaging than helpful.

After an hour of walking, the group arrived at their destination. The boat that was taking the group, as well as other trainers, to Alamora. Luna looked up at the boat and smirked, walking forward towards it while Pika was talking to Ryu, the dream now in the back of his mind. Once Luna got to the ship, she went to the man who was standing next to the platform leading into the ship. The man looked over at her.

"Do you have your ticket?" He asked in a bored tone. Luna nodded and took out her ticket, handing it over to the ticket man. He looked down at it for a few seconds before handing it back.

"Enjoy your trip…" The man said, still with that extremely bored tone. Luna smiled and thanked the ticket person and went into the ship, looking around at the ship. She looked at each of the two Pokemon on her shoulders, smiling.

"We will be on this ship for a while. I believe it will take a few days to get their so make yourself comfortable." The two Pokemon nodded and resumed their conversation that they were having.

'So Ryu. What was it like when you were a human?' Pika asked. Ryu smiled and closed his eyes, thinking back to the time. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes and looked at her.

'It was good and bad at the same time, to tell you the truth. The bad part was that I have no parents...I lost them to a pack of wild Pokemon when I was a little kid.' Ryu said, slight sadness in his voice. Pika looked saddened at this.

'I'm sorry for reminding you of the memories...You said you had some good ones too?'

'I do. The memories that I have are my times growing up with my parents and my times with my friends that I made. I should have you meet them sometimes. They are nice and will love to meet you guys.' Pika smiled at this.

'Those are good memories to have and I, at least, would love to meet your friends eventually.'

'I'm glad to hear that. Either way, it seems that we have arrived on deck. Might as well enjoy the sights.' Ryu said, looking around the ship and at the ocean. Pika nodded back and the two looked around, looking at all the different trainers doing different things ranging from battling to talking. Luna released her team, despite the obvious ones who were already out, smiling at them.

"Alright. We are going to be here for a few days so get used to the ship. You may want to know where everything is located at and all of that stuff. If you need me, I'll probably be staying out here getting a tan or talking to other trainers. Have fun girls, and Shadow!" Said Umbreon rolled his eyes with a chuckle as everybody went off in their different directions. Pika and Ryu sat next to each other and enjoyed the sights while talking to each other about random topics, Winter followed Ryu and laid him on her belly, causing Ryu to roll his eyes with a chuckle, and got some sleep. Shadow found the nearest place where he could get in the shadows, which happened to be under a table, and watched the humans and Pokemon walk around the deck. Ash simply laid down in the sun next to Luna and fell asleep. Fly was doing what her name suggested and was flying around in the air, enjoying the time.

After another hour, the ship's whistle blew, with a side effect of waking up anyone sleeping from its volume, and caused everybody to go to the side and wave at the shore, smiling at them as the people on the shore smiled and waved back. The ship sailed on towards the horizon as people continued to wave and smile until the ship turned towards its destination and the shore line was lost from sight. Then and only then did the people on the shore turn to head home while the people on the ship went back to what they were doing. Luna smiled and turned back around to go back to her tanning while Ash laid back down, everyone going back to what they were doing before the whistle went off. As they drifted off towards the sunset, everybody had the same thoughts going through their head.

'I can't wait till we arrive…'

Transport ship to Alamora

POV: Ryu

Ryu smiled up at the bright blue sky, all of the trainer's flying types flying through the sky and enjoying themselves. Next to him on either sides, Pika and Winter lay, also smiling at the sky.

'This planet really is beautiful.' Pika said, looking at the clouds.

'It really is…' Ryu replied, hugging his sister. Pika smiled and rested her head on her brother's shoulder. Winter smiled at the two for how close they had become from the time they had off. Winter wrapped her arm around the two smaller Pokemon and pulled them into her lap, chuckling at how they both rolled their eyes playfully.

'To be honest, I don't understand why the evil teams want to destroy this pretty planet...Earth is very peaceful and beautiful at times…' Winter said softly. Ryu and PIka both nodded to each other as the calm ocean waters rolled past with the light wind blowing the few clouds around, the sun shining down on them. It was one of those perfect days that everybody just loves to lay out in the sun and relax to. All three of them let out a sigh of enjoyment and relaxation as they laid together, drifting off to sleep together.

A few hours after the three fell asleep, they heard their names being called. Ryu, yawning, looked down at the voice and found Luna calling him down.

"Come on you three! It's dinner time!" That sentence got Ryu up before you could even blink and was sitting on her head, looking up at his three companions.

'Come on, girls! Foods 'a wastin!' Ryu called, full of sudden energy. The girls looked at him in mild annoyance and hopped down, walking besides Luna as she lead them into the ship and to the dining hall. Inside the large dining hall, trainers of all shapes, sizes, and colors mingled about, talking to each other and eating the food the ship's cooks made, their pokemon talking and eating themselves. Near the middle of the room with all of the tables, one table had Luna's team there, eating their own food and talking to each other and all around having a good time. Luna took the two tired and one hyper Pokemon to the table and sat them down, all three of them joining in on the conversations as Luna walked off to get Ryu some food as well as Pokemon food for Winter and Pika. After getting the food she wanted, Luna came back and gave them to her three team members who didn't have any food. The three started to eat while still talking to the others at the table, speaking in their Pokespeech so Luna didn't know what they were saying. Sometimes, she wished she could understand Pokespeech so she could know what her team was saying but usually after that, she remembered that her team could use telepathy so that worked out in the end anyway. After they finished eating, Luna recalled her team and smiled at Pika and Ryu.

"Alright you two. Time to head to bed. We have a big day ahead of us with lots of exploring and talking to everybody and, who knows, get into a battle or two depending on if we find anybody of good enough skill." Ryu and Pika nodded and the three went to their room for the night. Luna laid down in her bed as Pika and Ryu got their own, each with a smile on their face for the times ahead of them, the stars twinkling in the night.

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