Darkness. The only thing I see when my eyes open. As they adjust to the darkness, I could make out the outline of the room I was in. from what I could make from the room was that it was fancy. Redcliff maybe or maybe even the Denerim palace itself. I try to sit up, but stopped halfway grunting in pain. After a few seconds I try again, and finally get into a sitting position.

"Thank the Marker," I whispered to myself, I look down to see I'm wearing some type of noble nightgown. "Who took my armor off and put me into this thing? It better have been Alistair."

A quiet snore interrupts my thoughts; I look towards the sound to see an outline of someone, most likely a man, sitting in a chair fast asleep. I slowly get up out of bed quietly as I can and failing horribly, knocking something of a small table with a loud crash. The sleeping person jumping up, swearing as a couple guards rush in with the lights of the hall.

The moment there was light, everyone stopped. Alistair was standing there, weapon in hand, staring dumbstruck for a moment, before his grin appears, and hugs me.

"Careful, Alistair, I'm still a little bruised," I grin hugging him back.

He releases me and sadly whispers, "I thought I lost. You been asleep for two weeks, but" he stops to pull something out of his pocket, and his grin reappears.

"Alistair, what is it?"

He unfolds his fist to revel a golden sapphire ring. "I found this during the siege of Denerim, and I thought since we are going to be wed, that I get you a ring that matches your beauty and brilliance."

I take the ring from his hand, and put it on my finger. I then hugged him, and happily asked, "What now?"

"Well my coronation was a week ago, and the wedding isn't till six months." He leans in closer, "so until then nothing," and kisses me.