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Epilogue: The Art of starting anew

"This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, this is just perhaps the end of the beginning."
Winston Churchill

Iztal stumbled slightly as he made his way to the back of the room. So, maybe he had drunk a little more than he had thought. He figured that he could easily justify this oversight however…after all they were celebrating.

"Congratulations Minster! I knew that you would win, Dunstan is an idiot…no one in their right mind would chose him over you" Percy complimented.

Iztal did not even try to contain his eye roll at the obvious flattery; Percy had always been an ambitious one. He would keep the red head around however ambition is a great motivator, and Iztal would be damned if his office was run like the last. "Thank you Mr. Weasley, I am honored to have the people's trust." There that sounded smarmy enough to shake him off. Iztal had gotten better over the years in faking both emotions and interest in other people.

"Yes it is a great privilege, I do hope that you will be looking into the safety and distribution of banned goods, the last head of that office was just atrocious, Why even I…" Percy began his unfortunately familiar rant on misappropriated resources etc. before Iztal interrupted before he could really get into it.

"Of course, I was wondering if you have seen Mr. Jameson around?" Iztal interrupted while scanning the packed crowd. His campaign staff really had done a smashing job of organizing the after party. They of course knew that he was a sure thing, even if no one said it to avoid jinxing their luck. Percy was correct on one thing Dunstan Wier was a moron.

It had taken Hadrian and Iztal nine years from the end of their fourth year to finally build up enough support and momentum to make an attempt for the minster's position. They had talked about it and decided that Iztal was the best suited to the minster's position.

Because of that conversation Hadrian had years ago in his mindspace, it was decided that they would create a new position within the Minstery, one that overlooked and guided the minster in critical decisions related to the education, allocation and monitoring of magic. Hadrian accepted the position of Magic's Guardian ten minutes after Iztal had found out the results of the ballot.

It seemed like only yesterday that Iztal had thought he was going to lose Hadrian forever. It had been the most terrifying experience of his young life. He could not name the feeling he had when Hadrian had finally opened his eyes after a week in a coma, though some might call it love.

When Hadrian had finally woken up, their lives had been chaos. Reporters, Aurors, teachers, the minster, classmates…all clamoring for a piece of them. For a story, an explanation of what had happened. They had left out a lot of it and stuck strictly to the basics. There was a fight, curses were thrown, Voldemort was killed by Dumbledore who was hit by his own rebounded curse. They stated that Hadrian had been hit by one of the curses missing their marks. Most seemed to accept their story as accurate, it helped that Quirrel gave a similar story, only adding that he was coerced into attending with Voldemort. Not that it did much in lowering his prison time.

Two weeks after Hadrian had awakened and things had started to calm down he had pulled Iztal aside. It was then that he revealed the rest of what magic had told him, including who he had once been. To say that Iztal had taken it badly would be an understatement. He had been furious. Of course after being given a chance to cool down and actually think things through he had once again found himself apologizing for being a jackass. Something that seemed to occur rather frequently.

He had agreed with Hadrian's decision to leave this information alone and continue on as Hadrian Jameson. From that point on they had worked tirelessly bringing the light and dark sides to a more neutral position. It had started slow, but now they were finally starting to see some results of their hard work.

"I think he is over talking to your new Dark magic representative" Percy stated, pointing over to the far corner.

Iztal strained his neck and saw that Percy was correct again, Hadrian was indeed engaged in conversation with Draco over in the corner. From the looks of things he had stepped in to break up a brewing fight between their Light magic representative, Hermione and the temperamental blond.

Iztal braced himself and shoved his annoyance down again, after all these years those two still could not agree on pretty much anything.

Weaving his way through the crowd he stepped up behind Hadrian and wrapped his arms around his waist. Hadrian leaned back into the embrace and turned to smile at him, "Hello love, having fun yet?" he has in a teasing voice.

Iztal mock glared at his partner, "Oh yes, the company is absolutely scintillating. I am not sure if I will be able to tear myself away" he answered sarcastically.

He was rewarded with a chuckle. "Well as much as I would love to stay and watch the love and tenderness between you two, I think I will go and congratulate my godfather" Draco interrupted his voice full of sarcasm. Hadrian had told Iztal that his friends did not understand their relationship in the least. They were not the hold hands, send each other sappy cards types…no they were more the scream, yell and have great makeup sex type.

"Yes, send him my congratulations as well, I think him and Lupin will do a great job as the heads of magical creature cooperation" Hadrian answered.

"Will do" Draco stated before departing.

Iztal didn't bother to say anything, even after all these years he could only manage to be barely civil to Hadrian's friends.

"Think we can sneak out yet?" Hadrian asked looking longingly at the door.

"I don't know if that would be appropriate, I am the new minster after all" Iztal replied in a lazy voice.

"Please….pretty please" Hadrian pleaded before getting a sly smile on his face; "I will make it worth your while" he trailed off.

"I really hate you sometimes" Iztal stated.

"I know, I love you too" Hadrian replied as he pulled him towards the exit.

Iztal hid a small smile as he followed "I love you too" was said so quietly he was sure Hadrian had missed it.

Judging from the smile that blossomed on Hadrian's face he was once again mistaken. And for once he really did not mind.