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When Everything Changed

Outside of a big city was a little sunflower farm called 'West Neil farm'. On that farm lived 3 people.

Lucy was laying down on the soft, green grass reading a book. "Lucy-san, dinner will be done in 10 minutes!" Sting called out to the blonde. "Okay brother, I'll be there in a few minutes!" Lucy yells back at her brother.

After 2 minutes the sky darkened and the wind picked up. Lucy was scared. She could her the thunder in the background, then a flash of lightning. Lucy let out a little whimper.

Sting came rushing out of the house with Rouge behind him. "Lucy! Cellar! Now!" Sting yelled at the blonde.

Rain started to pour down from the sky and the wind was harsher from before. Lucy and her white dress were soaked.

Lucy didn't need to be told twice. She got up and ran as fast as she could to the cellar By the time she reached the cellar, Rouge was holding the cellar's door opened for her.

Sting came in seconds later and Rouge shut the doors. He then locked them tight so they wont fly off the hinges.

Lucy broke down and cried. Sting put his arms around her. "Shh, Lucy-san, it will be okay." He said trying to comfort her.

Lucy cried and cried into Sting's arms. She cried so much that she cried herself to sleep as the storm went on outside.

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