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Warning: this is a SLASH story aka m/m relationships. don't like don't read.

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People trust their eyes above all else - but most people see what they wish to see, or what they believe they should see; not what is really there"
― Zoë Marriott, Shadows on the Moon


The age old wizard walked swiftly down the silent impeccably kept neighborhood, humming happily to himself. Yes, he was happy. And why shouldn't he be? Everything had gone just as he had planned.

Oh, he knew what many thought. They thought he was a doddering old fool; it really didn't bother him in the least, after all he was the one who had cultivated and nurtured this façade. There were very few who truly recognized who he was, even fewer who understood the implications. He was not a harmless kind grandfatherly figure. No, he was too clever for that, he was perhaps the best deceiver of them all. He was a snake in its truest form. The true spinner of lies and manipulations, the silly muggles had one thing right in their ridiculous storybook beliefs. It was the snake that brought down humanity.

He slowed his pace as he approached the now sleep silenced house in Privet drive, by day it was anything but silent what with that horridly spoiled baby screaming at all hours, or the whale man stomping and verbally spewing whatever ridicules thought he managed to form in his fat filled head. Not to mention the horsey screech of the women who had some strange fascination of peering furtively out the window, then ducking hurriedly whenever someone happened to look her way. Yes there was no denying, muggles were strange creatures.

Albus sighed with ill veiled annoyance. Where was that olf? He had things to do; after all it wasn't every day that he arrived at victory over the 'evilest' wizard to ever exist. Ok, so it wasn't exactly HIS victory and sure he had exaggerated Voldmort's deeds but still who was to dispute with him now? The ACTUAL slayer was dead (along with the only speaking witness), the new savior could definitely not give his story, and the enemy was gone, poof, dust, no more. Which is just how Albus wanted it. He would be lauded the light sided hero and leader, and better yet thanks to his careful manipulations, he would be directly in charge of the new light sided savior. Yes, today was a good day.

His gleeful thoughts were interrupted by the loud rumbling of a fast approaching vehicle, a flying motor cycle to be accurate. The olf (aka Hagrid) came crashing into the silent driveway of house number 4.

"Evenin professor" Hagrid grunted swinging one of humongous legs over said bike.

"Hagrid! All went well?" Albus enquired carefully schooling his face in to a warm, pensive expression being sure to amp up the twinkle in his eyes.

"Sniff, sniff….yea poor lil thing, all alone now….I jus can't believe their gone, lily and James left lil harry all on his own" Hagrid choked out, snot and tears streaming down his face into his wiry beard.

"Now, now Hagrid. The loss of the Potters is indeed tragic, but I believe they would have gladly made this sacrifice given the chance to rid the world of evil. And little Harry is not all alone, he will grow up with his mother's sister. With family, loved. It is for the best" Albus chided gently. All the while mentally chuckling. Oh no, he wasn't stupid he knew very well what kind of people the Dursley's were. No, little Harry no doubt would not have the easiest life, but that was part of the plan. It was for the best. Let the child grow up with little, it would only make him that much more perceptible to Albus's influences later on. Albus had another chance, this time he would succeed. There would not be another Tom.

"Sniff,…of course professor, of course. Heres lil Harry here. Slept the whole way. Good lil bloke." Hagrid dabbed his face with a mungy handkerchief before reaching into the sidecar and handing a covered basket to Albus gingerly.

"Ah, excellent Hagrid. Well done. I knew I could trust you, Lily and James would be proud" he told the giant scoffing to himself how easy it was to manipulate the half giant. A kind word and pat on the head and he would do as he was told. No questions asked. "Now why don't you go back and deliver the news to the others, it is a night for celebration after all" Albus suggested gently prodding the giant to leave him be. He after all only had so much patience.

"Thanks Professor, Il be doing that, bya harry" Hagrid said giving the basket a not so gentle pat, nearly knocking it from Albus's grasps. He then turned and mounted the bike. "latta professor" and the roar of the retreating bike once again disturbed the silence of the night.

Albus let out a huff of relief as the bike became a speck in the distance. Finally. He moved the fluffy red blanket back to uncover a mess of black locks. The boy of the hour slept soundly, pale skin, messy black hair, perfectly ordinary…well except for the angry red lightening shaped scar just visible on his forehead. Well, time for next part of the plan. He re-covered the sleeping infant, fished out the letter he had written last week and slipped it into the basket.

He did not have the time to actually speak with these stupid muggles, no that would give them a chance to refuse to take the infant and that would mess everything up, no much better to just leave the basket to be found. Setting the basket on the doorstep he spun and began his quick pace up the street again. No point on dissappartaing and altering the Minstery that there was magic performed nearby, he would hate for them to discover where he left the child. Happy that everything was going as he had plotted Albus did not pause to think that this plan just might backfire.

That would be his biggest mistake.


Indeed Albus's plans did start to fall apart. They started to fall apart the very next morning in fact, at the exact moment Petunia Dursley peered out her front door in search of the morning gossip rag…erm news paper(she was a well read modern woman after all, she did NOT read gossip rags, no this was news!). A ear splitting shriek later, followed by the thundering roar of her husband and cacophony of a upset crying Dudley she swooped down and grabbed the basket and the unfortunate child inside.

A loud rather destructive (if the Sears vase that was shattered was of any indication) argument later, it was decided that they would get rid of this cretin. They after all felt zero responsibility to this freak. She had decisively removed herself from her sister's world and personage and did not appreciate having this child dumped on her perfectly normal family. Vernon was of the opinion that they should just dump it in a river or on the side of the road somewhere, but has much as she hated her sister and all that entailed even she wasn't THAT heartless. No, she didn't want to be responsible for the death of the creature, she was a Christian after all.

That said she was smart enough not argue outright with her furious husband, not when he was in one of his MOODs. So she told him that she was taking IT across town and get rid of it. He approved, he didn't want to be late for work after all.

Instead, Petunia carefully removed anything that would point to who the child was. There wasn't any point in risking someone tracing IT back to them after all. His monogrammed blanket was switched with an old scraggly one that she unearthed from the rags she used for cleaning. She then drove, drove a good couple of hours until she reached her destination. Petunia parked several blocks away, carefully taking in her surroundings, once she was sure that there was no noisy observer (Really, being noisy was all well and fine when it was HER but anyone else…). Assured she was indeed alone on this downtrodden street, she quickly scurried up the dilapidated stone steps of St. Brutus's orphanage and set the basket down.

She looked down at the peaceful infant, who peered up at her with those hated green eyes (She had always been jealous of Lily's eyes, the vivid green that everyone ooed and awed over, while no one paid one spick of attention to her muddy brown ones), and pushed any last bits of guilt away. After all Lily was the one who had left her, not the other way around. She would NOT feel guilty about leaving the child with strangers. Really she was doing it a favor, Vernon was not a tolerant man. She slipped the paper that she had scribbled a name. The only thing she would give the child. Before she rapped sharply on the door and fled.

The old tired matron who would find the basket would be the first to greet the small boy with his new identity. That day Hadrian Alex Jameson was born.