Author's Notes: Okay so. First Story EVER! Seriously I've been a long time user, but I've never written anything. Well anything that I've published. I've never actually been caught up on stuff, I usually watch series way after they've finished. I finally got DV-R and can watch Once as it airs. That being said I decided to try my hand at writing something because I can't deal with all the feels. This is my attempt to cope with the season finale.

I apologize profusely for how amateur this probably reads. For one thing I've noticed that these chapters are super short! I'll try and put more in future chapters. I just was going to move into a Robin's POV and thought I should separate chapters that way. But I feel like I'd have way too many chapters going about it that way. Also my summary sucks. Sorry this doesn't get much past the episode ending! More to come. Thanks for reading. Please review.

STORY NOTE: This is an AlternateU. I'm not going to deal with writing the arrival and appearance of Elsa, I'll leave that to the brillant OuaT minds. This is mostly just an OutlawQueen fic. Sorry. First story, not ready to try my hand in full on episodes with the entire cast. :)

"Marion!" Robin cried out silencing the room.

"ROBIN?!" Marion rushed to him in return.

"I can't believe it! I thought I'd never see you again!" Robin exclaimed as he embraced his long-lost wife.

"Mommy?" Little Roland asked quietly as he peeked out from behind Robin's legs.

"Roland!" Marion reached down and took her child in her arms, crying openly. Tears of joy and relief washing over the three of them as they held each other tightly.

It was a reunion filled with love. A reunion that no one thought possible. A figure long thought dead, appearing and completing the picture of a perfect family. The scene would have been rather touching, if it hadn't meant the utter end of Regina's own happiness. In mere seconds, it was as if all her joy, everything she had hoped and dreamed of in the last few days, had just shattered and was falling to a million pieces all around her.

She couldn't think. She couldn't breathe. The last few moments felt like an eternity as she stood there watching the scene before her.

Marion. Its. Not. Possible. She's dead. She's supposed to be dead. What was happening? It seemed like an eternity before she was able to connect the dots. Emma. She was going on about having come back from the past. About having brought someone back who still thought of her as the Evil Queen. That someone, the person Emma brought back...was Marion. Which meant Marion wasn't dead. Which meant everything she was witnessing was real. Viable. Not just some illusion. Not a trick some evil witch or wizard was playing to toy with her. Although she was wishing with every fiber of her being that perhaps one of the latter was true.

Emma. This was her fault. She could feel her rage rising. Anger, hatred and revenge; feelings that were all too familiar were starting to creep over her. She could feel her fists trembling. The emotions fighting to take over. Begging her to let them in, to let them be her companions once more, as they had been for the last few decades.

"You. You did this!" She knows that it comes out harsher and crueler than she intends it to sound, but her emotions are running to hot now and though she is trying to remain in control a touch of venom escapes in her words. She looks up at Emma, but she then realized her own horror and confusion is reflected on the blonde woman's face.

No. She didn't know. Regina thinks to herself even as the words are coming out of Emma's mouth.

Emma's eyes and expression told Regina that she wasn't lying. The blonde woman's actions were not an intentional attempt to ruin Regina's happiness, just something that seemed to come from the Charmings. Their unseen ability to create chaos and destruction in Regina's life never seemed to fail.

".-just wanted to save her life." Emma finished her sad attempt to explain herself.

"Just like your mother. Never thinking about the consequences of your actions." It was petty. Regina knew it. She was trying to be above statements like these, but it was easy to slip back into old habits.

She looked back over her shoulder at the Hoods. They were still lost in their tears of joy and embraces. Struggling to catch up on what happened and why they were separated to begin with.

The room was starting to blur. Regina realized quickly that tears had started welling up in her own eyes. She couldn't let them see her cry. Not here with half the town gathered to meet the Charmings' newest baby. She quickly spun on her heel and headed out the door.

She heard Emma call out to her. "Re-Regina.. I'm sorry..."

She didn't stop. She picked up her pace as the tears began falling freely. Then she heard Robin calling for her.

"Regina! Regina wait!"

She didn't want to face him. Not now. She conjured up a simple transportation spell and disappeared in a puff of smoke.