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One week after leaving for Alamora

POV: Ryu

Ryu yawned as he woke up, rubbing his eyes with his paws as he sat up in the bed. He looked around and realized that he was still in Luna's acquired room for the journey. Looking around the room, he saw that Luna had already got out some breakfast for him. He pushed the coves back and floated up out of the bed and, after fixing the bed sheets, sat down on top of the covers with the breakfast and started eating it, thinking to himself about different things that were happening and his life up to that point.

I don't think I would have ever have guessed that this is where I would have ended up when I woke up on the day that Mew died…. Though I do feel sorry and bad that it had happened, I don't think that I would have wanted it to change….I am grateful for the things you did for me, Mew, and I hope that you are ok and happy…

Once he finished the breakfast, he floated up and set the plate on the table next to the bed and floated out the window, opening the door with his powers and closed it behind him. Looking around the hallway, he could see that the area was empty and floated toward the door that led to the deck outside. Once he got outside, he saw that Luna and his team was talking over by the railing. He floated over and sat on top of Luna's head, stopping her from her conversation and having her look up at him.

"Oh hey there, Ryu. We are just about to arrive at the dock." Ryu sighed in relief at that.

'Thank Arceus for that…' Luna giggled lightly at that.

"I can tell you are glad we finally arrived." Ryu nodded slowly.

'You have no idea.' Ryu responded, looking at Luna and finally taking in her appearance. Luna had on light blue pants that barely fit her, the ends of the pants hanging just above her shoes, which were a grey and white nike shoes with orange trims, a basic white t-shirt, a C-cup bra under the shirt but not visible, and a unzipped green jacket with a hood on, the hood was down, and her hands in her jacket's pockets.

'Where you get that outfit? I haven't seen you wear it before.' Ryu asked, tilting his head as he examined the outfit. Luna looked down at herself before looking back up at Ryu

"I bought it at the store in the ship. I think that it looks good if you ask me." Luna said, smiling to herself. Ryu smiled back down at her from the top of her head, his tail moving back and forth slowly behind her head.

'It is pretty good if I do say so myself.' Luna smiled at the compliment.

"Thanks, Ryu. Anyway, we are here." Luna pointed at the dock in front of them, much to her team's happiness of finally seeing land. Fly came down from the sky and landed next to Luna

'Since we arrived, you can recall me if you want.' Luna nodded and recalled her into the ball, placing it back on her hip. Shadow, Winter, and Ashe all asked the same question and Luna recalled the three, letting Pika and Ryu stay out as normal. Pika got on Luna's shoulder as Ryu got on her head and the three walked onto land for the first time in over a week. Ryu smiled and looked around before looking down at Luna

'So where to first?' Ryu asked. Luna looked up at him.

"Well first is to find the Pokémon Center of this place and sign up for the League." Luna explained. Pika and Ryu nodded at this and the trio started walking into the city, noting a sign that said what the side was called. The city was called 'Emerald city' due to the large abundance of emeralds under the city in its mines.

"After we sign up, I would like to read a bit about the regions legendary Pokémon. Every region always has some and I doubt this one will be any different." Luna said, looking for a Pokémon Center. Pika pointed in a direction at a Pokémon Center that she spotted while responding to Luna.

'That could be fun! It is always interesting to learn more about legendary Pokémon besides the big numbskull on your head.' Luna and Pika chuckle while Ryu yells out an annoyed, mental 'HEY!'

"That is true, Pika. You always were a curious little pikachu. Unlike that one pikachu that was seen inside of the tournament held every 10 years." Luna said. Pika tilted her head, thinking for a second.

'You mean the Pokken Tournament?' A/N I DO NOT OWN POKKEN TOURNAMENT….I have it Pre-Ordered though Pika asked. Luna nodded at that.

"The very one. That Pikachu loved to act aggressive and even tried to imitate a sumo wrestler." Luna said, chuckling at the idea of a pikachu trying to be a sumo wrestler. Pika chuckled as well as she remembered watching that pikachu.

