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The Heart Necklace

Lucy walked over to the demolished home she once lived in. Clothes and furniture were thrown out of the house and onto the ground.

Lucy seen something shine out of the corner of her eyes. She walked over to the shining object and bent down.

In the rubble of the house, Lucy had found a necklace. The necklace was made from the finest sliver. On the chain was a heart locket. She opened the locket up and found a picture of her mother and of her father.

Lucy started to cry. Her mother, Layla was on the left and her father, Jude was on the right.

Rouge looked over her shoulder. He glared at his father's picture. Rouge is Lucy step-brother. They have the same dad, but different moms.

Lucy looks at Rouge and smiles. "I know you hate him. I can not forgive him either. But I don't hold no grudge against him. And you shouldn't either.

"Sorry Lucy-sama, but I can't … I can't forgive him. I just can't." Rouge said. "What he did to my mother is unforgivable."

"I know it's hard for you. And I know I wouldn't forgive him too, if he did that to my mother." Lucy said, "but think of it this way, our father is not here to do those things he did to your mom."

Lucy puts her soft warm hand on Rouge's shoulder. "Listen, Rouge, I hate our father too, but you need to forgive him sometime soon."

"thanks Lucy-sama. I'll try to forgive him." Rouge said. He pulled Lucy into a huge and held her tight for a minute.

"Thank you." Lucy said. "And can you stop putting 'sama' at the end of my name? Please?"

I'll try Lucy sa-, Lucy." Rouge said, correcting himself. "All I want is for you to be happy, Lucy. And that would make me happy."

Rouge walked around Lucy to face her. He takes the heart necklace out of hr hands and warps it around her neck. Clipping it in the back

When he was done. Rouge stepped back to look at her. "You look just like your mother, Lucy." he said.

Lucy smiled with a blush on her cheeks. "Thank you, Rouge." she said. "I love you." She walked up to Rouge and have him a hug.

"I love you too." Rouge said as he hugs her back. He then kisses her on top of her golden little head.

Once they pulled away, Sting walked up to them with a beat up wagon. "Come on guys, we need to hurry if we want to get to the city before nightfall." he said.

"I would be for the best. Because we need to find a place to live in for now." Lucy said. "Plus I'm ready, are you?" she looked over at Rouge.

"I'm ready whenever you are Sting." he said as he looked over at Sting.

"Alright, lets get goin' shall we." Sting as he started to pull the wagon behind him. Lucy and Rouge ran to catch up with him.

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