'He was defiantly the most unique pikachu I have ever seen.' Pika said, still chuckling. Ryu looked back and forth between them, really confused about what this Pokken Tournament was but didn't bother to ask, believing he would be only more confused. Ryu shook his head as they arrived at the Pokémon Center, walking into the main lobby of the center.

Luna walked up to the Nurse Joy, the classical nurse of Pokémon in ANY region, and smiled, Nurse Joy smiling back.

"How can I help you today, Ms. Tsuki?" Nurse Joy asked, a small smirk of mischievousness on her face. Luna and Pika both have their eyes widen in shock for a second while Ryu looks on confused.

"How do you know my last name?" Luna asked, curious as well as shocked. Nurse Joy giggled.

"I have my sources, Ms Tsuki. Or would you prefer Luna?" Nurse Joy said, still giggling. Luna sighed and nodded, much to Nurse Joy's growing giggle. Nurse Joy coughed as she regained her composure and looked at Luna, now simply smiling happily and warmly.

"So how can I help you, Luna?" Nurse Joy asked. Luna smiled and handed her Pokédex which was the Kalos design.

"I would like to sign up for the Alamora League please." Nurse Joy smiled and took the dex and signed her up.

"There you go…you know, if you would like, there is a new Alamora designed Pokédex that is the best one ever produced so far." Nurse Joy said, handing the Pokédex back. Luna took the device while tilting her head.

"That sounds nice. Where could I get one?" Luna asked, looking down at her dex. Nurse Joy smiled.

"I can give you one right now. Since this is the main city that new travelers come from, all the Pokémon Centers here are equipped with the new dex to give to trainers that come through to sign up for the League." Nurse Joy explained, pulling out the new device. It was an ear piece that, when Nurse Joy activated it, extended out a holographic display over the wearers eye that displayed a full Pokédex entry with the Pokémon's information displayed as well as basic strategies for fighting against the Pokémon shown and for basic strategies for training the Pokémon. However, to allow for the Trainer to make their own strategies, the strategies shown are very, VERY basic, as in if it was better at Long range, Close range, Zoning, Support and information like that. The device also had a build in communicator that allowed Trainers to talk to each other with the device while being away, connecting wirelessly to a server held inside the most tightly secured military base inside of Alamora. The device could also show a Pokémon's liked flavors as well as their disliked flavors and could record video and audio as well as take pictures and upload them to a Trainer Social Media page, where Trainers could post pictures or videos of certain things that they found or did for all other Trainers who were labeled as friends of the Trainer taking the pictures and videos to see. The device could also acquire automatic, wireless updates to his programming to allow new systems to be added anywhere and anytime. The device also had a safety program that once the device was placed into its first user's ear, it would bind to the person's DNA and would only allow a person with the same DNA to remove it and also required the fingerprint, which it scanned on first activation, to use. This was all explained by Nurse Joy who showed the device and gave a device to Luna, who looked at the little ear piece in awe. Ryu and Pika both looked at each other with approval at the device and what it could do. A/N For a better picture for what the device looks like, it looks like the ear piece Trainers use in Pokken Tournament

"Wow! What is it called?" Luna asked, putting the device into her ear as it scanned her DNA and bonded with Luna. Nurse Joy chuckled nervously.

"Well it was freshly created so it doesn't have a name yet. Trainers just call it a Pokédex until the company that invented it informs the trainers about a name for it." A/N AKA I have no idea what to call it and I'm leaving it up to you guys to think of a name and to create 2 programs for the thing, first 2 gets in but must be good programs.

"Well alright then. Thank you, Nurse Joy!" Luna exclaimed. Nurse Joy smiled and nodded.

"Glad to help you, Ms Tsuki." Luna sighed at the name, which earned her a giggle from the nurse, and turned out the door, on her way to her first gym battle, Ryu and Pika by her side.

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